Meet Student Employee Scholarship Recipient Jules Christensen

A photo of Jules Christensen. He has medium-length curly hair, and is wearing a brown jacket over a blue and white striped, collared shirt. He is smiling.
Jules Christensen

Jules Christensen’s love of libraries and learning makes him a natural fit for a student employee role in circulation at Thompson Library. Christensen’s excellent work for University Libraries was recently recognized by a 2021 University Libraries Student Employee Scholarship award. We interviewed him to find out more about his work with University Libraries and how the scholarship will impact his time at Ohio State. 

Tell us a bit about yourself!  

My name is Jules Christensen. I’m a second-year philosophy major with minors in creative writing and ecology. I’m also a General Assembly Senator for the Arts and Humanities seat within Undergraduate Student Government. I’m a flower child at heart and love to be out by Mirror Lake, hammocking with a book when the weather is nice. 

What initially drew you to working with University Libraries as a student employee? 

As a total bookworm, and as someone who found joy in checking out numerous novels from my local library as a kid, working at Thompson Library just felt right. As an undergraduate studying the humanities, I loved the idea of being able to check out my own books and enjoy literature in between helping customers at the circulation desk. 

What is something you’ve learned by working for University Libraries? 

I’ve learned the importance of systems of organization and of seeking help when I don’t understand them fully. The circulation desk runs efficiently because we know exactly what to do to help each customer with checking out a book or what library resources to direct them to if we can’t meet all their research needs. Knowing when a question is too big or specific for me to have the answer, and knowing when to ask my supervisor for assistance, has made a significant difference. 

How will this scholarship impact your time as a student at Ohio State?   

Being awarded these generous funds will allow me the time to devote myself more to my studies, instead of spending time worrying about how I’ll pay my bills, afford groceries or make the time for another job. This scholarship will provide me with the opportunity to fully enjoy my time as a college student and dig deep into philosophical readings without the same financial worries that I’ve had up to this point. 

What would you say to other students who are considering working for University Libraries? 

I’d say to find the value in the job that you have and find a way to make the space of your occupation uplift your experience as a college student broadly. University Libraries provides so many resources to Ohio State students. Part of the joy of being an employee here is learning the extent of those resources and how you can use them to the benefit of your own academic and intellectual education.