3/19/1926 University Hall Chapel Henry Russell Spencer Wisdom, Energy and Courage
6/15/1926 Coliseum (State Fairgrounds) Arthur M. Schlesinger The New Tyranny
8/27/1926 University Hall Chapel Burdette R. Buckingham School of Society
12/22/1926 University Hall Chapel Frederick E. Lumley The Human Adventure
3/18/1927 University Hall Chapel Joseph Villers Denney Education and Welfare
6/14/1927 Coliseum (State Fairgrounds) Rev. Francis J. McConnell Voices of the Times
8/21/1927 University Hall Chapel Alfred Dodge Cole Mental Readjustments in an Age of Progress
12/21/1927 University Hall Chapel Alonzo Hubert Tuttle Administration of Criminal Justice (topic)
3/28/1928 University Hall Chapel Edward Orton Higher Education – A Gift or a Purpose?
6/1/1928 Stadium William Oxley Thompson Some Major Issues in Life (theme)
8/31/1928 University Hall Chapel Helen Parkhurst Freedom - Individual and International
12/21/1928 University Hall Chapel Francis Leroy Landacre The Problem of Self-Education
3/15/1929 University Hall Chapel Christopher E. Sherman Dissatisfaction of Modern Youth
6/1/1929 Stadium Charles Franklin Kettering Servants of Humanity
8/30/1929 University Hall Chapel Ernest James Ashbaugh Curiosity
12/20/1929 University Hall Chapel William Lucas Graves Convocation address
3/14/1930 University Hall Chapel H. Gordon Hayes Economic Independence and Social Contro
6/10/1930 Stadium Manly Ottmer Hudson Citizenship in a Modern World
8/29/1930 University Hall Chapel Harry C. Ramsower Leadership and Individual Development
12/19/1930 University Hall Chapel Marbury Bladen Ogle Progress as SeenBy a Poet and a Priest
3/13/1931 University Hall Chapel George Holland Sabine Are State Universities Different?
6/8/1931 Stadium Julius Howland Barnes Youth and Adventure in Modern Industry
8/28/1931 University Hall Chapel Alberty Avey Not in the collection
12/18/1931 University Hall Chapel John L. Clifton Not in the collection
3/18/1932 University Hall Chapel Homer C. Hockett A Little Learning- Not in the collection
6/13/1932 Stadium Elmer BurrittBryan Not in the collection
9/2/1932 University Hall Chapel Felix E. Held Not in the collection
12/23/1932 University Hall Chapel Ervin Eugene Lewis Not in the collection
3/18/1933 University Hall Chapel George Melville Bolling Not in the collection
6/12/1933 Stadium Gauis Glenn Atkins Commencement Address
9/1/1933 University Hall Chapel Matthew Brown Hammond An Individual in an Unstable World
12/22/1933 University Hall Chapel George W. Rightmire Commencement Talk
3/16/1934 University Hall Chapel Robert Elden Mathews A Pioneer of a New Democracy
6/11/1934 Stadium G. Bromley Oxnam Not in the collection
8/31/1934 University Hall Chapel James Renwick Withrow Not in the collection
12/21/1934 University Hall Chapel Carl Wittke Not in the collection
3/15/1935 University Hall Chapel William McPherson Convocation Address
6/10/1935 Stadium George Rightmire Commencement Thoughts
8/30/1935 University Hall Chapel Charles Scott Berry The Widening Horizon
12/20/1935 University Hall Chapel Roderick Peattie Commencement Address
3/20/1936 University Hall Chapel Harlan H. Hatcher The Pure Flame
6/15/1936 Stadium George W. Rightmire Commencement Address
9/4/1936 University Hall Chapel Bland L. Stradley Convocation Address
12/18/1936 University Hall Chapel George W. Eckelberry Convocation Address
3/19/1937 University Hall Chapel James Lewis Morrill Noblese Oblige
6/14/1937 Stadium George W. Rightmire Not in the collection
9/3/1937 Men's Gymnasium (Larkins Hall) Arthur J. Klein Education
12/2/1937 University Hall Auditorium Henry E. Hoagland Visionary Leadership
3/18/1938 University Hall Auditorium Felix Emil Held Words
6/13/1938 Stadium George W. Rightmire Not in the collection
9/2/1938 Men’s Gymnasium Charles Ellison MacQuigg Science and Society
12/21/1938 University Hall Auditorium Charles C. Stillman The Summons to Adventure in Our Modern Life
3/17/1939 University Hall Auditorium John Ferguson Convocation Address
6/12/1939 Stadium Cunningham William McPherson Convocation Address
9/1/1939 Men's Gymnasium Walter L. Dorn Freedom and Force
12/21/1939 University Hall Auditorium Viva Boothe Convocation Address
3/15/1940 University Hall Auditorium George W. Rightmire Not in the collection
6/10/1940 Stadium Howard L. Bevis Convocation Address
8/30/1940 Men’s Gymnasium Bennett Weaver The University and the State
12/20/1940 University Hall Auditorium Arthur T. Martin Legal Machinery for Democratic Ideals
3/21/1941 University Hall Auditorium Joseph A. Park What Will You Remember
6/16/1941 Stadium Howard L. Bevis The Student's World
8/29/1941 Men's Gymnasium Walter Consuelo Langsam Peace or Truce
12/19/1941 University Hall Auditorium N. Paul Hudson Vital Assets
3/20/1942 University Hall Auditorium Foster Rhea Dulles Convocation Speech
6/15/1942 Stadium Howard L. Bevis Convocation Address
8/28/1942 Men's Gymnasium John R. Howe Education for Citizenship
12/18/1942 University Hall Auditorium Edward N. Clopper Remarks of E.N. Clopper
3/19/1943 Men's Gymnasium Johannes A.C.F. Auer The World and Its Problems
6/1/1943 Men's Gymnasium Henry R. Luce Convocation Address
9/3/1943 Men's Gymnasium John M. Vorys Convocation Address
12/17/1943 Men's Gymnasium Coliseum (State Fairgrounds) Herbert John Burgstahler The University Man in the New World Order
3/17/1944 University Hall Auditorium Gordon Keith Chalmers Routine and Work
6/3/1944 Men's Gymnasium Kenneth Irving Brown Freedom-Yes: But Freedom Alone is not Enough
9/1/1944 Men's Gymnasium Herman Lee Donovan The Work, Wealth, and Happiness of Men
12/21/1944 University Hall Auditorium Otto Mees Convocation Address
3/16/1945 University Hall Auditorium Algo D. Henderson Perchings and Flights
6/8/1945 Men's Gymnasium H. Lester Smith Broadening Horizons
8/31/1945 Men's Gymnasium Arthur J. Klein The State University
12/20/1945 University Hall Auditorium William Addison Shimer The Biological Roots of Education
3/15/1946 Men's Gymnasium John Calhoun Baker The Days Ahead
6/7/1946 Stadium Louis C. Wright Students Facing Tomorrow
8/30/1946 Men's Gymnasium Paul N. Lehoczky Convocation Address
12/19/1946 Men's Gymnasium William E. Wickenden Dividing the Fruits of Progress
3/14/1947 Men's Gymnasium William E. Stevenson Commencement Address
6/6/1947 Stadium Michael J. Ready Commencement Address
8/29/1947 Stadium Donald P. Cottrell Not in the collection
12/19/1947 Men's Gymnasium Raymond Walters Courage for the Era to Come
3/19/1948 Men's Gymnasium Winfred G. Leutner Education: Privilege and Responsibility
6/11/1948 Stadium Carl V. Weygandt University Education's Challenge
9/3/1948 Stadium Grove H. Patterson Commencement Address
12/17/1948 Coliseum (State Fairgrounds) Harvey H. Davis Commencement Talk
3/18/1949 Coliseum (State Fairgrounds) Milton D. McLean Ideas Have Consequences
6/10/1949 Stadium Howard L. Bevis Not in the collection
9/2/1949 Stadium Wilbur W.White Not in the collection
12/16/1949 Coliseum (State Fairgrounds) John S. Millis Not in the collection
3/17/1950 Coliseum (State Fairgrounds) James P. Lincoln Not in the collection
6/9/1950 Stadium Howard L. Bevis Not in the collection
9/1/1950 Stadium Branch Rickey Not in the collection
12/22/1950 Coliseum (State Fairgrounds) Mark Schinnerer Convocation Address