Using the Database

Users can browse the alphabetical list of writers or select a country on the clickable map to bring up a list of writers associated with it. A second click on a writer's name opens the individual web page with the bio-bibliography.

The database also has a search function that allows users to do a simple look-up of writers by their name and works by title.
So it is possible, for example, to search for the Sierra Leonean writer Syl Cheney-Coker using:

  • full name: Syl Cheney-Coker
  • last name only: cheney-coker
  • part of last name: coker or cheney
  • first name only: Syl

Title searches also allow one to use full or partial names of works. This way, if a user only remembers part of a name or book title, possible matches would come up in the result list. Search terms are not case sensitive.