Libraries' Campaign Committee

Capital Campaign Committee

University Libraries' Campaign Committee

From Left: Libraries Executive Campaign Committee members Patricia Duke Robinson, Thomas E. Robinson, Floradelle Pfahl, John C. Hanks, Elizabeth Fox, Paul E. Watkins, Deborah Acock, Chairman Tahlman Krumm.

Message from the Chairman

Thoreau called dreams "castles in the air," but cautions those same dreams are only guides until a foundation is built beneath them.

Together, we've built one of those castles. The restored and modernized William Oxley Thompson Library is once again an architectural masterpiece and the anchor of both the campus and The Ohio State University Library system.

The University has been generous to the nation's fifth-ranked research library system in recent years, but public resources are scarce and getting scarcer. That's the reason for the "But for Ohio State..." capital campaign. Our part of this larger effort is to build funds in four key areas - to provide student support, to elevate faculty and academic excellence, to create modern learning environments, and to drive high impact technological innovation. The goal is to enhance our system and to provide for an important hedge against scarcity by endowing some costs.

We are being asked to raise $25 million. That's roughly the equivalent of the library system's budget for one year. We are well on our way toward that goal as the University enters the public phase of the campaign, but we simply cannot succeed without help from you and from all those we can find who value what a great library system is and does.

Please join us as we build the dream.

Photo of Tahlman Krumm, Jr.

Tahlman Krumm, Jr.
Library Campaign Chairman

Campaign Priorities

  • Place Students First: $1 million
  • Elevate Faculty and Academic Excellence: $7 million
  • Create Modern Learning Environments: $16 million
  • Drive High-Impact Innovation: $1 million
  • Total: $25 million