Mary P. Key Diversity Residency Program

OSU Libraries’ three-year Mary P. Key Diversity Residency Program, initiated in 1989, provides mentorship for a successful transition from academic training to research librarianship, provides hands-on exposure in many areas of the University Libraries, and contributes to advancing diversity initiatives for both the academic librarianship profession and The Ohio State University Libraries. 

The program provides professional development in a nurturing, yet productive, real world environment at one of the top 10 public university libraries in the country. The Resident will be encouraged to participate in selected workshops, conferences, and committees and develop a robust portfolio of engagement at the start of their library career.

Who is Mary P. Key?

Mary P. Key was an emerita Assistant Professor of the University Libraries. Before retiring from the Agriculture Library in 1998, she served as the first chair of the Diversity Committee, which oversaw the implementation of the Diversity Residency Program (from 1989-1998). She was the second African American Librarian to head a department at the Ohio State University Libraries. She received her MLS from Atlanta University (now Clark-Atlanta University). Mrs. Key passed away January 4, 2010 at the age of 80, but her legacy lives on with this important initiative.

Current Residents

Kay Clopton

Kay Clopton is currently the Diversity Resident for Cultural Diversity Inquiry at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum. Kay completed her doctorate in Comparative Studies in the early phase of her Mary P. Key residency. Prior to the residency, She was a Graduate Administrative Associate for the Discovery Grant Program in 2016-17. She taught Comparative Studies courses for six years as a graduate student, including second-year writing courses focused on popular culture, graphic arts, and American identity, as well as general education courses. Her graduate work focuses on sound effects in Japanese manga and North American comics and how they impact the reading experience. She earned her MLIS at Kent State University.

Past Residents

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Kapil Vasudev (2018/2019) is currently the Education Librarian at OSU Libraries. He served as MPK Diversity Resident for Cultural Diversity Inquiry in Special Collections Thompson from January 2018-April 2019. Prior to OSU, Kapil was with Davidson College in North Carolina where, as a Library Collections Assistant, he facilitates the acquisition, description, and preservation of library collections, including the processing of oral histories of the African American community in North Mecklenburg County. Previously, he worked in various roles at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library and was a teaching assistant for North Carolina State University’s Department of History. He earned his MLIS at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Pamela Espinosa de los Monteros

Pamela Espinosa de los Monteros (2015/2017) is currently the Latin American Studies Librarian at The Ohio State University.  Prior to her role as Diversity Resident, Latin American Studies, Pamela was a Fulbright Fellow in Mexico City, Mexico and worked as Latino Services Librarian at Sedona public Library.  She received her MLIS from Syracuse University and her BA from University of San Diego.

Darnelle Melvin

Darnelle Melvin (2015/2017) is currently Special Collections Metadata Librarian at University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  During his residency, he worked as Metadata Transformation Librarian.  Darnelle received his MLIS from San Jose State University and his BA in Radio and Television from San Francisco State University.

Brian Leaf

Brian Leaf (2011/2013) is currently Community Engagement Coordinator at the National Network of Libraries of Medicine. Awarded the 2012 Teaching Excellence Annual Award, Brian brought instructional design experience with him when he came to OSU Libraries in 2011 as a Mary P. Key Diversity Resident. Brian received his BA in Linguistics from the University of Washington and MS from the School of Information & Library Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Juleah Swanson

Juleah Swanson (2011/2013) is currently Head of Acquisitions Services for University Libraries at University of Colorado, Boulder. During her residency, she served as Electronic Resources and Access Librarian. She was later promoted to Acquisitions Librarian for Electronic Resources at OSUL.  Juleah earned her BA from Bowdoin College and her MLIS at University of Washington, Information School.

Dracine Hodges

Dracine Hodges (2007/2009) is currently Associate University Librarian for Technical Services at Duke University. As a Mary P. Key Resident, she served as Acting Department Head twice; in this capacity, some of her responsibilities included: overseeing administrative duties, supervising staff, and serving as liaison for subject specialists and vendors. Dracine earned her MLIS from the College of Information at Florida State University in 2006.

Deidra Herring

Deidra N. Herring (2005/2007) worked in the Technical Services Division in the Monographs Department during her residency and served as the Acting Head for four months. Currently, she is Head of the Humanities & Social Sciences Cohort at OSU Libraries. Deidra received her MLIS at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2004.

Eboni Johnson

Eboni A. Johnson (2005/2007) worked in the Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Library (FAES), and was the acting head during her residency. She also served as an Assistant Professor and Outreach Specialist at OSU. She is currently an Outreach and Programming Librarian at Oberlin College. Eboni received her BA from Oberlin College in 1997, and her MLIS from Kent State in 2003.

Leslie Hayden (2001/2003)

Alysa Peterson (2001/2003)

Angela Gooden

Angela Gooden (1999/2000) is currently a Research Associate at the Teachers College of Columbia University. Previously she was the Chemistry Librarian for the Science & Engineering Library at the Ohio State University. She received her MLS from Kent State University in 1999 and her BS in Biology from Albany State College (now University) in 1992.

Courtney Young

Courtney Young (1997/1999) is currently the University Librarian for Colgate University. Courtney also served as ALA President (2014-2015). She was previously the Head Librarian and Professor of Women's Studies at Pennsylvania State University. Courtney received her MS in Library and Information Science in August 1997 from Simmons College (MA) and her BA in English from the College of Wooster (OH) in May 1996.

Will Hires

Will Hires (1995/1997) currently works as a Research Librarian for STEM at Howard University. He received his MLIS from Louisiana State University in 1995, and his PhD in Organization and Management from Capella University. Also, in 1996, Will was invited to become a member of the Beta Phi Mu Honor Society, Beta Zeta Chapter.

Jon Cawthorne

Jon Cawthorne (1993/1995) is currently the Dean of University Libraries and the School of Information Sciences at Wayne State University. Prior to that appointment Jon served as Dean of Libraries at West Virginia University, as Interim Dean of Libraries at San Diego State University, and Assistant Director for the Main Library at the Detroit Public Library. He was also the Coordinator for Outreach Services/Reference Librarian at the University of Oregon from 1995-1999. Jon graduated from the University of Maryland at College Park in 1993. While in library school, he worked in the Congressional Research Service at the Library of Congress and National Public Radio Reference Library.

Debbie Hollis (1991/1993) is currently Associate Professor, Special Collections at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Upon completion of the program, Debbie worked as the State and Foreign Documents Librarian there at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Debbie earned both her MLS and her undergraduate degree in Sociology (with a minor in German) from the University of Arizona.

José Ruiz-Alvarez

José Ruiz-Alvarez (1991/1993) is currently a Branch Manager of the San Antonio Public Library, Las Palmas branch. He was previously Information Services Manager at the Elizabeth Public Library in Elizabeth, NJ. He received his MLS from the University of Illinois (at Urbana-Champaign).

Leta Hendricks

Leta Hendricks (1989/1991) the first Mary P. Key resident, is currently Assistant Professor and African American and African Studies and Comparative Studies Librarian at The Ohio State University. She received her MS from the University of Illinois (at Urbana-Champaign). Leta received her MA from Atlanta University (now Clark-Atlanta University) and her B.A. from Western Illinois University.