Protocols For Group Visits

Protocols for class/group visits to the Special Collections

We welcome this opportunity to share our collections with classes and other groups.  Please review the following guidelines in advance of the visit so that you know what to expect, whether meeting in our classroom (Thompson Library room 105), or an alternative larger room.

General guidelines:

  • No belongings may be brought into the space with the materials except paper and pencil (no pens) and/or a laptop for note-taking.  Pencils will be provided for those who need them.
  • Nothing else will be allowed, including coats, books, book bags. (See below for more specific details, depending on meeting location.)
  • Cell phones should be set on vibrate and left with other personal belongings or in one’s  pocket.  Any photography of Special Collections materials requires advance approval by a curator.
  • Food, drinks, and chewing gum are prohibited in any Special Collections classroom or display space.
  • Hands should be washed before coming to class as in some instances students will be permitted to handle special collections materials.  Restrooms are located on the North and South sides of the first floor of THO library.  
  • Silver rings act like a silverpoint pencil, and are best kept in one’s pocket while handling books or papers.  
  • In addition, some materials will require require white gloves when handled.  These will be provided if necessary. Some materials are too fragile to be handled at all.  The curator will provide guidance to the students.

Meetings in Thompson room 105, Special Collections reading room and classroom:

  • There is a coat rack just inside the door to room 105.
  • Other belongings should be secured in a locker. Be prepared to give us a photo ID in exchange for a locker key. The ID will be returned once the key is returned after class. Please note that the lockers are not very large.  Plan ahead and leave extra large items at home.
  • The door to our reading room is alarmed, and if it is held open too long it will send a signal to the police. Students need to move quickly through the doorway.

Meetings in Thompson room 150, or other space outside of Special Collections:

  • We will have a section of the room set aside for personal belongings, just inside the door.  This is within the classroom space, so if visitors are comfortable leaving things there they don't need to find a locker.
  •  If preferred, there are lockers on the ground and first floors of Thompson Library.  (Please note that this does NOT refer to the Special Collections lockers in room 105.)  If students wish, they may check out a key at the main circulation desk with a BuckID, and deposit their belongings in one of these lockers.

Additional Comments:

  • The process of getting student's belongings put away can take a while (approximately 15 minutes) thus you may want to arrive early so as not to lose any class time for this procedure.
  • Also, if instructors wish to have the students bring in their textbooks for the class, please let the reading room manager know so that our reading room desk attendants are notified that they should allow this.
  • Please feel free to contact the reading room manager, Rebecca Jewett (jewett.36) with any questions you may have.