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Mary Jo Bole Collection
A Guide and Inventory


This collection relates to Mary Jo Bole - sculptor, book artist and Ohio State University faculty member from Cleveland, Ohio. Bole exhibited "Purge Incomplete" at the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia and "My Yard" at the Wexner Center at Ohio State in Columbus, Ohio. She has published MJ’s Daily Spy History and was a part of the book Combing Columbus: Photogenic Drawings for the Bicentennial. Her unusual, playful, and unrestrained work often involves the use of language, topics, and themes from popular and alternative cultures. Bole provides this additional information about her career:

Sculpture, book-works and drawings by Bole often utilize materials of geologic origin: shaped by her lineage of Victorian leftover culture experienced through her equally decaying hometown of Cleveland (OH). Her projects can involve intensive historical research. Currently she is working on a collaborative installation at the Lloyd Library in Cincinnati titled "Wounded Home". A solo exhibition titled "Tombs and Toilets" is scheduled January through March 2014 at Mount Saint Mary's College in Los Angeles (CA). Recently completed book-works projects are Toilet Worship (Logan Elm Press 2012 [OH]) and Combing Columbus (Finding Time: Columbus Public Art 2012). Her 2012 installation at the Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site in Philadelphia titled "Purge Incomplete," centered on the prison's early plumbing. It was supported by artist residencies at The Kohler Factory (WI) and Pilchuck (WA). Recent catalogues featuring Bole's work include "Finding Time: Public Art 2012"; "Of Other Spaces" curated by James Voorhies, Bureau For Open Culture at Columbus College of Art and Design; and Bole's 2005 solo exhibition "Dear Little Twist of Fate" at the Aronoff Center Weston Art Gallery, Cincinnati (OH). The Greater Columbus Arts Council recently published a set of catalogues by artists who were recipients of the Dresden Germany Exchange and Bole is part of the set. She has exhibited work in the United States, Russia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Sweden, England and Germany. She has lectured extensively about her work and the numerous artists' residencies she has attended and self-organized. These include The Ohio Art Council's sponsored Headlands Art Center residency (CA), Women's Studio Workshop (NY), Belden Brick Factory (OH), Dedouch Monument Plaque Company (IL) and KVO Enamel on Steel (CA). She had previously created five artists book editions at Knust Press (part of Extrapool, The Netherlands), and she has written for journals such as Morbid Curiosity and Death's Garden. She has received numerous grants including six Ohio Arts Council grants, Andy Warhol Foundation Grant (through Women's Studio Workshop, NY), two Greater Columbus Arts Council Grants, the Coca-Cola Grant (through The Ohio State University Women's Studies Dept.) and an NEA grant through Randolph Street Gallery, Chicago (IL).

Mary Jo Bole donated the collection. The collection is in 12 boxes and focuses on her papers. It contains mail art, correspondence, information on exhibits, drawings, photos and other materials. The Mary Jo Bole Collection provides a valuable resource in the research of art, book arts, mail art, multimedia art, and the work of Mary Jo Bole.

Guide Compiled by Lauren Cunningham

Overview of the Collection:

Repository:Rare Books and Manuscripts Library
Creator:Mary Jo Bole
Title:Mary Jo Bole Collection
Quantity:12 Boxes
Description:mail art, correspondence, information on exhibits, drawings, photos and other materials

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"I Felt" (pencil, photo retouch paint, coffee, alcohol) 2007

Mary Jo Bole

"My First Dutch Lesson: Rust = Rest" (silicon carbide, refractory mosaic, bronze, glass beads on wire, leaded glass) 1999

Box and Folder Listing:

Box 1

Folders 1-11:

  1. correspondence addressed to Mary Jo Bole (approx. 46 items)
    • From Keoki Graphics, 2004-2012: Letters, graphics, postcards, newspaper clippings, cards, calendars
    • One letter from Camille Quinnin 2010
    • Notes on Keoki /George Musinski
  2. mail to Mary Jo Bole
    • cards from Annie Cantillon and Robert Ritchie (approx. 24), 2005-2008,2012
    • notes on Annie Cantillan and Robert Ritchie
  3. S.M.S October, 1968
    portfolio with approximately 9 items; works by Mel Ramos, Larry Wiener, Edward Fitzgerald, Diane Wakosi, Yoko Ono and others
  4. misprinted coffee can (given to Mary Jo Bole by Alex Jackson)
  5. serial: Art Crimes, August, 1990, edited by (Larry?) Smith
    Poems and images by: Robert Ritchie, Beth Wolf, Ben Gulyas, Chris Franks, Daniel Thompson, John M. Bennett
  6. black and white photograph affixed to paperboard
    represents a studio with a large sculpture on the table by Mary Jo Bole; identified as "Gone;" photo attributed to "Paul”
  7. artists' books (same book in two sizes)
    MJ’s Daily Spy History | by Ohioan Mary Jo Bole | Stencil printed at Knust February through March, 2005
    • both signed
    • larger book numbered copy 51 of 100 in pencil by the artist
    • larger book contains stamps in a glassine sleeve in the back
    • both in an envelope labeled “nipped buds”
  8. book containing essays and photographs of art installations
    • Purge Incomplete by Mary Jo Bole
    • Beneath the Floors by James Voorhies
    installations created by Mary Jo Bole
    views of the plumbing of Eastern State Penitentiary
  9. three collections of stamps created by Mary Jo Bole
    1. “MJ’s Barbed Wire” Collection
      • Doerr Barbed Electric Wire
      • Cleveland Ornamental Twist
      • Merril “Buffalo”
      • Huffman “Ladder”
      • Reynolds “Necktie”
      • Brinkerhoff “Lance-Point”
    2. “Dead Bugs for Your Friends” Collection, signed Watercolor drawings, copy 108 of 300
    3. “Toilets for your Friends” Collection, signed
      Indicates number of copies
      Sinks and drawings by Mary Jo Bole
  10. six prints of artwork
    Prints of what went into the MJ’s Daily Spy History artist books:
    1. Augustus Feather Bed picture, copy 16 of 40, signed
      “Scholoss Moritz”
    2. Japnis Ches Palais picture, copy 17 of 40, signed
    3. Witze jokes art, copy 16 of 40, signed
    4. Traffic Symbols, copy 31 of 40, signed
      “The Little Man”
    5. Mr. Clean picture, copy 15 of 40, signed
      “Mr. Proper”
      “The Handy Stand”
    6. Black Hole of Summer picture, copy 23 of 40, signed
  11. six items
    • 1 postcard for Gallery Talks at the Weston Art Gallery
    • 1 postcard for the Dear Little Twist of Fate exhibit at the Weston Art Gallery
    • 1 baggie with a Dresden stamp on the front
    • 1 book about the Dear Little Twist of Fate exhibit
    • 2 articles about Bole’s book, a catalog: Dear Little Twist of Fate, Weston Art Gallery, 2005:
      A Poetry of Odd Opposition by Glen R. Brown
      Boled over in Dresden by R.M. Avalos

Click on each photo to see a larger version.

from MJ's Daily Spy History

MJ's Daily Spy History
box 1, folder 7

from MJ's Daily Spy History

Box 2

Folders 12-24:

  1. booklet on Purge Incomplete
    Beneath the Floors by James Voorhies
    Purge Incomplete by Mary Jo Bole
  2. Material Speculations booklet
    NCECA 2002 Invitational Exhibition, dedicated to Rudolf Staffel and Peter Voulkos
    Participants include: Jamie Walker, Deborah Sigel, Jim Melchert, Mary Jo Bole, Walter McConnell, Sadashi Inzuka
    Essayists include: Donald Kuspit, Glenn R. Brown
  3. three exhibit-related items
    • trifold brochure from the Wexner Center of the Arts - My Yard, Mary Jo Bole exhibit, October, 1993
    • booklet, The Domo Project
      Samuel Hubish, Project Director
      Artists include: Marcia Stuermer, Robert Scher, Scott Miller, Anne Meissner, James S. McKnight, David Craig, Mary Jo Bole, Catherine Bell
    • Ohio State Alumni Magazine, September to October 2009
  4. ripped envelope, with notes by Mary Jo Bole
  5. OSU Ceramics brochure, 2008, Adventures Furaway Lands
    Lists staff and visiting artists for the 2007-2008 academic year
  6. Hall of Shame, vol. 3
    contains reproductions of various letters, images, and articles, including "First Impressions from the Land that Loves Riddles" by Mary Jo Bole
  7. approximately 69 items
    • photo of Mary Jo Bole in class, 1990
    • group photo from 1990
    • postcard with a Mary Jo Bole Creation
    • postcard of My First Dutch Lesson, from Women’s Studio Workshop
    • 13 unidentified photos
    • trifold of "My Yard" exhibit
    • photo from 2003
    • photo from December 1996
    • invitation to Mary Jo Bole and George Johnson reception
    • postcard for the Mary Jo Bole exhibit at the Akron Art Museum
    • photo from the Wexner Center, 1993
    • program from the Relics and Reliquaries exhibit in the William Busta Gallery
    • 3 large photographs of a class
    • large photograph identified as Mary Jo Bole
    • photo from December, 1996
    • photo from 1995
    • Haystack class photo, 1991
    • photo of George Johnson and Mary Jo
    • announcement for clay exhibit
    • photo of Mary Jo on the phone
    • photo of ceramic monument plaques
    • invitation to the Moody Pete Bathroom Show
    • Mary Jo’s professional/business card
    • photo identified as Mary Jo Bole and Gema Bobranski
    • card for a Mary Jo Bole exhibit, September through October, 1983
    • photo of Mary Jo in 1991
    • invitation to an exhibit by Mary Jo Bole and George Johnson
    • article about “Explorations in Clay – Contemporary Clay Works” (Beauty, creativity mark feats in clay)
    • 2 invitations to Displacement exhibit
    • announcement for exhibit, New Work by Czeslaw Podlensny - Forum: “Dreams and Journeys”
    • photo identified as “Bobrowski and Tagseth”
    • photo of Mary Jo Bole, Gina Bobrowski, and Martin Tagseth
    • announcement for Dear Little Twist of Fate exhibit by Mary Jo Bole
    • 3 printed photos of Mary Jo
    • photo of Mary Jo and Laura Bidwin
    • invitation to the Relics and Reliquaries exhibit
    • photo of Mary Jo and Chris Bates, 1990
    • photo of Mary Jo and Paul Manpognoli
    • picture of The Flats in Cleveland, Ohio, 1979 (also provides information)
    • picture of ceramic bead necklace
    • 3 photos identified as “Granny’s Necklace, 1999-2000”
    • 8 photos of Granny’s Necklace with no information
  8. four items
    • brochure from the Pilchunk Glass school about summer 2007 workshops
    • New Horizons brochure from the Ohio Arts Council’s Riffe Gallery, November 2007 through January 2008
    • Made with Clay workshop brochure, October 2004 through April 2005
    • brochure from the Kent State University School of Art, April to May, 1989, Responses to the Urban and Industrial Landscape
  9. Ceramics: Arts and Perception, issue 54, December 2003, includes an article about Mary Jo Bole’s work
  10. two issues of a German language magazine/journal, Doodgewoon - summer 1994, summer 1995
  11. Connections: Ohio Artists Abroad book by the Ohio Arts Council, 2002
    Lists Ohio artists and the countries they have visited. Artists include Mary Jo Bole, Malcolm Cochrane, Ann Hamilton, Masumi Hayashi, Stephen Litchfield
  12. brochure for the Water Closet workshop in Gustavsberg in 2000
    Essays by Lillemore Petersson, Stephanie Brown, Munroe Blair, Paul Scott
    Artists include Conrad Atkinson, Mary Jo Bole, Erik Hennix, Lars-Erik Holm, Maja Sandström, Les Lawrence
  13. Neve Keramik, September to October, 1990 (German language art magazine)

Box 3

Folders 25-32:

  1. two folders
    1. in larger folder: 24 slides, 3 small photos, 2 large photos, and 92 small photos (in collection form)
      • 2 small photo collections (containing 24 photos) identified as “MJ Belden Brick 2005”
      • slides from 1998
      • large photos identified as “MJ in her Hoyt Summer Studio 2000-2002?”
      • smaller color photo identified as Undine Brod, Tara Polansky, Mary Jo Bole, Kim Tucker, summer 2010
      • smaller black and white photos identified as “Mary Joe in bone china factory while living in Lithuania, 1991-1992”
    2. in smaller folder: roughly 62 photos of Mary Jo Bole’s work
  2. approximately 31 items, spanning the years 1997 and 2005-2011, including mail Mary Jo received:
    • German postcard
    • ripped nvelope from June 2011 (Inside are address labels made by Keoki Graphics)
    • invitation from Evolution Control Committee, February 24, 2006
    • card from Patty Shannon, July 2011
    • invitation to Bound by Order exhibit from Undine Brod, August 2011
    • invitation to Loudmouth Ghosts and Reckless Sweethearts, May through June 2011
    • cartoon square with German writing
    • photo as a postcard to Mary Jo’s mother Ruth, February 2008
    • blue envelope containing items from Wim van Vonderen in the Netherlands:
      • 1 letter in June
      • 1 postcard dated October 2010
      • 1 card dated October 2009
      • 1 letter dated August
      • 1 green envelope
      • postcard of women and birds
    • letter from Wim van Vonderen, October 2006
    • picture and birthday card from Annie Cantillan
    • envelope from Banana Productions in Canada, containing stamps and a brochure
    • panoramic postcard from Alberta, Canada 1985
    • letter and photos from Daniel Watson, June 2011
    • invitation to "Passionate Practice and Painting on Paper," June to July 2011
    • letter and photos from Aric Obrosey, September 2008
    • "Your Friendly Guide to the Test Fest" China Museum – October, 2010
    • Birthday card from Roger Lavrsdort, February 2009
    • invitation to the Shauna Marriman "Peripheries" exhibit, November to December 2010
    • letter from David DeMelo, September 2005
    • postcard from Germany in August 2006
    • Christmas card, December 2009, from “Rudy, Gretchen and Fiona”
    • Christmas card from Rachael Woldott and Rob Litchfield, December 2009
    • red envelope containing: a blue envelope, 2 pictures/cards, a letter, all from Birdie Thaler in Sweden
    • postcard to Mary Jo Bole and Berry van Buekel in June 1997
    • tan envelope from Banana Productions full of flyers from 1997
    • note and photos from Mary Lou Albrect, October 1997
    • letter and invitation Michael Dinger
    • card from Keoki Graphics, October 2011
    • Retirement card/”gifts” in mail art form, July 2011
    • package sent from Mary Jo to Stefan Denniger in Berlin, June 13, 2011, returned June 20 due to insufficient address
      Contains: signed copy of Purge Incomplete booklet, Mary Jo Bole booklet, 3 artistic renderings of toilets, Project description draft (typed), 2 photos of bathrooms
  3. Angle, A Journal of Arts and Culture, Volume 3, number 25, March and April 2006
  4. color photograph - close-up of an arch (no date, creator or other identifiers)
  5. brochure for Are You Sitting Comfortably?, The Water Closet Workshop
    Essayists: Lillemore Petersson, Munroe Blair, Paul Scott, Stephanie Brown
    Artists include: Conrad Atkinson, Mary Jo Bole, Stina Ekman, Eva Hild, Ulf Johansson, Monica Nilsson, Christian Sandell
  6. ceramics department brochure, undated
  7. folder labeled “Lee Bontecou,” containing 3 newspaper clippings about Lee Bontecou and a pamphlet from Lee Bontecou: A Retrospective
  8. six items
    • The Bulletin of the Cleveland Museum of Art, May 1998
    • Program from Connections: Ohio Artists Abroad the Ohio Art Council’s Riffe Gallery, April through July 2002
    • Keramik Magazin, February through March 2001
    • Ohio Perspectives: Explorations in Clay brochure, February through March 1996
    • Weston Art Gallery 2005/2006 exhibition season brochure
    • A Passionate Vision brochure, April to May 1984

Box 4

Folders 33-36:

  1. three items:
    • Letter and picture from Patti Warashina, December 2010
    • Crüess ech 1998, number 1
      Japanese comics and German news/ads; copyright, 1992
    • Now It’s Dark magazine, December 2001
  2. approximately 25 items
    • Wheel of Mashup by the Evolution Control Committee photo, note from Mark on the back
    • Envelope from Patti Warashina
    • Invitation to Stupid Cupid, curated by Robert Ritchie
    • Letter to Mary Jo from Keoki/George Musinski, August 2008
    • Letter from Joe Raile, containing pictures and poems – undated
    • Letter from Mark Hinth at the Louisburg College, May 2010
    • Letter from Keoki/George Musinski, July 2010
    • Letter from Michael Dinges, January 2010, notes on the envelope
    • Manila envelope with mail art from Keoki Graphics, containing 8 items – letters, pictures, cards
    • Thick postcard from Keoki Graphics, Gebruary 2010
    • Note and Valentine’s cards from George Albert Musinski (Keoki), May 2010
    • Letter from Juta Savage, February 2010
    • Card from Allison, December 2008
    • Envelope from “Foster,” notes on the envelope
    • Card from the Cincinnati Arts Council, February 2010
    • Letter from Catherine Hess, January 2007
    • Wooden postcard from Gregory Bulla
    • “All over coffee” postcard from Juta Savage
    • “Home is Where You Hang Yourself” postcard from Gregory Bulla
    • Card from Annie Cantillan, June 2010, notes on envelope
    • Letter and newspaper clippings from Juta Savage, June 2010
    • Small Evolution Control Committee card, note on the back
    • Card and photo from “Andrea, Jed and Clyde,” notes on the envelope
    • Halloween card from Keoki Graphics
    • Postcard from George Musinski (Keoki)
    • Letter from Juta Savage, September 2003
  3. approximately 49 items
    • Letter from Kate Kern, August 2006, with a postcard enclosed - a “Reproduction of the early American Hornbook”
    • Christmas card from Annie Cantillon, December 2009
    • Postcard from M. Cochran, March 2008
    • Librarian bookmark, representing Joe Branin of OSU Libraries, drawn by Mary Jo Bole
    • Postcard from Maya, December 2010, depicting Sumo wrestling
    • Christmas card from Mandy and Brian Oglesbee, December 2009
    • Card from Annie Cantillan, August 2009
    • Drawing of a question mark over a factory (no identifiers)
    • Photo of a window on a church identified as being in Haydenville, Ohio
    • Photo of a tour group going into the Haydenville, Ohio church
    • Photo identified as “MJ’s Brick Collection Sampler, August 1997”
    • Photo identified as from the Zanesville Museums, August 1997, notes on the back about the bricks
    • Photo of “brick mold” on a factory tour in the Zanesville Museum, 1997
    • Photo of Zanesville Museum “bricks from Ohio,” 1997
    • Photo of the Nelsonville sign, with notes on the back
    • MJ license plate postcard from Malcolm Cochran
    • Photo from behind Sherman Studios in 200, notes on back
    • 5 business cards
    • Card from Lauren Kalman, February 2010
    • Letter and pictures from Nate Padavic and Jim Voorhies
    • Card and letter from Jamie Boyle, December 2009
    • Brochure and letter from Matt Bua, February 2009
    • Photo identified as George Johnson and family
    • Letter from Matt Bua, May 2010, notes on envelope
    • Letter and postcards from Shauna Rasklonikoff-Merriman in Dresden, Germany, June 2010
    • Card from Annie Cantillan, April 2011
    • Card and poem from Annie Cantillan, April 2011
    • Photo identified as Birdie Thaler and family, notes on back
    • Trifold for Art by David Holtek, notes on back
    • Photo identified as “Greg Brulla, MJ, Denise Pelletier, and Michael Dinges, 2008”
    • Photo identified as Scrawl in 1994, notes on back
    • Flyer about a memorial at the Capital Area Humane Society
    • Invitation to Doufie Rolo Beer, August 2007, notes inside
    • 3 photographs and a letter from Mary Lou Araguren, notes on envelope
    • Photo/postcard from Malcolm Cochran, January 2009
    • Japanese cutout
    • “Democracy in Action” postcard from Mark Gunderson
    • Card for the Evolution Control Committee
    • Card from Karen von Clezu
    • Postcard from Jim Voorhies and Nate Padavic, June 2008
    • Letter from Michael Dinges, April 2010
    • Letter from Wim van Donderer, April 2009
    • Postcard from Martha Prouty Israh, January 2010
    • Envelope full of trifolds made by Alex Jackson
  4. approximately 39 items
    • Poster for the 75 annual student show juror, featuring Mary Jo Bole
    • Drop Out Records book mark
    • Librarian bookmark, drawn by Mary Jo Bole; Librarian = Joe Banin
    • La Dolce Vita booklet, 1988
    • Sketches; on front: A person, on back: A group of people, crossed out
    • Experimental Musical Instruments volume 5, number 5, February 1990
    • Experimental Musical Instruments volume 8, number 2, December 1992
    • Money for Women/Barbara Deming Memorial Fund, Inc winners - Grants awarded May 2010
    • Experimental Musical Instruments volume 7, number 4, January 1992
    • Experimental Musical Instruments volume 6, number 1, June 1990
    • Experimental Musical Instruments volume 6, number 2, August 1990
    • Envelope from Dumpster Times, contains:
      • 1 Pamphlet on anarchism
      • 1 Dumpster Times business card
      • 1 Drawing on a piece of yellow paper
      • 1 Drawing on pink paper
      • 1 Drawing on tan paper
      • 1 Drawing on blue paper
      • 1 Drawing on bright pink paper
      • 1 Drawing on grey paper
      • 1 Millworks kit
      • 1 Trifold of “There is No God” by Fred Woodworth
    • 1 copy of the newspaper article Anarchy-art-on-the-cheap is calling Akron “home”, stapled together
    • 1 copy of a paper titled Politically Incorrect, stapled together on white paper
    • 1 copy of a paper titled Politically Incorrect, stapled together on yellow paper
    • 1 copy of The Grumbling Yak, stored inside is a comic strip
    • 1 copy of Salt Lake Under Ground SLUG Entertainment Guide and Review from December, 1990, comics stored inside
    • Note from Lory to MJ on February 28
    • Elektra Entertainment Group postcard
    • 1 “Another year closer to X-Day: The 1991 New Year’s Edition Rip Off Press, Inc. Mail Order Catalog”
    • 1 Poolbode, number 2 from June, 1996
    • 1 Poolbode, number 6 from July, 1996
    • 1 Dodorama from October, 1997
    • 2 folded pieces of artwork
    • 1 paper with “Chemic Toybox” written at the top
    • 1 copy of Dude, signed, copy 14 of 200
    • Letter and picture from GPC Productions, August 1992
    • Crüess ech 1998, number 1, Japanese comics and German news/ads (Copyright, 1992)
    • Klutūeia Barai from 1992
    • 1 Deamtime Takingmail number 2, from Spring 1992
    • 1 flyer for See Jane Sing
    • Gemeentemusea Anhem from 1995
    • 1 Wake Up Star One from 1991
    • Frontline Combat number 9, “The Original EC Comics from the 1950s”
    • Two-Fisted Tales number 18, “Objectionable 1950’s EC Comics”
    • Aces High number 2, “The Original EC Comics from the 1950s”
    • Article called "Ghosties, Ghoulies and Witches go Bump on Pennsylvania Avenue, features a picture of Mary Jo Bole
    • An undated letter to Mary Jo from Kim
    • Photography signed Jane C Paramont
    • Letter from Keoki/George Musinski, undated and without envelope

Box 5

Folders 37-39:

  1. approximately 21 items
    • Copy of the Grumbling Yak, December 1990
    • Copy of Ladyfriend #2, “The Hair Issue”
    • Envelope from Bill Gallagher, July 1992, contains a letter and a Doug Thomas Seattle Seahawks football card
    • Lists of artists - 3 lists stapled together, marked as “Update #22, June ’90,” “Update #24,” and “Update #23, ‘90”
    • Paper square with cartoons
    • Envelope from a “Swan,” contains:
      • 1 Audio Artists postcard for a performance on February 8, 1997
      • 6 drawings
      • 1 postcard from “Chip,” June 1997
      • 1 pamphlet labeled as “raw scribble from summer 1998 NYC, L Swan”
      • A letter from “Chip”
    • Envelope from Reid Wood, notes on back, contains:
      • Letter from Reid, 2010
      • An invitation to the Inter-Florida FLUXUS Tour, September 2010
      • A signed book from Inter-Florida Fluxus
    • Booklet, Steve Wainsted’s Ragnarok June #6
    • Booklet, Steve Wainsted’s Ragnarok August #8
    • Booklet, Cleveland Negative Print O, #12, “One Year Anniversary”
    • Pamphlet sent by Silent, July 1990
    • Envelope from “Ghazala,” July 1992, contains:
      • Printed picture with “Gawk Sound Theater”
      • Letter dated July 1992 from Ghazala
      • Story by Qubais Reed Ghazala
      • Paper square about Time-Exposure-Modified Polaroid Cameras
      • Printed picture of mail from the USSR with notes
      • Photo of a tent with notes
      • Photo of a man and wooden machine with notes
    • Copy of XXI the world, Edicion G3®36, 1992
    • Postcard from Charlie Krafft
    • “Nothing Left for Art to Say” booklet
    • Fleeting Images by A. Young, J.R.R Tolkien quote on the inside
    • Artist booklet
    • Booklet for James F. Lorigan exhibit Modern Myths Ancient Fables
    • Eightball comic book
    • Booklet for J.H Kocman work: 1970-1979 from the Stamp Art Gallery in San Francisco, July 1995; signed, copy 10 of 50
    • Artist book
  2. approximately 20 items
    • Eyewash booklet from cyclone publications
    • Papers with cross word clues, note: “Ron and Tina’s Party”
    • Letter from Larry-Bob on yellow paper
    • 2 booklets of Family Circus comics
    • Pop Cult The Funzine of the Weird and Wonderful, Issue 2, Fall 1991
    • Adventures of a Dead Teenager number 6
    • Adventures of a Dead Teenager number 1
    • Adventures of a Dead Teenager number 5
    • Adventures of a Dead Teenager number 4
    • Matrix pamphlet
    • Rubber Mallet #2
    • Holmes Protection pamphlet
    • Black and Blue art review pamphlet
    • Letter from Joke Wakeley, stapled to picture, poem, and story
    • Charnel House Productions pamphlet, sent May, 1992, has notes on it
    • Letter from “Phil and Gina”
    • Envelope from Paul Dion, 1991, notes on back; contents: The Bloated Tick volume 5, issue 4
    • Silent Records winter 1990-91 catalog, sent December 1990
    • Little Things booklet, 1998, clipped to the front, “Little things poems”
  3. approximately 32 items
    • SL drawing with notes
    • Note to “Monica” from Faith Shackles
    • Part of a note from Monica Lylas
    • Letter to “Jackie” from Dibakd McGarvey, dated March 1992, on flowery paper, with notes on back
    • Note to “Sherry” from “Monica”
    • Note to “Monica” from (Erin D?)
    • Note to “Monika” on Garfield paper
    • Note to “Sherry” from (Catrina?)
    • Coagula Art Journal, Issue # 5, March 2001
    • Reviews featuring Sound Festival 89
    • Pamphlet from General Purpose Cassettes to MJ Bole, February 1992
    • Bango Mutter 2, yellow pamphlet
    • Flyer for The Guinea Worms and the Spider-Frenz, February 27, notes on back
    • Short North Gazette, January and February 1997
    • Tapvast number 1, November 1997
    • Poolbode number 1, 1988
    • Excitement on the Way Down booklet, Selected Poetry and Prose, Cleveland Institute of Art, 1987-1988
    • Copies of clippings about Blurt Kenny Roger’s Greatest Hits album, notes stapled to the front
    • The Decline of Civilizatio issue 17, November 1995
    • The Evolution Control Committee Home Radio Theater script
    • Getting Processed into Co. Jail comic strip
    • “In the Beginning” card
    • Blacklist Mail Order May 1990 catalog
    • Journal of the American Family Association, January 1991
    • Copies of news clippings stapled together and labeled as “Press releases”
    • Pep Lester and His Pals pamphlet
    • Cassette Magazine #5, Spring 1990
    • Wage Slave World News, volume 2 number 5, May 1990
    • You’re servile and don’t know it magazine
    • Smirk magazine, smile #4
    • Krood magazine, volume 1 #2
    • RRReport - magazine with black cover, from RRRecords (magazine that follows alternative, “experimental” bands)

Box 6

Folders 40-41:

  1. approximately 31 items
    • Letter from Chad Kildoney
    • Salt Lake Under Ground SLUG Entertainment Guide and Review, #24, December 1990, 2 Year Anniversary Issue
    • Desire is Illusion magazine, note to Mary Jo from Jim Beoddy inside
      Contributors: James Beoddy, Robert Frye, Jack Ackley, Amanda Lynch, E. Coli, Sarah Bassingthwaight, Kathy Andres
    • News from Vinyl Records, December 1990, Landry Butler, writer
    • Paper Dollies booklet, #14, summer 1990
    • Trink number 1, October 1998, not bound, stapled
    • Livin’ In A Powder Keg And Givin’ Off Sparks #7, June 1990
    • Script : missing first page, last page torn off, but immediately behind rest of script; notes on the script
    • Songwritermagazine, February 1976
    • Half-Assed Comics, “Adults Only”
    • Politically Incorrect, volume 1 number 3, February 1991, “Big Persian Gulf Issue”
    • Politically Incorrect, volume 1 number5, April 1991, “Big Death and Taxes Issue”
    • FurNography, volume 1 number 3, December 1990
    • Krood 3, 1990
    • Cassette Mythos Audio Arts Digest Tapes
    • Plain Brown Wrapper, issue 253, “The World’s Blest Humor Magazine”
    • Letter from “Mark,” December 1990, with “Silent But Deadly” Paper
    • American Splendor comic book 13, stories by Harvey Pekar, 1988
    • JLA Year One comic book number 10, “Fallen Friend”, October 1998
    • New Love comic book number 6, 1997
    • Eightball comic book, number 12, By Daniel Clowes
    • Slutburger Stories comic book, number 1, by Mary Fleener
    • American Splendor comic book, “Odds and Ends”
    • Eightball comic book, number 20
    • Penny Century comic book number 2
    • Whoa, Nellie comic book number 3
    • Eightball comic book, number 11
    • Aces High number 1, “Outrageous 1950’s EC comics”
    • Frank Phantom comic book number 1, “For the Love of Björk”
    • Radical Ink comic book, “Twist Tales of Art Run Amok”
  2. approximately 25 items
    • Pop-Cult volume 1, issue 3, winter 1992, “Ooh! Ooh! Music’s Funzine”
    • 2 copies of Half Wit
    • Hollywood Trash, volume 1 - stapled booklet of drawings, made by Katie Collins, copy 10 of 20
    • Note from “Brian,” “The Lie Detector” paper
    • Placemat from Chef-O-Nette Restaurant
    • Pamphlet from Scat Records, sent November 1990
    • Piece of paper with information on The Fendersons, notes on the back
    • Note from Doug Water, November 1990
    • Metallic picture of a face and an upside down “L”, copy 42 of 250, notation on back says “Profile of Edith”
    • Hollywood Trash volume 2, by Katie Collins, July 2006
    • Wray Omniumgatherum IV, editors V. Maerk and James Welch, signed, has black cover
    • Ninja Kitty Haunted House postcard, from “Kate” December 2005
    • Habitat booklet, Reis Mee Doo number 2
    • Party Toys sign
    • Yearbook, spring 1988, Presented by Science Holiday
    • Wray Omniumgatherum, editors V. Maerk and James Welch, 1992, has yellow cover
    • My Most Secret Desire by Julie Doucet - “A Collection of Dream Stories,” December 1995
    • NACB Association News
    • The Weird News, number 4 winter 1990, “The word about an absurd world” by Donald Buskey
    • Cereal Reviews part two, by Graham Ambrose Trievel, notes on the back
    • Science Holiday 2003 booklet - “Future nostalgia”
    • American Splendor comic book #8, all stories by Harvey Pekar, larger printing
    • American Splendor comic book #6, all stories by Harvey Pekar, larger printing

Box 7

Folders 42-46:

  1. approximately 23 items
    • 2 RRRecords Pamphlets, contains a paper on compact discs
    • I Lost My Virginity to Pat AuGratin, on back: “Alyceum 23 Thing”
    • The Bulletin presents Bedelia, notes on cover and throughout book
    • The Semiotic Liberation Front International pamphlet
    • 4 printed copies of news clippings
    • Vakarai magazine, April 1991
    • Flying Esophagus Productions catalog, winter 1991/92
    • Acme Planet pamphlet, volume III, issue 3, September 1997
    • Jaundice pamphlet
    • Mystic Journeyman pamphlet
    • Dodorama pamphlet, September 1996
    • Contemporary Vital Under Ground, supplement to issue 31, Spring 1993
    • Contemporary Vital Under Ground, issue 31, September 1993
    • Contemporary Vital Under Ground, issue 33, January 1994
    • Contemporary Vital Under Ground, issue 32, November 1993
    • Contemporary Vital Under Ground, issue 30, June 1993
    • The Politician pamphlet
    • Lyceum 23 pamphlet
    • Envelope from RRRecrods, contains 3 pamphlets
    • Pamphlet from Nonsequiter sent March, 1994
    • Sepia-like photo, identified as NSRD in 1987
    • IWCOPCEP HEADPUMP pamphlet, art/photo competition
    • Mañana, the Monthly Independent Tribune Times Journal, Post Gazette News Chronicle Bulletin
  2. approximately 25 items
    • Truth: Red, White and Black, Marvel comic, “The Future,” part II of VI
    • Methyltribenzine, “Underground publication of zines and music”
    • Envelope from Cyclone Publications, January 1992, Wacy wedding comic on front, contains “All This I Did for Fun” pamphlet
    • Russian horoscope
    • Pink “I was Beautiful Once” comic
    • Pink “I was a Teenage Lactator” comic
    • White “Automaton Babushka” comic
    • Envelope to the Hall of Shame, addressed on back; contains letter from “Ayleen” about an article, letter also contains notes
    • Letter from “Ayleen” about submission, Forest paper
    • 5 “Control People” flyers bundled together - “Number One of Jaundice Newsletter”
    • Upslut #3 - “Welcome to High School”
    • Picture of a body and hieroglyphics, all in red, copy 218 of 227
    • Letter from Joseph Waheley
    • Torn page of ads, also contains a bar code
    • Copy of Gertrude Stein radio interview
    • Page of digits
    • Jabberwocky Graphix order form
    • Scatalog, Spring 1991, sent March 1991
    • Mob Action magazine, issue #3, summer 2000 - “politix & culture”
    • Two-Fisted Fuck Beast comic #7
    • Quick List insert, catalogue 5
    • Skull Session Fanzine ad
    • Note from “Ben”
    • Aural Augasm ad
    • 3 letters from Reverend John Williams, bundled together
    • Creating in Crisis: Making Art in the Age of AIDS magazine, May through July 1994
  3. approximately 16 items
    • Booklet of Family Circus comics
    • The Small-Time Smirker and Fluffy Clouds, poems by Gilmore Tamny, in book form, note to Mary Jo from Gilmore inside
    • Boiled Angel #5, “Satanic sex issue” (comic)
    • Nosequiter Foundation 1991-1992 catalog pamphlet - “Sounds for the Fearless Listener”
    • Silent Records and Distribution catalog update, April/May 1992
    • Letter from “Peter,” November 1992, Tibetan “Wheel of Life” on back
    • Micro Terra magazine, issue #6
    • Community Family Health Center pamphlet, winter 1992
    • Playgirl magazine letter, from Cleo Taurus to “Mr. Williams”
    • All Chemix Radio Series catalog
    • Letter from Randy Crawford, picture of feline women on the back
    • The Student Union newspaper, Volume 6, number 6, December 1990
    • Notice about Irre Tapes in West Germany
    • Notice about new music from Nonsequiter
    • Life in a Book by F. Deschamps, note inside from Mark Pepita
  4. approximately 8 items
    • Z Magazine, July/August 1998
    • Ball-Buster #3, “The Family Fun issue”
    • Crϋess Ech! Number 1, 1998
    • Headpump, copyright 1990
    • Wage Slave World News, volume 2 number 4, April 1990, “Trashy Journalism for the Working Class”
    • Schmutz Humor Magazine number 1
    • The Ballad of Spicy La Cross, “A modern day morality play and testimonial written, illustrated and observed by the Charles of Wince”
    • Fact Sheet Five, issue 27
  5. approximately 22 items
    • Eleventh Pin booklet, in pink cover, photographs of bowling pins, by Cyclone Publications, 1991
    • Eleventh Pin II booklet, in yellow cover, by Cyclone Publications, 1991
    • Bad Hair Day by Craig Conlan, comic, can be sent as postcard or letter
    • Skeleton Key by Andi Watson, comic, can be sent as postcard or letter
    • Goodies 71, comic, “Adults only”
    • Creator Destroyer by Lawrence Swan
    • Happy Cow comic by Tony Perkins, number 1 of 50
    • Painted square, notes on back
    • Wounded Children by J.T.C.
    • Riley County comic
    • Alien Planetscapes, “Stop light pollution”, record information
    • Letter from David Tyler Huff
    • Booklet of Family Circus comics
    • Monthly Independent Tribune Times Journal Post Gazette News Chronicle Bulletin
    • Artist booklet, black cover with hard to decipher writing, contains: pictures, notes, clipping on Isotelus
    • Envelope from Graham Trievel, contains articles written by Graham
    • AM Radio booklet
    • Theatre of the Moment and Against Improvisation by Jack Wright
    • Invitation to “celebrate the release of Nature Film” at Larry’s Bar and Grill, May 1998
    • Slap-Happy comics, “The one for me”
    • The Snopeses Go Camping #2, A serialized novel by Stephanie du Plessis
    • The Snopeses Go Camping #3, A serialized novel by Stephanie du Plessis

Box 8

Folders 47-50:

  1. approximately 10 items
    • Flyer for Amnesia, “Amnesia” written upside down
    • Book with pink cover, on back: “The Whitney Program”
    • Pamphlet for Mīla Un Flirt, Viss No Sirds, Speciālizlaidums
    • Arrested Development booklet
    • Wage Slaves World News, volume 2 number 6 June 1990, “Trashy Journalism for the working class”
      Red ‘n’ Noses by X330734, Herbert by Mark Fearing
    • Wage Slaves World News, volume 2 number 7 July 1990, “Trashy Journalism for the working class”
      Red ‘n’ Noses by X330734, Herb the Sage by Mark Fearing
    • Dino Dimuro flyer, The Official Dimurotapes Catalogue, July 1990, on back: Letter to Mary Jo, November, 1990
    • U•NET TV: Notes on Submissions, Licenses, Music, Etc
    • Politically Incorrect, volume 1 number 1, January 1991
    • Deluxe Fuckleyew’s Cereal Digest
  2. approximately 30 items
    • Dialetics Project Collective Creative Games booklet, copy 52 of 300
      “Paying homage to Eisai (1141-1215), the teacher of Zen” (drawing on front cover)
    • Stamp of feet, notes on back
    • Weston Art Gallery 2005/06 Exhibition season booklet, Cincinnati Arts Association, notes on back
    • Postcard for Of Other Spaces exhibit, February through April 2009
      Bureau for Open Culture, Columbus College of Art and Design
      Curated by James Voorhies; Artists include: Robert Buck, Mary Jo Bole, Candida Höfer, Guillaume Leblon, Laurent Montaron, Marylène Negro, Sarah Schönfeld, Christian Tumaszewski
      (notes on back)
    • Letter from E. Gordon Gee, January 2010, signed, “Office of the President”
    • Invitation to the closing reception of Mary Jo Bole’s My Yard exhibit at the Wexner Center of the Arts
    • Letter from E. Gordon Gee, September 2009, signed, “Office of the President”
    • Invitation to the Dear Little Twist of Fate exhibit at the Weston Art Gallery, November 2005 through January 2006, Cincinnati Arts Association
    • Invitation to Notes from Dresden at the Cultural Arts Center, August 3-28, 2009
      The Dresden/Saxony Residency Program of the Greater Columbus Arts Council
      Includes: Leni D. Anderson, Mary Jo Bole, Mark Fohl, David McBride, Beverly Whiteside
    • Secret Artworks postcard, art by Mary Jo Bole, notes on back
    • Invitation to I’ll be Your Mirror, November 15, 2008, notes on back
    • Invitation to Terse and Tender exhibit, Presented by Feinkurst Krüger, notes on back
    • Invitation to Darwin’s Bicentennial, “Art, Science and the Origin of Species,” September through October 2008, notes on back
    • Invitation to Exposed: Top 100 Secret Artists of 2008, At Artworks Gallery, June through July 2009
    • Objects of Wonder from the Ohio State University DVD
      Columbus Museum of Art & WOSU, notes on DVD
    • Picture of a drawing of a cell phone, notes on back
    • 8 postcards, including “Junk!” and “Artist postcards” (1 with notes on back)
    • 1 artist rendering of a church on trifold, notes on back
    • 1 artist rendering of two women and a horned man, notes on back
    • Veiksmas ir vaizdinys booklet, 1992
    • Paintings for Latvia booklet, Janeric Johanson
  3. approximately 17 items
    • 1 collection of 2 small photos of Mary Jo, notes on back
    • photo of Mary Jo at work, post-it note on the back (removed to paper insert) reads: "Bole working in Lithuania @ a Communist bone china factory 1991"
    • Envelope from DADA, May 2011
      Contains: 1 Fluxus Laboratories postcard with notes on back, newspaper article, "Without You I’m Nothing," with notes on back
    • Poster for the Ohio State University Ceramics Faculty and Graduate Student work, 2001
    • Envelope from Margaret Carney and William Walker Jr, December 2009, notes on envelope
      Contains: card, 2 photos, letter
    • DVD of Mary Jo Bole "What Follows Interview,"October 2007
      Department of Art and Art History at the University of Colorado at Boulder
    • 3D space postcard, from Gina Bobroski
    • DVD/CD Rom of Sense of Identity: Contemporary Ceramic Art, “TV Coverage and Studio Visit with Curator, Robert F. Schoeder”
    • Letter from Donald Howland, October 2008
    • Envelope with 27 Bureau for Open Culture Librarian bookmarks
    • Postcard for Mary Jo Bole’s “The Moody Pete Bathroom Show,” notes on back
    • Science Holiday Collector Guide 2001
    • Envelope from Keoki Graphics, March 2010, contains: graphics and letter, Toilet Worship DVD
    • Morbid Curiosity, issue 1, 1997, Post-It notes inside
    • Morbid Curiosity, issue 6, 2002, Post-It notes inside
    • Ohio State University Ceramics booklet,cover art by Paul Campagnoli (pink cover) - “Is Go”
    • OSU Ceramics booklet, “Adventures in Furaway Lands,”copyright, 2008
    • The Wonderful Art of Making Mud Pies, “OSU Ceramics Presents Stuff from the Depths,” notes on the front
  4. approximately 16 items
    • How Electrons Whirl Our Wheels
    • Sound of Pig Cassette Catalog
    • “Ooh Ooh Music,” Fall 1991, “Our first catalog”
    • Book with orange cover
    • Super-Intendo, “The Rage Region newspaper”
    • Jabberwocky Graphix number 5, 1989 Catalogue of magazines, posters and cards
    • Porkchop Romance by C.C. Cilla, April 1990 - “A Love Story”
    • Booklet of pictures
    • Cyclone publications
    • United for Freedom, “Rare document” - Science Holiday presents a folio of collages by Dan Wininger, copy 31 of 75, signed
    • Art Control Enterprises pamphlet, sent June 1991
    • River Rat pamphlet
    • Words and Visions for Minds on Fire Conduit book, copyright 2003
    • IT018 Alien Planetscapes/Celestial Dance Hits C-60 flyer, yellow paper
    • Eleventh Pin booklet, pink cover, Cyclone publications
    • Honeymoon News, winter 2005
    • Pisces photo album, from “Mark G” to Mary Jo, notes inside, contains 10 photos with notes

  5. Box 9

    Folders 51-56:

    1. 4 items
      • SLE booklet, contains pictures
      • 1 group of papers folded together, contains words and pictures, notes on back
      • 1 group of papers folded together, “From Mouth to Hand to Eye and Back,” L. Swan, ‘99, notes on back
      • book from the Ohio Arts Council’s Riffe Gallery, Year of the Artist: July 2001-July 2002
        “Paper Routes: 2000”
        “Coming of Age: Ohio Arts Council Fellowship Recipients”
        “Shared Inspiration: Work by Artists in Education”
        “Connections: Ohio Artists Abroad”
    2. Case from the Artists Exchange, Freed State of Saxony – Columbus/Ohio
      Orange box full of pamphlets for individual artists, including: Leni D. Anderson, Mary Jo Bole, Mark Fohl, Eiko Grimberg, Fredrik Marsh, Inga Paas, Daniel Rode, Tilo Schulz, Dallas Sells, Miriam Vlaming
    3. approximately 6 items
      • Ohio State ceramics booklet, “We Die For Our Glazes”
      • Large copy of American Splendor, “The Life and Times of Harvey Pekar”
        Stories by Harvey Pekar, Introduction by R. Crumb
      • Hollywoodland by Kim Deitch
      • Jodi Wants a Moon Pie by Landry Butler, copyright 1993
      • Letter and picture from Patti Vauskin, May 2010
    4. Death’s Garden: Relationships with Cemeteries, copyright 1995, signed, Post-It note inside
    5. The Factsheet Five Zine Reader by R. Seth Friedman, copyright 1997 - “The Best Writings from the Underground World of Zines”
    6. 2 items
      1. Larger white envelope, containing:
        • La Grande Staria del Rock card from Wim”
        • empty envelope from Wim van Vonderen
        • envelope containing letter and postcards from Wim van Vonderen
        • envelope containing cards from Wim van Vonderen
        • envelope containing letter from Wim van Vonderen, notes on envelope
        • letter from Wim van Vonderen, August 18
        • letter from Wim van Vonderen, July 2
        • Jan Steen 1626-1679 postcard from Wim van Vonderen, painting on the front
        • Floris Verster (1861-1927) postcard from Wim van Vonderen, kettles on front
        • photo envelope from Wim van Vonderen, June 14, 2005 withn newspaper clippings and letters
        • envelope from Wim van Vonderen, September 19, 2006, containing: letter, postcard, Wolfgang Laib pamphlet
      2. Clear envelope from Extrapool in the Netherlands, containing Filmpool flyer; notes on envelope

    Box 10

    ten items not in Folders:

    1. White postal box, containing: letter from Rebekah Modrak; ebayaday exhibit pamphlet, December 2006; ebayaday map and artist listing, December 2006; approximately 26 cards of various things posted on Ebay
    2. “Mary Jo Bole Address Labels” box, made by Keoki Graphics
    3. Suggested Photo Spots book - tour guide and postcard book
    4. Sea of Forgetfulness edited by Beth Wolfe and Steven B. Smith, copyright May 2002, notes inside
    5. Recycled Words, copyright 1996
      Collected Poems (1980-1996) of Rick Klaus Theis, note inside, contains an Eisenhower postcard sent from Rick Klaus Theis, June 1998
    6. Zero Volume IV, edited by Eric Lerner
      Contains poems by: John Ashbery, Burton Watson, Lewis Baltz, Vicente Aleixandre, Jerome Rothenberg, Paul Bowles, Fritjof Capra, Stephen Davis, Jose Arguelles, James Tate
    7. Logos 2 book, 1991/1992
    8. Guerilla Television by Michael Shamberg and Raindance Corporation,copyright 1971
    9. Fatigue, book converted into artist book/poetry book with art on the covers
    10. The Strangers Next Door by Edith Iglauer, copyright 1991, notes inside

    Box 11

    Folders 57-60:

    1. three photo albums
      1. Green photo album, contains approximately 169 photos with notes, notes inside the front cover, photos on covers
      2. Flower photo album,contains approximately 70 photos with notes, notes on front cover and inside back cover; also contains 2 CDs/DVDs
      3. Grey photo album - “2011-2011 OSU @ Belden Brick 2007”
        Contains approximately 39 photos with notes, information on the Belden Brick Company
    2. Nancy’s Magazine, “The Naked Truth about K-Mart Mark Downs” - “Australian Supermarket Zealot Tells All”
    3. Morbid Curiosity, Issue 10, 2006, with notes inside

    Box 12

    Folders 60-63:

    1. box with red and white checkered tape, with notes on box, containing:
      • Dirt sample
      • Envelope with free prize stamp that holds a Tremel West Communication Arts card, Mount St. Helen’s Ash, White envelope labeled “the ending,” Blue order form, list of editors’ thank yous, instructions on how to make an origami rat, “Some Extra Information for Readers”
      • High Ground booklet
      • NoMag, magazine about music
      • Outbound Gowanus, no. 15, 1995, “Blue Book Issue” by Gary Richman
      • Bob Wab number 3 (German magazine)

    Click on photo to see a larger version.

    Cover of green album
    box 11, folder 57

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