Create Modern Learning Environments

Create Modern Learning Environments: $16 Million

Over $16 million is needed to establish these library spaces as the leading cutting edge facilities the University needs to support teaching, research and lifelong learning.

  • Renovate Sullivant Hall to house the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum

    The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum is the world's largest cartoon research library and will soon be moving to a new home in Sullivant Hall.

  • Reconceive the Science and Engineering Library (SEL)

    One of the busiest libraries on campus and the only one open 24/7, SEL is in constant use and in urgent need of renovation. SEL sits at the intersection of the university's science and arts districts. A new vision for the building —as a hub of interaction for the sciences, engineering, music and the arts—will complement the new vision for campus districts that is currently being planned.

  • Book Depository Module

    As the need for collaborative study, technology and social space has increased, traditional collection storage and management practices have changed dramatically. We utilize an off-site depository for housing many rare books and infrequently used volumes, but current depository space is nearly full and another module is needed.