Scholarship Recipient Discovers Passion for Librarianship Through Student Employment

June Alma Beavers
June Alma Beavers

When June Alma Beavers took a job as a student employee with University Libraries, they had no idea it would lead to the discovery of their dream career.

“My very first semester I was enrolled at The Ohio State University Newark, and I spent the weeks prior to classes trying to find work in a small town, which is almost always a job in itself,” says Beavers. “As soon as classes started, I found myself in the library for most of my day, studying, eating, reading, or even just meeting up with friends. One day I thought, I wonder if they’re hiring, and the rest is history.”

Beavers, a third-year English major specializing in Creative Writing, notes that a job at the library was a natural fit.

“I’ve been collecting books my entire life, and just before I graduated high school, I started an antique book collection,” says Beavers.

Their job at Ohio State Newark led them to the understanding that their love of books was more than just a hobby.

“It occurred to me that this is what I cared about more than anything else; preserving, maintaining, and caring for books,” says Beavers.

When they began attending classes at the Columbus campus, Beavers moved into a position as a student employee in University Libraries’ Teaching & Learning Department.

“The work I did in Teaching & Learning, while not always riveting, was work worth doing,” says Beavers. “I wasn’t just pushing paper, either (though there was a lot of that). I was able to bounce ideas around for workshops, lend critique to them and even assist in leading a few First-Year Experiences. Through this experience, I realized that what I truly want to do is dedicate myself to Librarianship and everything that comes with it.”

“Once I realized what I wanted to do, the rest was easy,” says Beavers. “I moved from Teaching & Learning to Content and Access, where I get to work with unique materials every day, cataloging, storing, and maintaining them for future researchers. After just a few weeks of seeing the nitty-gritty of what Librarianship is, I’ve decided that I want to work in this field for the rest of my life. After I graduate next spring with my BA in Creative Writing, I plan on pursuing a Master’s in Archival Studies and Imaging Technology at the University of North Texas.”

Beaver’s dedication to their work led to their selection as one of five recipients of the inaugural University Libraries Student Employee Scholarship, which recognizes student employees who demonstrate exceptional creativity, originality and enthusiasm in their work.

“With this scholarship, I’m all the more dedicated to receiving an education that will help me establish a career in the Library Sciences,” says Beavers.

“In my time at the Libraries I'd like to think that I've learned what University Libraries truly represents as an organization and institution; Knowledge and information should be made accessible to as many people as possible.”