The Herman J. Albrecht Library of Historical Architecture

Albrecht drawing - tall building

The Herman J. Albrecht Library of Historical Architecture, located in The Ohio State University's WIlliam Oxley Thompson Memorial Library was established and endowed by Robert S. and Margaret V. Albrecht in tribute to the career of the respected Ohio architect, Herman J. Albrecht, Robert's father.  The original volumes in the library are those books that were housed in Herman's architectural office until the time of his death in 1961.  From this foundation, Robert (d. 2005) wanted the Albrecht Library to be greatly expanded by "aggressively acquiring as many more books as possible - rare books," on the traditional architecture of the entire world, with a focus on books published between 1485-1950.  Other than books, the Albrecht Library will include architectural sketches, renderings, drawings and photographs of Herman Albrecht's work.  The gift of Robert and his wife, Margaret, will be used to purchase additional significant resources for the benefit of scholars, architects, and architecture students. 


Herman J. Albrecht

Herman J. Albrecht was a well-known and respected architect who designed many stately homes in northern Ohio.  young Herman J. AlbrechtMr. Albrecht was born in Massillon and received his training at Ohio State where he graduated in 1908.  He maintained an active membership in the OSU Alumni Association throughout his lifetime.  His career was spent designing homes in the Cleveland area, and an "Albrecht Home" was considered to be among the best real estate in the Massillon, Canton, Shaker Heights, Rocky River and Cleveland areas.  He lived in Lakewood, Ohio with his wife, Lillian, and maintained offices in Cleveland and Massillon during his long career.  Although he was best known for residences, he designed many public buildings including schools, churches, libraries and hospitals.

For more information please see the attached brochure prepared by the Massillon Museum, home of the Herman J. Albrecht Papers.