Meet Student Employee Scholarship Recipient Muskan Shergill

Muskan Shergill smiling at the camera with trees and clouds behind her.

As a student at The Ohio State University, Muskan Shergill oversaw the development of the Research and Learning Collaborative (RLC) Semester Bulletin. This student-led initiative is a comprehensive collection of Ask Us data and student project work from the previous semester, advocating for student achievements and positions within University Libraries.

Muskan played a pivotal role in leading the bulletin project which began in the fall semester of 2022. She built a team of writers and data analyzers who could contribute meaningfully while balancing their coursework and maintaining regular correspondence with supervisors. Since then, Muskan has led the RLC Bulletin for four semesters.

When reflecting on this work, Muskan shared, “Witnessing the impact of our efforts on a broader scale is immensely gratifying and reflects the RLC student employees’ commitment to transparency, collaboration, and continuous improvement…Advocating for our student employees’ work at the RLC and providing them a platform to share their achievements is memorable and gratifying.”

We interviewed Muskan, one of 10 recipients of the 2024 University Libraries Student Employee Scholarship, about herself, her work experience and advice to other students.

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Muskan Shergill and I’m originally from Cleveland, OH. I’m a 4th year Computer Science & Engineering Major with a Studio Art Minor. I plan on graduating in Spring of 2025. In my free time, I love visiting new places, trying new foods and going to concerts.

What drew you to working with University Libraries as a Student Employee?

I've always been an inquisitive kid. I love learning new things, and I would often visit my local public library over the summers. I knew that working for University Libraries would be a new experience compared to my previous jobs, and I was right! The hours are flexible, and the location is convenient for my busy schedule. Every day, I learn something new ranging from a professional skill to the inner workings of an academic setting.

What is something you’ve learned by working for University Libraries?

The sheer range and number of resources in our catalog are breathtaking, from rare letters from the 1800s to the newest edition of a math textbook. Every time I assist a patron, I’m blown away by what we can offer. This extensive collection is hard to come by, and I feel really lucky to be working here.

How will this scholarship impact your time as a student at Ohio State?

It will definitely decrease the stress of paying next year’s tuition and allow me to allocate some of my funds towards off-campus living expenses.

What would you say to other students who are considering working for University Libraries?

Absolutely apply! I’ve been learning something new every day, and I’ve made some amazing friends while working for University Libraries. The hours are flexible, and I’ve had the most supportive supervisors I could ask for.