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The Bishops' Bible (Folio edition, 1568)

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  • Although the Geneva Bible had been widely accepted by English Protestants, more traditional elements of the Church of England objected to the polemical tenor of much of its Calvinist-inspired marginal content which, its critics feared, advocated for a radical restructuring of church government. In an effort to defuse this polemic, Matthew Parker (1504-1575), Archbishop of Canterbury, launched a new translation project to create a more "sober" Bible that would replace the Geneva Bible and update the Great Bible of 1539. This new Bible, prepared by a panel of bishops, prioritized "polite" language and excised all polemical marginal notes. Although it never achieved much popularity and most English Protestants continued to use the Geneva Bible, everyone was at least familiar with the Bishops' Bible because it was the official text used in all church services.

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    The Bishops' Bible (Folio edition, 1568)

    Alternative Title

    The holie. Bible. conteynyng the olde Testament and the newe
    Bible. English. Bishops'. 1568
    The holy Bible: containing the old Testament and the new


    cxvj, cxlix, [i] leaves; 41 cm.
    Printed in black-letter.


    London: Richard Jugge




    Parker, Matthew, 1504-1575
    Jugge, Richard, ca. 1514-1577, printer


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    BS185 1568


    The Ohio State University Rare Books and Manuscripts Library

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