Margo Jones Award

The Award

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The Margo Jones Medal commemorates one of the pioneers of the American professional regional theatre movement.  Margo Jones (1912-1955) supported and nurtured new plays at the theatre she founded in Dallas in 1947, including Tennessee Williams's Summer and Smoke and Lawrence and Lee's Inherit the Wind. The pattern she created for developing new plays is now a standard method for producing new plays in the living American theatre.

Members of the Medal Committee are Deborah Robison for the family of Jerome Lawrence; Janet Waldo Lee, Lucy Lee, and Jonathan Barlow Lee for the family of Robert E. Lee; and Nena Couch, Beth Kattelman, and Mary Tarantino for the Lawrence and Lee Theatre Research Institute.

The Margo Jones Medal annually honors "that citizen-of-the-theatre who has demonstrated a significant impact, understanding and affirmation of the craft of playwriting, with a lifetime commitment to the encouragement of the living theatre everywhere." The Medal was endowed by a gift from Tad Adoue, a close associate of Margo Jones in Dallas, in addition to the major support provided by Lawrence and Lee.