Abondio, Josette (Ivory Coast)

1932 -

Josette D. Abondio is a teacher. She taught at the High School in Abidjan and then at the IPNET. She later organised training sessions for the private sector. Josette D. Abondio is a black belt in karate and loves the martial arts. She was elected "Présidente de l'Association des Ecrivains de Côte d'Ivoire" in 1997 and held this position for some years. She lives in Abidjan (2002). In 2010, she was publishing the magazine "Scrib Spiritualité" in collaboration with Flore Hazoumé.


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  • Abondio, Josette. Le rêve de Kimi (Translated as Kimi's dream). Nouvelles Editions ivoriennes, 1999.