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Reproduction orders for archival material are limited to a maximum of 300 pages

(See below for specific information on Digital Images and Fees.

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Warning concerning copyright restrictions: The copyright law of U.S.(Title 17, United States Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Under certain conditions specified by the law, libraries and archives are authorized to furnish a photocopy or reproduction. One of these specified conditions is that the photocopy or reproduction is not to be "used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research." If a user makes a request for, or later uses, a photocopy or reproduction for purposes in excess of "fair use," that user may be liable for copyright infringement. This institution reserves the right to refuse to accept a copying order if, in its judgment, fulfillment of the order would involve violation of copyright law.

Conditions for Use of Reproductions

Materials protected by copyright are reproduced for research and study only.

Materials protected by copyright may not be reproduced for publication without written permission of the copyright holder. Permission to reproduce material in which reproduction rights are reserved must be granted by signed written permission of the persons holding those rights. A copy of the signed written permission must be on file in the library prior to the duplication of the materials requested.

Any publication, exhibition, or other public use of materials reproduced for that purpose from the collections of the Ohio State University Libraries must credit the appropriate unit of The Ohio State University Libraries.

In requesting permission to reproduce materials from the collections of the Ohio State University Libraries as described, the requester agrees to hold harmless the Ohio State University and its Trustees, Officers, and agents either jointly or severally from any action involving infringement of the rights of any person of their heirs and descendants in common law or under statutory copyright.

The Ohio State University Libraries reserves the right to evaluate the condition of requested material to determine the appropriate method of reproduction.

If materials are too fragile to be photocopied, other means of reproduction may be available to the requester.If the repository does not hold a negative for a selected image, a copy negative will be made at the requester’s expense. All negatives remain the property of the repository.

A copy of the publication or a tearsheet is requested for the repository's records.

Please use our online form to request a scan or digital photograph. The associated fees are outlined in the "Fees for Services" section below.


Fees for Services


All of the fees listed below are subject to change without notice

Research Fees:

Fifteen minutes of research service will be provided without charge. Persons and businesses who need additional research service will be billed at the following rate:

     Personal/Non-Profit: $25 per hour
     Corporate/Profit: $100 per hour

Only in exceptional circumstances will more than one hour of research be provided.

Reproduction Costs:

  • Reproduction costs are billed in addition to the research fee.
  • No reproductions for publication or broadcast will be provided without having written evidence of permission from the copyright holder on file at the library.
  • Patrons requesting images intended for commercial use will be charged the cost of reproduction and a commercial use fee.

        Photocopy Fees:

    Black & White: Library/manuscript materials 25 cents per page

    Public/government records 15 cents per page

    Color Copies: 8.5x11" $1.00 per page

    11x17" $2.00 per page

    FAX Fees:

    No charge for 1-10 pages. More than 10 pages will not be faxed.

    Digital Images(scans and digital photos):

    (These fees will be waived for OSU faculty and graduate students for reasonable requests. What is to be deemed reasonable is at the discretion of the Curator.)

    Please specify the following in your request: color or grayscale, size, resolution (dpi), and file format (tiff, jpeg, psd, etc.). OSU policy prohibits us from sending images via e-mail.

    150 dpi
    $10 set-up fee
    $1 per image
    300 dpi
    $10 set-up fee
    $3 per image
    600 dpi
    $10 set-up fee
    $7.50 per image

    CD-R or DVD-R cost: $2.50 per disc

Commercial Use Fees:

Non-Profit/Scholarly Publications: $25.00
For-Profit (1 format): $150.00

Shipping & Handling Fees:

The requester is responsible for all shipping and handling charges. Inquire for international shipping rates. A UPS or Federal Express account number may be provided in lieu of this charge. Delivery dates are not guaranteed.

U.S. Postal Service, First Class

# of pagesShipping Rate

If the requestor chooses Federal Express as an alternate shipping method, shipping fees will be assessed according to Federal Express rates.

Turn-around time:

Pre-existing scans: 5 business days
New scans: 2-4 weeks

Rush order fees:

Double the cost of the entire order for materials requested due within 3 business days.

Payment: Payment with invoice required prior to service fulfillment.

  • Credit cards accepted: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, VISA
  • Checks are to be made payable to "The Ohio State University Libraries: Theatre Research Institute"
  • Payment must be made in US dollars.

  Digital Imaging


Note: Charges for the services described below are listed on the "Fees for Services" page.

Image Requests

Image requests may be placed by filling out our online form, or contacting the Thompson Library Special Collections at, calling 614.292.5938 or faxing 614.688.4150. If you choose not to use the form please be sure to include all of the requested information. Research fees begin after fifteen minutes of service for off-site users. All image requests will be invoiced and must be paid in advance by credit card, or by check or money order made out to “The Ohio State University Libraries: Theatre Research Institute.“ All payments must be in U. S. dollars. Condition of the original document may, in some cases, prohibit image reproduction.


Reproductions for publication or broadcast must have written evidence of permission from the copyright owner on file at the library before images not in the public domain will be provided. If you are unsure about the copyright status of an image or need assistance in locating the copyright holder, please contact the Thompson Library Special Collections. You may incur a copyright fee from the owner for reproduction rights.


Reproduction, publication, broadcast, exhibition or use on the web of images from the collections must include proper credit. The appropriate credit line for the materials you have selected will be provided.

Research & Staff Service Fee

Fifteen minutes of research for off-site users will be provided without charge. Persons and businesses needing additional research service will be billed per the services and fees schedule above. Only in exceptional circumstances will more than one hour of research be provided. The staff service fee is charged at the hourly rate determined for non-profit or profit use and includes the time involved to retrieve the images requested, perform the scans, stitch and manipulate images, and burn the digital files to a CD-R.

Pre-Existing Scans

Pre-existing scans are images that are part of the existing digital collection, requiring no further individual scanning necessary to complete your order. These scans are high resolution (300-600dpi) and are copied from the original digital image at 100% size. If you request a larger size or higher resolution, a new scan will be done and research and staff service fees will apply.

Commercial Image Use Fee

Image requests intended for commercial use will be charged a one-time use fee in addition to the other costs of reproduction. This usage fee is not a copyright fee, but a fee to reproduce the image, including public domain images, from our collections. Revenue from this fee helps to support the mission of RBMS. Please note that certain commercial requests (advertising, greeting cards, etc.) may be referred to the Ohio State University’s Trademark and Licensing Services. When this occurs, a different fee structure will apply. Contact the library for more information.

Shipping & Handling Fee

All shipping and handling fees will be charged to the customer. A minimum charge of $5.00 is applied to any request to ship material. Shipping via US mail, international air mail, FedEx, UPS, and DHL is available. The customer may supply an account number for shipping other than US mail in lieu of this charge. Standard shipping will be used unless the customer specifies express or overnight delivery. Handling includes packaging costs. Delivery dates are not guaranteed.


Invoices for all orders must be returned with full payment before any imaging services are initiated. Payments may be made by credit card.   Checks or money orders are to be made out to “The Ohio State University Libraries: Theatre Research Institute” and made in US dollars.

Resolution & Format

Resolution and format must be specified when your order is placed. Low resolution is less than 300dpi and high resolution is 300dpi or greater. Scanning at higher resolutions is a slower process and requires additional scanning time by the staff. Formats available are JPEG, TIFF, or PSD. Images are scanned from the original at 100% size unless another size is requested.

Flatbed Scanning

Flatbed scanning is the preferred method for reproduction and will be used when material permits it. Oversized items may be done in two or more separate scans and stitched together into a single file (see Image Manipulation), and additional service fee charges at an hourly rate will apply. Some items larger than 12 x 17” will require more time if the material must be taken to another location for scanning. If scanning is inappropriate for the condition of the item, or in the case of some bound volumes, a digital camera will be used. The library reserves the right to refuse to copy material if it is judged that it may cause harm to the original.

Image Manipulation

We attempt to reproduce an image as faithful as possible to the original using the current technology at our disposal. Image manipulation will be charged at the hourly rate determined for non-profit or profit use. This includes, but is not limited to, checks for brightness, contrast, for neutral colors, stitching two or more images together into a single file and further color adjustments.


Images may be copied to a CD-R, or uploaded to a web drop-box for the user to download. However, OSU policy prohibits us from delivering electronically images that are covered by copyright.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time for pre-existing scans of images is approximately 5 business days. Orders for new scans may take 2-4 weeks depending on the number of scans, resolution and manipulation requested. We attempt to estimate delivery time as accurately as possible, however delivery time cannot be guaranteed.