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To make an appointment call: 614-292-5938

Send reference questions via e-mail to:

It is not recommended that you use this email address to schedule next day appointments. If you would like to send an email with pertinent bibliographic information for your requests, please telephone 614-292-5938 to ensure receipt of your email.  For your convenience, it is also recommended that you make appointments at least two business days in advance of your visit.  Appointments must be confirmed by Rare Books staff.    

Library Personnel:

Eric J. Johnson
Curator of Rare Books and Manuscripts
119A Thompson Library
Jolie Braun
Assistant Professor/Curator of American Literature
119B Thompson Library
Rebecca K. Jewett
Thompson Special Collections Coordinator of Public Services & Operations
119 Thompson Library
Lisa D. Iacobellis
Thompson Special Collections Instructional Services Coordinator
119 Thompson Library

Mailing address:

Thompson Memorial Library (room numbers next to names above)
1858 Neil Avenue Mall
Columbus, Ohio 43210

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