Subject Librarians

Feel free to contact a subject librarian for assistance with research queries, reference questions, buying a book for the collection, recommendations of journal titles, and other general questions related to library services.

Topic Subject Librarian Telephone
ACCAD Tina Franks(interim) 614- 292-2370
Accounting & MIS  Pamela Espinosa de los Monteros (interim)
African American Studies Leta Hendricks 614-688-7478
African Studies Leta Hendricks 614-688-7478
Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership Florian Diekmann 614-688-8413
Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics Florian Diekmann 614-688-8413
Allied Health Sciences Lynda Hartel 614-292-4892
American Fiction - Special Collections Jolie Braun 614-588-4980
American Literature Jennifer Schnabel
American Sign Language Natalie Kupferberg 614-292-1945
Animal Sciences Jessica Page 614-688-8474
Anthropology Hilary Bussell 614-292-9437
Arabic Pat Visel 614-688-8796
Architecture Tina Franks 614-292-2370
Archives Tamar Chute 614-292-3271
Art and History of Art Tina Franks (interim) 614-292-2370
Art Education TinaFranks (interim) 614-292-2370
Astronomy Belinda Hurley 614-688-5800
ATI Campus Kathy Yoder
Bruce Leach
Biological Sciences Bruce Leach 614-292-8026
Business Pamela Espinosa de los Monteros (interim) 614688-1725
Byrd Polar Archives Laura Kissel 614-688-8173
Cartoons - Special Collections Jenny Robb
Wendy Pflug
Chemical Engineering
Belinda Hurley
Chemistry Belinda Hurley 614-688-5800
Chinese Guoqing Li 614-292-9597
City and Regional Planning Tina Franks 614-292-2370
Civil Engineering Danny Dotson 614-688-0053
Classics Nancy Courtney 614-688-8771
Communication Hilary Bussell
Comparative Studies Leigh Bonds 614-292-0849
Computer Science Danny Dotson 614-688-0053
Consumer and Family Financial Services Leta Hendricks 614-688-7478
Consumer Health Abigail Jones 614-293-3707
Dance Alan Green 614-688-0106
Dance- Special Collections Nena Couch 614-292-9606
Dentistry Anna Biszaha 614-292-9987
Design Tina Franks (interim) 614-292-2370
Dietetics Leta Hendricks 614-688-7478
Earth Sciences Danny Dotson
East Asian Languages and Literatures
Guoqing Li

Economics Hilary Bussell 614-292-9437                    
Education Deidra Herring 614-247-7235
Engineering Belinda Hurley
English Language and Literatures Jennifer Schnabel  614-688-5861
English Language and Literatures-Special Collections Jolie Braun 614-588-4980
Environment and Natural Resources Jessica Page
Entomology Florian Diekmann 614-688-8413
Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology
Bruce Leach
Family Studies Leta Hendricks 614-688-7478
Film Studies Nancy Courtney 614-247-2345
Film Studies- Special Collections Beth Kattelman 614-688-3305
Finance Pamela Espinosa de los Monteros (interim) 614-688-1725
Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering Florian Diekmann
Food Science and Technology Jessica Page 614-688-8474
French Language and Literature Nancy Courtney 614-688-8771
Geography Danny Dotson 
Geology Danny Dotson 
Germanic Languages and Literatures
Joseph Galron (interim)

Government Documents Mary Ries 614-688-8770
Greek (Classical) Nancy Courtney 614-688-8771
Greek (Modern) Miroljub Ruzic 614-292-8859
Hindi Pat Visel 614-688-4052
History David Lincove 614-292-2393
History of Science David Lincove 614-292-2393
Horticulture and Crop Science Florian Diekmann 614-688-8413
Hospitality Management Leta Hendricks 614-688-7478
Human Development and Family Science Leta Hendricks 614-688-7478
Human Resources Pamela Espinosa de los Monteros (interim) 614-688-1725
Human Sciences Leta Hendricks 614-688-7478
International Studies Tracey Overbey 614-688-8775
Islamic Studies Pat Visel 614-688-8796
Italian Nancy Courtney 614-688-8771
Japanese Ann Marie Davis
Jewish Studies Joseph Galron 614-292-3362
Journalism Hilary Bussell 614-292-9437
Kinesiology Leta Hendricks 614-688-7478
Korean Guoqing Li 614-292-9597
Landscape Architecture Tina Franks 614-292-2370
Latin American Languages, Literature and Culture

Jose Diaz

Pamela Espinosa de los Monteros 


Law Matt Cooper 614-688-0052
Library and Information Science Gene Springs 614-292-1942
Lima Campus Tina Schneider
Calvin Cleary
Linguistics Jennifer Schnabel 614-688-5861
Mansfield Campus Vanessa Kraps
Maps Danny Dotson 
Marketing & Logistics Pamela Espinosa de los Monteros (interim) 614-688-1725
Management Sciences Pamela Espinosa de los Monteros (interim) 614-688-1725
Marion Campus Betsy Blankenship
Pat Wood
Mathematics Danny Dotson 614-688-0053
Medicine Stephanie Schulte 614-292-4893
Medieval and Renaissance Studies Eric Johnson 614-292-2762
Medieval Slavic Studies - Special Collections Predrag Matejic 614-292-0634
Microbiology Bruce Leach 614-292-8026
Military Science David Lincove 614-292-2393
Molecular Genetics Bruce Leach 614-292-8026
Music Alan Green 614-688-0106
Near Eastern Languages and Culture Pat Visel 614-688-4052
Newark Campus Katie Blocksidge
John Crissinger
Nutrition Leta Hendricks 614-688-7478
Nursing Kerry Dhakal
OARDC Campus Kathy Yoder
Ohio Congressional Archives Jeff Thomas 614-688-8429
Optometry Fern Cheek 614-688-4505
Pediatric Medicine Linda DeMuro 614-722-3203
Persian Language and Literature Pat Visel 614-688-8796
Pharmacy and Pharmacology Natalie Kupferberg 614-292-1945
Philosophy David Lincove 614-292-2393
Physical Education Leta Hendricks 614-688-7478
Belinda Hurley 614-688-5800
Plant Pathology Florian Diekmann 614-688-8413
Political Science Tracey Overbey 614-688-8775
Portuguese Jose Diaz
Pamela Espinosa de los Monteros



Psychology Natalie Kupferberg 614-292-1945
Public Affairs David Lincove 614-292-2393
Public Health Fern Cheek 614-688-4505
Rare Books and Manuscripts - Special Collections Eric Johnson 614-292-2762
Religious Studies
Miroljub Ruzic 614-292-8959
RefWorks Reference 614-292-6785
Russian Studies
Miroljub Ruzic 614-292-8959
Scandinavian Studies Gene Springs (interim)
Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures Miroljub Ruzic 614-292-8959
Social Work Cynthia Preston 614-292-3832
Sociology Tracey Overbey 614-688-8775
Spanish Language and Literature

Pamela Espinosa de los Monteros


Speech and Hearing Natalie Kupferberg 614-292-1945
Sports Leta Hendricks 614-688-7478
Statistics (Study of) Danny Dotson 614-688-0053
Theatre Beth Kattelman 614-688-3305
Theatre - Special Collections Nena Couch
Beth Kattelman
Turkish Pat Visel 614-688-4052
Veterinary Medicine Jessica Page 614-688-8474
Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Cynthia Preston 614-292-3832
Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies- Special Collections Beth Kattelman
Jolie Braun
Yiddish Joseph Galron 614-292-3362