Creating Naxos Playlists for Student Listening

 1) Connect to NAXOS Music Library or NAXOS Music Library Jazz

 2) Log in with the Professor Username and Password: OSUniPS. Enter it onto both the username and password lines at the top left-hand side of the page.  (This is not case-sensitive.)

 3) Once connected to the database search for a CD.  When you have chosen a disc, click on the link for the disc and the CD page will appear in a new window.  

 4) Select the tracks you want to add by clicking the check-boxes to the right of the tracks.  You can add as few or as many tracks as you want.  Click the "Add to Playlist" tab. There is a section of command tabs below the CD artwork.  "Add to Playlist" is the third gray tab from the top. 

 5) A small window will open in which you can add the chosen track(s) to an existing playlist or to a new playlist for which you can create a new title. 
To add a track to an existing playlist, just click open the drop-down menu beside �Add to Playlist� and choose a playlist title.  To create a new playlist, just type a new playlist title into the empty box beside �Add to New Playlist.�

 6) Once you have added the chosen item(s) to your playlist, click �Save.�
You can view the playlist by clicking the "Playlist" tab at the top of the NML page.  These playlists are accessible to OSU students who connect via the links above.  However the playlists can only be created and/or edited by professors.

 7) To edit a playlist that you have created, go to the playlist page and click the link for your playlist.  Once you click the link, to new buttons, �Edit� and �Delete� will appear at the bottom of the playlist window.  If you click �Edit,� you will be given the option to change the order of the playlist items.

 Important: Please remember to use the red LOGOUT button when exiting the Naxos Music Library.  This ensures that your user space is cleared so that others will have access.

 If you have any questions about this or other features in the Naxos Music Library, you can send an email to Angela Hudson (, our Account Representative.