Subcollections: Literary Manuscripts

Please note that the term "collections" in this context refers to non-book materials.  To search all books in a particular collection please use the assigned name as the "title" when searching the library catalog.  Examples include: The Mysterious Press Collection, The Jerry Tarver Elocution, Rhetoric and Oratory Collection or The Peter D. Franklin Cookbook Collection.

This list does not represent all of the American Literature collections, but merely those finding aids/guides that have been converted to a digital format. This conversion project is ongoing, so do check back later for additions.  In the meantime, you may also wish to browse a master list of Charvat and Rare Books collections that we are compiling in a spreadsheet, currently sorted by an assigned keyword.  Please use the "find" function in Excel or sort by any category.

The James Thurber papers are closed for reprocessing through June 2018.

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Algren (RARE.CMS.60)
The Nelson Algren Papers

Bromfield (RARE.CMS.95)
The Louis Bromfield Collection

Burroughs (RARE.CMS.16)
The William S. Burroughs Papers, manuscripts for The Marijuana Newsletter and Fuck You: A Magazine for the Arts

Burroughs (RARE.CMS.40)
The William S. Burroughs Papers, acquired 1988

Burroughs (RARE.CMS.85)
Collection of manuscripts for Naked Lunch, The Soft Machine, Nova Express, The Ticket That Exploded, and Exterminator!, 1959-1973

Burroughs (RARE.CMS.87)
The William S. Burroughs Papers, acquired 1997

Burroughs (RARE.CMS.90)
The William S. Burroughs Papers, acquired 1998

Busch (SPEC.RARE.CMS.62)
Frederick Busch Papers

Carter (RARE.CMS.192)
The Lin Carter Literary Archive

Carver (RARE.CMS.12)
The Raymond Carver Papers

Carver (SPEC.RARE.98)
Carol Sklenicka Collection of Raymond Carver Materials

Crane (SPEC.RARE.22)
Hart Crane Correspondence to Gorham Munson and George Bryan

Creelman (RARE.CMS.19)
The James Creelman Papers

Drew (SPEC.RARE.CMS.147)
Bettina Drew Papers on Nelson Algren

Dumond (SPEC.RARE.94)
Annie Nelles Dumond and Daniel Dumond Collection

Fuchs, Daniel (RARE.CMS.356)
The Daniel Fuchs Papers

Gallagher (RARE.CMS.184)
The Tess Gallagher Literary Archive

The Karen Harper Collection

Holmes (RARE.CMS.384)
Charles Holmes Papers, Research on Thurber's The Clocks of Columbus

Hudson (SPEC.RARE.79)
Gossie Harold Hudson Papers

Huie (RARE.CMS.84)
The William Bradford Huie Collection

Jackson (RARE.CMS.101)
The Roger Jackson, Publisher, Collection

Kinney (RARE.CMS.108)
The Harrison Kinney Archive for James Thurber: His Life and Times

Macaulay Publishers (RARE.CMS.296)
Macaulay Publishers literary contracts

Mysterious Press (RARE.CMS.383)
Archives and publications of Mysterious Press

Nineteenth Century American Fiction and Poetry
a list of resources

Piatt (RARE.CMS.116)
The Sarah Piatt Research Collection compiled by Paula Bernat Bennett.  If you have previously consulted our former finding aid we have retained it for your comparison: former finding aid.
New Finding List for Sarah Piatt Poetry, updated December 2013

Powers (RARE.CMS.395)
Paul S. Powers (a.k.a Ward Stevens) Papers - Western pulp fiction writer active during the 1920s - 1940s

Santmyer (RARE.CMS.8)
Hellen Hooven Santmyer Papers

The James Thurber papers are closed for reprocessing through June 2018.

Thurber (RARE.CMS.4)
The James Thurber Papers

Vollmann (RARE.CMS.98)
William T. Vollmann Collection, 1980-2000

Vollmann (RARE.CMS.187)
William T. Vollmann Collection, 2003-2004

Vollmann (RARE.CMS.188)
William T. Vollmann Collection, 2004-2005

Vollmann (RARE.CMS.318)
William T. Vollmann Collection, 2001-2007

Vollmann (RARE.CMS.347)
William T. Vollmann Collection, 2008-2010

Vollmann (RARE.CMS.379)
WIlliam T. Vollmann Collection, 2010-2011

Zara (RARE.CMS.42)
Louis Zara Papers


 Special Projects Using American Literature Collections:

(These textual editing projects were previously hosted by the College of the Humanities server, and are currently under revision for addition to the Knowledge Bank. Please consult with the curator about the nature of the projects and check back later for new links.)

Samuel Sullivan Cox's "Journal of a Tour to Europe" (Spec.Rare.73)

Sophia Peabody Hawthorne's Letters to Elizabeth Palmer Peabody (Spec.MMS.138)

A selection of papers from the Valentine Peers collection (Spec.MS.Amer.56)