Meet Student Employee Scholarship Recipient Alec Reynolds

A photo of Alec Reynolds standing in front of a piece of antique machinery at the Library Tech Center.

As a Student Supervisor in the Preservation & Reformatting department, Alec Reynolds is recognized as an exceptional team member and an important part of University Libraries. His dedication to the role and enthusiasm for his job recently led to his selection as a recipient of a 2021 University Libraries Student Employee Scholarship. We interviewed Reynolds to learn more about his time with University Libraries, his career goals and how the scholarship will impact his time at The Ohio State University.  

Tell us a bit about yourself!  

I am Alec Reynolds, a fourth-year mechanical engineering major with a minor in entertainment design and technology. I have a bit of a unique background. I am heavily involved in the themed entertainment industry; think Cedar Point or Disney World. I spend most of my free time traveling to theme parks across the country. Over the past five years, I have devoted my professional and personal life to developing my network in the industry and learning the ins and outs of what it takes to run a park.

Alec Reynolds, wearing a red polo shirt, stands in front of a large red and blue roller coaster.

What initially drew you to working with University Libraries as a student employee? 

During my freshman year, I was looking to find a part-time campus job and came across a listing for a mailroom student assistant. The job description seemed interesting and working for Libraries was highly recommended to me. I thought it would be worth trying out, and a little over four years later, it has proven to be one of the best choices I could have made. 

What is something you’ve learned by working for University Libraries? 

One of the best lessons that I have taken away from my job with University Libraries is that I can be ardent about my work even if it does not share any similarities with my life passions. Roller coasters and book labeling tend to not share an affinity, but all the same, I champion all the work I do at the Libraries Tech Center each day. 

How will this scholarship impact your time as a student at Ohio State?   

This scholarship will help alleviate some of the stresses associated with financial hardships throughout the semester and allow me to focus my efforts on achieving my dream job of working in the entertainment industry.  

What would you say to other students who are considering working for University Libraries? 

To students considering working for University Libraries, I implore you to go for it. The libraries have an eclectic assortment of positions that introduce you to incredibly talented staff members and awesome opportunities. I have been most impressed with the collection materials that I have been able to handle. There is so much culture, history and knowledge in circulation at University Libraries, and it's exciting to think that I have been able to play a role in the material's life cycle.