Scholarship Recipient finds Common Ground with Supervisor

Dillon Delaune
Dillon Delaune

Dillon Delaune knew that balancing the responsibilities of being a full-time student meant that he needed to find employment that would accommodate his workload.

“As a full-time student, it can be a struggle to juggle classes, jobs, internships, extracurricular and social obligations,” says Delaune, a second-year Public Policy Analysis and Arabic double major. “Especially as a double major, I often am loaded with coursework that takes up much of my time.”

“The flexibility of employment with University Libraries initially prompted me to apply for my job in the Library,” says Delaune. “When first interviewing for the Student Assistant position with the Serials and Acquisitions Department, my supervisor Theresa Cavin assured me that she would be flexible with my other commitments and work around my schedule. After almost two years in my position, I can say that she has kept her promise, remained very patient with me and my workload and has continued to accommodate my ever-changing schedule every semester.”

In addition to appreciating Cavin’s flexibility, Delaune says she has helped him adjust to life as a student at The Ohio State University in other ways.

“I immediately connected with her due to our common Southern heritage, her being from Texas and I from Louisiana. When I first began working with her, she was very helpful in my transition to college and a new region of the country. Just like me, she had only recently moved to Ohio and was still adjusting to life in the cold Midwest,” says Delaune. “Although I had worked many jobs in high school, I never had a supervisor I felt was truly supportive and cared for my well-being. Working at the Libraries has shown me the importance of a supportive and caring work environment and contributed to my understanding of a healthy workplace culture.”

Delaune says that the healthy and supportive work environment he found at University Libraries has given him important opportunities for professional development.

“One of the most important skills I have learned while working in the library is personal responsibility. In many of my previous jobs, I often had over-bearing supervisors who constantly monitored my work. At my position in the library, I find myself in a completely different situation,” says Delaune. “My supervisor is trusting of my work and allows me to work at my own pace as long as I am able to complete my assigned tasks. The self-guided nature of my position has taught me how to prioritize my tasks and make efficient use of my time. Furthermore, my work in the library has taught me how to hold myself responsible for my work and be communicative with my supervisor about my progress.”

Delaune’s personal growth and strong work ethic led to his selection as one of five recipients of the inaugural University Libraries Student Employee Scholarship, which recognizes student employees who demonstrate exceptional creativity, originality and enthusiasm in their work.

“I am honored to have been selected for this scholarship because of the great impact it will have on my time at Ohio State,” says Delaune. “I applied for the scholarship after encouragement from my supervisor, who kindly believed I would be a great candidate. While I have applied for many different scholarships in my time as a student, I have never actually won any type of essay-based scholarship. Being selected as a recipient for the Library Student Scholarship definitely boosted my confidence, and I am forever grateful to Theresa for encouraging me to apply and assisting me throughout both this process and my college career! The scholarship will help me handle the ongoing financial burden of attending college.”

“Overall, working in the University Libraries has contributed significantly to my personal and professional growth,” says Delaune. “Not only was I shown how to operate in a comfortable and supportive work environment, but also the importance of personal responsibility and professionalism.”