George Bellows Record Books

The Ohio State University Libraries (OSUL) and the Columbus Museum of Art (CMA) have partnered in the acquisition of the record books and ledger of internationally renowned artist George Bellows (1882 – 1925). page from Bellows record book

Bellows, acclaimed as among the greatest American artists of his generation, maintained meticulous records of his artistic production including sales and exhibition showings, as well as documentation of works that were destroyed (like the one illustrated here). Moreover, Bellows augmented the record books with over 200 thumbnail sketches of his original art. These documents are a unique research resource for the study of the historical art market and the taste and culture of early 20th-century America. They are both records of an artist's life's work and art pieces in and of themselves.  As a shared resource, the Bellows Collection will also be an invaluable asset to CMA for informing study of its outstanding collection of Bellows paintings.

The Bellows Collection was acquired from the Bellows Trust that assumed stewardship of the materials upon the death of Bellows’ daughter, Jean Bellows Booth.

Please check back later to browse a digital version of the record books.

General contents of the four volumes:

v. 1 -  Book A: List of the Works Painted and Drawn by Geo Bellows from 1905 after coming to New York
v. 2  - Book B: Record of Pictures: July 1914-June 1923
v. 3  - Book C: Paintings by George Bellows, June 1923-Dec. 1924
v. 4  - Sales and Professional Income