3/19/1976 St. John Arena Alex Haley Not in the collection
6/11/1976 Stadium Daniel P. Moynihan Commencement Address
8/27/1976 St. John Arena Charles Mosher The Congress and the Incongruous
12/9/1976 St. John Arena Robin Fleming Quo Vadis?
3/17/1977 St. John Arena Willard Wirtz Remarks by Willard Wirtz
6/9/1977 Stadium James Schlesinger Commencement Address
8/31/1977 St. John Arena W. Clarke Wescoe Commencement Address
12/9/1977 St. John Arena Novice G. Fawcett Confrontation with Reality
3/16/1978 St. John Arena Philip Handler Pangs of Science
6/9/1978 Stadium Peter Jay Address by the British Ambassador
8/31/1978 St. John Arena Tom Moody Speech to Graduates
12/8/1978 St. John Arena Howard R. Bowen What is Your Education Worth?  
3/16/1979 St. John Arena Albert J. Kuhn The Essential University
6/8/1979 Stadium Walter F. Mondale Remarks of Vice President Walter F. Mondale
8/30/1979 St. John Arena Alan K. Campbell Excerpts from Summer Quarter Commencement Address
12/7/1979 St. John Arena Robert M. Duncan Address by Judge Robert M. Duncan
3/20/1980 St. John Arena Barbara Uehling Excerpts from Commencement Address
6/13/1980 Stadium John E. Corbally Commencement Remarks
8/29/1980 St. John Arena Marshall D. Shulman A Terminal Case of Myopia (as printed in Dispatch)
12/12/1980 St. John Arena J.W. Peltason Autumn Quarter Commencement Address
3/20/1981 St. John Arena Norman E. Borlaug A Working Draft of the Commencement Address by…
6/12/1981 Stadium Harold L. Enarson Commencement Address  
9/3/1981 St. John Arena Vern Riffe Remarks of Speaker Vern Riffe
12/11/1981 St. John Arena Simon Dinitz Have We Failed You?
3/19/1982 St. John Arena Daryle H. Busch Commencement Address
6/11/1982 Stadium Roy M. Kottman Pathways to Progress
9/2/1982 St. John Arena John P. Minton Moments…Here and There
12/10/1982 St. John Arena Albert Shapero Taking Control
3/18/1983 St. John Arena Helen G. Edmonds Come Down to Kew in Lilac Time
6/10/1983 Stadium George Bush Address by Vice President George Bush
9/1/1983 St. John Arena Leo Paquette Not in the collection
12/9/1983 St. John Arena Robert M. Zollinger Commencement Address
3/16/1984 St. John Arena Robert C. Good OSU Commencement Speech
6/8/1984 Stadium John H. Glenn Remarks of Senator John Glenn
8/30/1984 St. John Arena Charles L. Babcock Commencement Address
12/7/1984 St. John Arena Commodore Grace Murray Hopper Commencement Address at Ohio State
3/22/1985 St. John Arena Edwin D. Dodd University Commencement Address
6/14/1985 Stadium Richard F. Celeste Commencement Address
8/30/1985 St. John Arena Amos Lynch Commencement Address by Amos H. Lynch Jr.
12/13/1985 St. John Arena Charles A. Csuri Fall Quarter Commencement Address
3/21/1986 St. John Arena Wayne Woodrow (Woody) Hayes Commencement Address
6/13/1986 Stadium Leslie H. Wexner Commencement Address  
8/29/1986 St. John Arena Francille M. Firebaugh Commencement Address
12/12/1986 St. John Arena Mary L. Good Science and Technology Policy Issues: Why You Should Care!
3/20/1987 St. John Arena John Price Hirth Winter Quarter Commencement
6/12/1987 Stadium Robert L. Clodius Address Remarks at 300thCommencement
9/3/1987 St. John Arena Marilyn Robinson Waldman Commencement Address
12/11/1987 St. John Arena Henry Ponder Success-Your Ohio State University Education-A Mandate for the Future
3/18/1988 St. John Arena Arno A. Penzias Commencement Speech
6/10/1988 Stadium Erich Bloch Commencement Address
9/1/1988 St. John Arena Frank W. Hale Commencement Address
12/11/1988 St. John Arena Austin H. Kiplinger Ohio State University Commencement Address   
3/17/1989 St. John Arena P. David Myerowitz Remember
6/9/1989 Stadium Elizabeth Dole Remarks Prepared for Delivery
8/31/1989 St. John Arena Jay R. Smith Summer Commencement Address
12/8/1989 St. John Arena Gerald M. Reagan Commencement Address
3/16/1990 St. John Arena Leonard L. Hayes Remarks for Leonard L. Haynes III
6/8/1990 Stadium Edward H. Jennings Speech by Edward H. Jennings
8/30/1990 St. John Arena John B. Gabel Commencement Address: Summer 1990
12/7/1990 St. John Arena Stanley J. Aronoff Ohio State University Commencement Address
3/22/1991 St. John Arena D. Allan Bromley The Challenge of the Future
6/14/1991 Stadium Elwood Gordon Gee Excerpts from the Commencement Address  
8/30/1991 St. John Arena Manuel T. Pacheco Commencement Address: The Ohio State University
12/13/1991 St. John Arena Lena C. Bailey Commencement Speech Winter Quarter
3/20/1992 St. John Arena Arpod Goncz Commencement Address
6/12/1992 Stadium Bernadine P. Healy Commencement Address
9/3/1992 St. John Arena Frank H.T. Rhodes Commencement Address
12/11/1992 St. John Arena Samuel DuBois Cook If That Light Within You Be Dark, Oh What a Darkness!
3/19/1993 St. John Arena Nancy E. Betz The Power of One
6/11/1993 Stadium Leonard Downie Jr. Spring Commencement Address
9/2/1993 St. John Arena John B. McCoy Commencement Address
12/10/1993 St. John Arena Damon J. Keith Integrity: The Search for Principle
3/18/1994 St. John Arena Martha McMackin Garland Commencement Remarks
6/10/1994 Stadium Mark R. Goldston The Ohio State University 1994 Commencement Speech
9/1/1994 St. John Arena D. Richard McPherson Summer Commencement
12/9/1994 St. John Arena Charles Ping Commencement Address
3/17/1995 St. John Arena John R. Galvin Commencement Address
6/9/1995 Stadium Shimon Peres Commencement Address
8/31/1995 St. John Arena Peter L. Scott Commencement Address
12/8/1995 St. John Arena Thomas J. Dougherty Responsibility
3/15/1996 St. John Arena Herb Asher Commencement Address
6/7/1996 Stadium John Jakes The Power of History
8/28/1996 St. John Arena Barbara A. Reynolds Commencement Address of Barbara A. Reynolds
12/13/1996 St. John Arena John Ong On Civility
3/21/1997 St. John Arena Kathryn D. Sullivan To Be a Dreamer of the Day
6/??/1997 Stadium Bob Greene

Not in the collection(ceremony cancelled due to weather)

8/29/1997 St. John Arena Ed Hagenlocker Summer Quarter Commencement
12/12/1997 St. John Arena E. Gordon Gee Commencement Address by E. Gordon Gee
3/20/1998 St. John Arena Bruce E. Bursten Good Fortune and Hard Work
6/12/1998 St. John Arena Bob Greene Commencement Address
9/3/1998 St. John Arena Don Shackelford OSU 345th Commencement
12/12/1998 St. John Arena Clark Kellogg Commencement Address
3/19/1999 St. John Arena Richard D. Klausner Commencement Address
6/11/1999 Oval Dumisa Buhle Ntsebeza The 348th Commencement Graduation Ceremony
9/2/1999 St. John Arena John F. Wolfe The Ohio State University Commencement Address
12/10/1999 St. John Arena Gregory S. Lashutka Riding the Long Boom to Success
3/17/2000 St. John Arena David Citino Pomp, Circumstance, and other Songs of a Lifetime
6/9/2000 Oval J.C. Watts Commencement
8/31/2000 St. John Arena John E. Pepper Ohio State University Commencement
12/8/2000 St. John Arena Jo Ann Davidson Commencement Address