3/16/2001 St. John Arena Bunny C. Clark A Future as Big as the West Texas Sky
6/8/2001 Oval Bill Cosby Ohio State University Commencement Address by Bill Cosby
8/1/2002 Schottenstein Center David Satcher Not in the collection
12/7/2001 St. John Arena Ken Lee Ken Lee Address to Autumn 2001 Graduation Class
3/15/2002 St. John Arena David L. Brennan Commencement Address: Winter Quarter
6/14/2002 Stadium George W. Bush Remarks by the President at Ohio State University
8/30/2002 Schottenstein Center Roger Blackwell What Does it Mean to Be a Buckeye?
12/13/2002 St. John Arena Louis W. Sullivan The Challenge of Leadership in an Increasingly Diverse Society
3/21/2003 St. John Arena Geoffrey Parker The Greatest gift an education gives is perspective
6/13/2003 Stadium Christopher Reeve Commencement Remarks
8/29/2003 Schottenstein Center Carl F. Kohrt Commencement Remarks
12/14/2003 St. John Arena Marnette Perry Commencement Speech
3/21/2004 Schottenstein Center Lonnie G. Thompson Commencement Address
6/13/2004 Stadium Erin Moriarty Commencement Speech
8/29/2004 Schottenstein Center Lee Shulman Commencement Speech
12/12/2004 St. John Arena Deborah Jones Merritt Education For Citizenship
3/20/2005 St. John Arena Eugenie Scott Not in the collection
6/12/2005 Stadium William H. Hall Commencement Remarks
8/28/2005 Schottenstein Center Jodie T. Allen Commencement Speech
12/11/2005 St. John Arena Deborah A. Ballam Commencement Address
3/19/2006 St. John Arena Shirley Ann Jackson Commencement Address
6/11/2006 Stadium John S. McCain Commencement Address
8/27/2006 Schottenstein Center Robert J. Massie Commencement Address
12/10/2006 St. John Arena Roy Romer Commencement Address
3/18/2007 St. John Arena Joseph Lynch Commencement Speech
6/10/2007 Stadium William J. Clinton Commencement Speech
8/26/2007 Schottenstein Center Michael Curtin Commencement Speech
12/9/2007 Schottenstein Center Brian D. Joseph Commencement Speech
3/16/2008 Schottenstein Center Steven A. Davis Commencement Speech
6/8/2008 Stadium Brian Williams Commencement Address
8/24/2008 Schhottenstein Center David L. Denlinger Commencement Address
12/14/2008 Schottenstein Center Richard A. Hollingsworth Commencement Speech
3/22/2009 St. John Arena Yvette McGee-Brown Commencement Remarks
6/14/2009 Stadium John Glenn Commencement Speech
8/30/2009 Schottenstein Center Thomas J. Moyer Commencement Speech
12/13/2009 Schottenstein Center Kevin Boyle Commencement Speech
3/21/2010 Schottenstein Center Curtis J. Moody Balance
6/6/2010 Stadium David Gergen Commencement Speech
8/29/2010 Schottenstein Center Michael Coleman Commencement Speech
12/12/2010 Schottenstein Center David Tomasko Commencement Speech
3/21/2011 Schottenstein Center Donna James Commencement Speech
6/12/2011 Stadium John Boehner Commencement Speech
8/28/2011 Schottenstein Center David Frantz Commencement Speech
12/11/2011 Schottenstein Center Cheryl L. Krueger Commencement Speech
3/18/2012 Schottenstein Center Richard K. Herrman Live Life For Real
6/10/2012 Stadium Susan E. Rice Commencement Speech
8/11/2012 Schottenstein Center Terry Stewart Commencement Speech
12/16/2012 Schottenstein Center Jack Hanna Commencement Speech
5/5/2013 Stadium Barack Obama Commencement Speech
8/4/2013 Schottenstein Center Ann Hamilton Commencement Speech
12/15/2013 Schottenstein Center R.L. Stine Commencement Speech
5/4/2014 Stadium Chris Matthews Commencement Speech
8/10/2014 Schottenstein Center Joseph Alutto Commencement Speech
12/21/2014 Schottenstein Center David Steigerwald

Commencement Speech


Stadium Archie Griffin

Commencement Speech

8/9/2015 Schottenstein Center Bruce A. McPheron Commencement Speech
12/20/2015 Schottenstein Center Frank Shankwitz Commencement Speech
05/08/2016 Stadium Anthony S. Fauci Commencement Speech
08/07/2016 Schottenstein Center Jenni Britton Bauer Commencement Speech
12/18/2016 Schottenstein Center Timothy Gerber Commencement Speech
05/07/2017 Stadium Abigail Wexner Commencement Speech
08/06/2017 Schottenstein Center Joyce Beatty Commencement Speech
12/17/2017 Schottenstein Center Rob Portman Commencement Speech