3/16/1951 Coliseum (State Fairgrounds) Harold L. Yochum Our Day of Destiny
6/8/1951 Stadium Howard L. Bevis The Challenge of Deferment
8/31/1951 Stadium Clyde Williams Educational Challenge
12/20/1951 Men's Gymnasium Clarence C. Stoughton Not in the collection
3/14/1952 Men's Gymnasium Ralph W. McDonald Not in the collection
6/6/1952 Stadium Howard L. Bevis Not in the collection
8/29/1952 Men's Gymnasium Mason Roberts Not in the collection
12/19/1952 Men's Gymnasium A. Blair Knapp Not in the collection
3/20/1953 Men's Gymnasium Charles E. Wesley Not in the collection
6/12/1953 Stadium Jerome D. Folkman Not in the collection
8/28/1953 Men’s Gymnasium Novice G. Fawcett Not in the collection
12/18/1953 Men's Gymnasium John D. Millett Not in the collection
3/19/1954 Men's Gymnasium Thomas E. Jones Not in the collection
6/11/1954 Stadium Carl V. Weygandt Not in the collection
8/27/1954 Men's Gymnasium Claude V. Courter Not in the collection
12/17/1954 Men's Gymnasium Howard F. Lowry Not in the collection
3/18/1955 Men's Gymnasium John M. Vorys Not in the collection
6/10/1955 Stadium Howard L. Bevis Not in the collection
8/26/1955 Men's Gymnasium E.L. Bowsher Not in the collection
12/16/1955 Men's Gymnasium The Most Rev. Michael J. Ready Not in the collection
3/16/1956 Men's Gymnasium John W. Bricker Not in the collection
6/8/1956 Stadium Howard L. Bevis Not in the collection
8/21/1956 Men's Gymnasium Clyde Williams Not in the collection
12/20/1956 St. John Arena
Norman P. Auburn Not in the collection
3/15/1957 St. John Arena Kevin McCann Not in the collection
6/7/1957 Stadium Novice G. Fawcett Not in the collection
8/20/1957 St. John Arena Edward V. Rickenbacker Not in the collection
12/20/1957 St. John Arena George E. Probst Not in the collection
3/20/1958 St. John Arena T. Keith Glennan The Challenge of Abundance
6/13/1958 Stadium William M. Kiplinger The Years Ahead
8/29/1958 St. John Arena Everett Walters Not in the collection
12/19/1958 St. John Arena Clarence George Issenmann Not in the collection
3/19/1959 St. John Arena Terry Wickham Freedom and Excellence
6/12/1959 Stadium Barnaby C. Keeney Commencement Address
8/28/1959 St. John Arena Frank Graves Not in the collection
12/18/1959 St. John Arena Dickey Nelson Gluesch Not in the collection
3/18/1960 St. John Arena John D. Kraus The Challenge of the Space Age
6/10/1960 Stadium Novice G. Fawcett Where Are You Making For
8/26/1960 St. John Arena Harold L. Yochum The Graduate R – for Responsibility
12/16/1960 St. John Arena Paul L. O'Connor Address of the Reverend Paul O'Connor
3/17/1961 St. John Arena Charles Austin Doan The Gift of Unfinished Business
6/9/1961 Stadium
Glenn T. Seaborg
Not in the collection
8/25/1961 St. John Arena Harold G. Shane Not in the collection
12/15/1961 St. John Arena Thomas F. Patton Beyond Tomorrow    
3/16/1962 St. John Arena Vernon R. Alden To Create Oneself Endlessly
6/8/1962 Stadium General Curtis E. LeMay Address by Curtis E. LeMay
8/24/1962 St. John Arena Foy David Kohler Ohio and the World
St. John Arena Anthony J. Celebrezze Address
3/15/1963 St. John Arena William M. Batten Remarks of W.M. Batten
6/7/1963 St. John Arena Jerome Lawrence An Address by Jerome Lawrence
8/23/1963 St. John Arena Robert I. White Not in the collection
12/20/1963 St. John Arena Herman B. Wells Commencement Address
3/19/1964 St. John Arena William Travers Jerome III That Needed Ingredient-Bounce
6/12/1964 Stadium J. George Harrar A Record of Response
8/28/1964 St. John Arena A. Blair Knapp Commencement Address
12/18/1964 St. John Arena Charles Sawyer Autumn Quarter Commencement Address
3/19/1965 St. John Arena Frank E. Duddy Jr. Shapes in the Mist
6/11/1965 Stadium Novice G. Fawcett I Dare You
8/27/1965 St. John Arena Robert M. Zollinger Commencement Address
12/17/1965 St. John Arena B.D. Thomas A Window on the World
3/18/1966 St. John Arena Roberto Sanchez Vilella The Challenges of Change
6/14/1966 Stadium Joseph C. Wilson Is Technology Changing Society
9/2/1966 St. John Arena Phillip R. Shriver Commencement Address, The Ohio State University
12/20/1966 St. John Arena H. Roger Tatarian The New Perspective
3/16/1967 St. John Arena Harold L. Enarson Toward the Modest Society
6/13/1967 Stadium Harold Howe II Aesthetics and the National Interest
9/1/1967 St. John Arena Thomas Vail Commencement Address
12/15/1967 St. John Arena Earl F. Morris American Society and the Rebirth of Civil Disobedience
3/15/1968 St. John Arena Elvis J. Stahr Remarks of Elvis J. Stahr
6/7/1968 Stadium Walter Cronkite Address
8/30/1968 St. John Arena The Most Reverend Clarence E. Elwell Best or Worst - Reactor or Bomb?
12/14/1968 St. John Arena John A. Hannah We Will Want What We Waste
3/15/1969 St. John Arena Sherwood Fawcett Keys to Tomorrow
6/7/1969 Stadium Spiro Agnew Address by the Vice President
8/29/1969 St. John Arena Mark Ethridge Jr. Commencement Address
12/19/1969 St. John Arena Harry C. Thompson The Communications Explosion
3/19/1970 St. John Arena John Ciardi Not in the collection
6/12/1970 Stadium Robert H. Finch Address
9/4/1970 St. John Arena John A. Volpe Commencement Address
12/18/1970 St. John Arena Max M. Fisher Honey on the Tongue
3/19/1971 St. John Arena Barbara Walters Commencement Speech
6/11/1971 Stadium Neil Armstrong Commencement Address
9/3/1971 St. John Arena Clifton Wharton Jr. The Dangers of Income
12/17/1971 St. John Arena William Jovanovich Contingency Loans
3/17/1972 St. John Arena Elliot L. Richardson America: A Literacy Notion
6/9/1972 Stadium Armin H Meyer Remarks
9/1/1972 St. John Arena Roger W. Heyns Championship Performance
12/15/1972 St. John Arena Harold L. Enarson Ohio State University Commencement
3/16/1973 St. John Arena Phillip R. Shriver Inaugural remarks for Harold L. Enarson
6/8/1973 Stadium William D. Ruckelshaus No title
8/31/1973 St. John Arena Daniel J. Boorstin An Address
12/14/1973 St. John Arena James G. O'Hara Speech at Ohio State University 
3/15/1974 St. John Arena James A. Norton A Sense of Community for Higher Education
6/7/1974 Stadium Milton A. Caniff The Score in the Ohio Stadium is 15 ½ to 1
8/30/1974 St. John Arena Gerald R. Ford Remarks of the President
12/13/1974 St. John Arena C. William O'Neill Commencement Address
3/20/1975 St. John Arena Harlan Cleveland We Took Our Eye Off the Ball
6/13/1975 Stadium William B. Saxbe Commencement Address
8/29/1975 St. John Arena Hugh Sidey Commencement Address
11/26/1975 St. John Arena Jacqueline Grennan Wexler Commencement Address