Guides to Avant Writing Collections

Please note that this list does not represent all of the Avant Writing Collections, but merely those finding aids/guides that have been prepared for the web. This conversion project is ongoing, so do check back later for additions.

Reed Altemus Collection

John M. Bennett Correspondence Collection

John M. Bennett Publications Collection, 1940-1995

Peter van Beveren Mail Art Collection (CMS.304)

Mary Jo Bole Collection (CMS.381) (MS Word version) 

Allen Bramhall Collection (CMS.162)

Jon Cone Collection

The K. S. Ernst Collection (CMS.121)

The K. S. Ernst Collection, cont. (CMS.155)

Ficus strangulensis (CMS.314)

The Bob Flanagan Collection (CMS.329)

The Scott Helmes Collection (CMS.130)

The HousePress Collection (CMS.199)

The Peter Huttinger Collection (CMS.126)

The Impossibilists Collection (CMS.320)

C.M. James Fantome Press Collection (CMS.315)

The Ron Kolm Collection (CMS.305)

Jim Leftwich Blog Archive (Text Image Poem)

Jim Leftwich Papers (CMS.86.1-6)

Jim Leftwich Papers, 1993-2002 (CMS.86.7)

Jim Leftwich Papers, 2003 (CMS.124)

Scott MacLeod Collection (CMS.102)

Sheila E. Murphy Poetry Collection (CMS.92)

The F.A. Nettelbeck Collection (CMS.123)

The F.A. Nettelbeck Collection (CMS.362) (web version in progress)

The John Perlman Collection (CMS.135)

The Bern Porter Collection (CMS.361)

Forrest A. Richey - Ficus strangulensis (CMS.314)

Marilyn R. Rosenberg Collection (CMS.117)

Thomas L. Taylor Papers (CMS.97)

Thomas L. Taylor Paper, 2001- (CMS.176)

Peter van Beveren Mail Art Collection (CMS.304)

Exhibition Catalog and Symposium Photos

2002 Exhibition

2002 Symposium Photos

2010 Symposium Highlights

Visual Poetry in the Avant Writing Collection

Other Resources

Avant Writing Collection Links

Lost and Found Times - Complete  Digital Version

Text, Image, Poem Archive
(archived files for blog edited by Jim Leftwich)