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The headings used to arrange the individual test listings are taken from Thesaurus of ERIC Descriptors or Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms.

Table of Contents:

Abortions -- Auditory Tests

Behavior Disorders -- Bulimia

Capital Punishment -- Culture fair Tests

Daily Living Skills -- Driver Education

Early Childhood Development -- Ethnic Relations

Family Environment -- Interprofessional Relationship

Jealousy -- Long Range Planning

Marital Satisfaction -- Outdoor Education

Pain -- Psychotherapeutic Processes

Racial Attitudes -- Supervisory Methods

Teacher Attitudes -- Work Environment



  • Attitudes Toward Abortion Scale (1971) Murray, Frank S.; Cummings, Nancy M.; & Ware, Jennifer L. TC010158, Set G


Abstract Reasoning
  • Abstract Abilities Test (1976) Shapiro, Bernice & Kaban, Barbara (to see if toddlers aged 1-3 have the ability to deal with abstractions) TC009864, Set F


Academic Achievement
  • Academic Self-Efficacy Questionnaire (ASE) (1987) Wood, Robert E. and Locke, Edwin A. TC019244, Set W
  • An Assessment of Visual Learning (1989) Bezruczko, Nickolaus TC019713, Set Y
  • Post High School Self-Concept of Ability Scale (1967) Brookover, William B. et al. (Measure of achievement of college students) TC007087, Set Y
  • Prekindergarten Saginaw Objective Referenced Test (1978) Quimper, Barry E. & Claus, Richard N. (A 31-item pretest/posttest to measure whether children in the Saginaw, MI pre-kindergarten program, many inner city children, are on a par with other children entering kindergarten. Measures both cognitive and psychomotor skills) TC016786, Set P
  • Self-Concept of Ability Scale: Elementary Form (1967) Brookover, William B. et al. (Measure of achievement of elementary school students) TC007086, Set Y
  • Self-Concept of Ability Scale: General Form (1964) Brookover, William B. (Measure of achievement of high school students) TC007085, Set Y

    Academically Gifted
    • Mentor Relationships Questionnaires (1986) Runco, Mark A. & Albert, Robert S. (Instruments to examine relationships between gifted students and their mentors) TC014815, Set M and TC014816, Set M


    Achievement Need
    • Craig Lipreading Inventory (Not Dated) Craig, William N. (For preschool and above, intended to aid in the assessment of the communication level of deaf children and adults.) TC008350, Set D
  • Motives for Competition Scale (1977) Suinn, Richard M. (Rating scale to assess motivation among swimmers and to discover incentives helpful to them. To be used to open up communication and understanding) TC018624, Set T

    Achievement Tests
    • Appalachia Preschool Test of Cognitive Skills (APT) (1968) Appalachian Educational Laboratory (Measures learning by 3- to 5- year-olds who participated in Home Oriented Preschool Education (HOPE))TC009912, Set G
  • Examen en Francais (Not Dated) Caribou Bilingual Project TC009996, Set G

    • Activity Measure (AM) (1982) Mansell, James et al. (Systematic observation of severely and profoundly mentally handicapped living in community-based facilities) TC018626, Set T


    Adjustment (to Environment)
    • Behavioral Attributes of Psychosocial Competence (1978)Tyler, Forrest B. TC009866, Set J
  • Child Adaptive Behavior Inventory (CABI) (1984) Schaefer, Earl S. et al. (Measure for parent and teachers to evaluate child's adjustment) TC013590, Set L
  • Health and Daily Living Adult Form B and Youth Form (1990) Moos, Rudolf H. et al. (Either an interview form or a questionnaire, the Adult form measures psychosocial adaptation; the adolescent form measures psychological and physical functioning of children aged 12-18. This measure can be used for both patient and community groups.) TC017217-TC017218, Set Q
  • Rating Scale for Adjustment to College (1980) Baker, Robert W. & Siryk, Bohdan TC013835, Set K
  • Social Adjustment Scale Interview Format (1973) Weissman, Myrna. (42-item scale for use as an interview with depressed patients to assess feelings and behaviors that would be affected by drug treatment or casework psychotherapy; revision of the Structured and Scaled Interview to Assess Maladjustment) (A self-report version of this scale is the Social Adjustment Scale for Schizophrenics TC012056, Set K  and TC007619, Set Q


    Affective Behavior

    • Kiddie-Infant Descriptive Instrument for Emotional States (KIDIES) (1989) Stern, Daniel N. (Observer rates infant affective states on a 5-point scale) TC019131, Set T


    Affective Measures
    • Audio Performance Test (1978)Highlen, Pamela S. TC830339, Set G
    • Questionnaire on Patient-Generated Feelings in Security Personnel (1979) Herzog, David B. (Used to categorize and quantify feelings which patients arouse in hospital workers) TC011769, Set O
    • Specific Fear Questionnaires (1974)Klorman, Rafael et al. (Three self-report measures of fear of snakes, spiders & mutilation)TC011543, Set H


    Affirmative Action
    • Academic System Beliefs Scale (1977) Joyner, Carlotta (measures attitudes toward university meritocracy and affirmative action programs) TC020105, Set X
  • Biology Student Behavior Inventory (1970)Steiner, A. Edwin, Jr. (39-item measure to evaluate instruction or classes of students-not individual students) TC014372, Set L

    Alcohol Drinking Attitudes
  • Alcohol Behavior, Attitude, and Awareness Inventory (1987) Sarvela, Paul D. et al. (To assess drinking and driving behaviors and attitudes of adult children of alcoholics; administered to college students entering a health education class) TC017003, Set Q
  • Student Drinking Information Scale (SDIS) (1978) Gonzalez, Gerardo M. TC019655, Set V


    Drinker Inventory of Consequences (DrInC) (No Date) Miller, William R.; Tonigan, J. Scott & Longabaugh, Richard TC021070, Set Z

    Form 90- Drinking Assessment Interview (Client Followup) (90-AF)(No Date)Miller, William R. TC021074, Set Z

    Form 90-Collateral Interview (Intake or Followup) (90-ACS) (No Date) Miller, William R. TC021073, Set Z

    Form 90-Drinking Assessment Interview-Intake (90-AI)(No Date)Miller, William R. TC021067, Set Z

    Martinez Alcoholism Assessment Form (1980) Relinger, Helmut (Lengthy questionnaire to assess severity of a drinking problem. Developed for use in VA medical centers) TC012169, Set L

    Nine Symptom Checklist (No Date) Spitzer, Robert, L.; Williams, Janet B.W. and Kroenke, Kurt TC021071, Set Z

    Treatment Experiences Questionnaire (No Date) Miller, William R. TC021075, Set Z



    Altruism Scale (1966) Sawyer, Jack TC009215, Set E



    Intense Ambivalence Scale (1980) Raulin, Michael L. TC013374, Set L



    Activity Preference Questionnaire (1973) Lykken, David T.; Tellegen, Auke; & Katzenmeyer, C. (Adult measure of differences in shyness, fearfulness or apprehension) TC010712, 
    Set G

    Body Sensations Interpretation Questionnaire (1992) Clark, David M. (Modified version of McNally & Foa's (1987) Interpretation Questionnaire) TC810955, Set Z

    Children's Academic Anxiety InventoryGottfried, Adele Eskeles TC012171, Set I

    Dibner System (Not Dated) Dibner, Andrew S. (Used to determine if there is a relationship between anxiety & speech behavior in psychotherapy sessions) TC010230, Set G

    How I Feel About Science (1977)Rim, Eui-Do (Measures aspects of children's attitudes toward science for ages 3-8.) TC008356, Set D

    Pain Anxiety Symptoms Scale (PASS) Gross, Dr. Richard T. TC020257, Set X

    Schillace Post-Traumatic Vulnerability Scale (1994) Schillace, Ralph TC021611, Set AA

    Schillace Trauma Scale (1994) Schillace, Ralph TC021612, Set AA

    Templer/McMordie Death Anxiety Scale (1978) McMordie, William R. TC012002, Set I



    R-B Number Readiness Test (1974) Roberts, Dorothy M. & Bloom, Irving (Oral, small group measure for grades K-1) TC008312, Set D



    Assertion Self Statement Test (ASST) (1975) Schwartz, Robert & Gottman, John (Investigates group differences between functional and dysfunctional college students and assesses cognitive change resulting from psychotherapy with nonassertive members) TC017251, Set T

    Assertion Self-Statement Test, Revised (ASST-R) (n.d.) Heimberg, Richard G. (5-point Likert-type scale to investigate I statement patterns) (Situations derived from the Behavioral Assertiveness Test-Revised of the Revised Wolpe-Lazarus Assertiveness Scale) TC017664, Set S


    Athletic Participation

    Sport Self-in-Role Scale (SSIRS) (1987) Curry, Timothy Jon & Parr, Robert. (Likert scale that assesses college students sports involvement, particularly decision-making and emotional involvement) (Component of the Sports Identity Index) TC018623, Set S


    Attachment Behavior

    Separation Individuation Test of Adolescence (SITA) (1986) Levine, John B., Green, Catherine J., & Millon, Theodore TC019234, Set W


    Attitude Measures

    AIDS Information and Opinion Survey (1988) Rhodes, Fen & Wolitski, Richard T. (Measures attitudes toward and knowledge of AIDS. Also available in Spanish)TC016655, Set P

    Alienation Scale (1977) Baker, Robert W. (Self-rating scale; analyzes alienation of students in 3 components: powerlessness, normlessness, and social isolation) TC014626, Set BB

    Attitudes Toward Treatment of Disabled Students (1979) Fonosch, Gail G. TC011104, Set G

    Attitudes Toward Working Mothers Scale (1979) Tetenbaum, Toby J. TC011348, Set H

    Behavioral Pediatrics Questionnaire (1983) Spiegel, Nancy & Reis, Harry T. (For use with medical students and pediatric residents) TC013698, Set K

    Career Education Affective Assessment Questionnaires for Grades 1-3 and Grades 4-6 (1974) (1975) Minnesota Research Coordinating Unit for Vocational Education, Minneapolis, MN (Questionnaires to measure feelings & attitudes of young children toward work) TC014770, Set M and TC014771, Set M

    Career Education Cognitive Questionnaires, Revised for Grades 1-3, Grades 4-6, and Grades 7-9 (1975) Minnesota Research Coordinating Unit for Vocational Education, Minneapolis, MN (Questionnaires to assess students' knowledge of many concepts related to work) TC014772, Set M; TC014773, Set M and TC014774, Set M

    Chinsky-Rappaport Adaptation of the Semantic Differential (1970) Chinsky, Jack M. & Rappaport, Julian (Evaluation of initial attitudes & subsequent changes among chronic mental patients & college students after participating in a companionship program) TC009509, Set E

    Client Attitude Questionnaire (1975) Morrison, James K. (Used to see adults' attitudes toward mental illness and their psychosocial approach to healing) TC008169, Set D

    Degree of Incapacitation Scale (Not Dated) Herson, Phyllis F. (For adults to get information from teachers about policy and procedures of a hypothetical pupil who exhibits abnormal behavior.) TC008326, Set D

    Early Childhood Women in Science Scale (ECWiSS) (1988) Mulkey, Lynn (This is a 27-item measure of attitudes toward women scientists for grades K-4. In pilot study, author found attitude differences associated with gender, age/grade, and socioeconomic status) TC016232, Set O

    Environmental Preference Scales (Not Dated) McCall, John N. TC009052, Set E

    "Faces" Attitude Inventory (1977) Rim, Eui-Do (Designed to measure children's attitudes toward school for grades K-3.) TC008354, Set D

    Faculty Attitudes Towards the Goals and Objectives of College Unions in American Higher Education (Not Dated) Adair, Carolyn M. (College faculty attitudes toward goals of student unions)TC009128, Set E

    Fear of Success Scale (1977) Zuckerman, Miron & Allison, Stephen N. (Likert-type scale for adults) TC008294, Set D

    Fehrenbach Children's Questionnaire (1957) Fehrenbach, Alice (not a diagnostic tool, but a point of departure for therapy) TC006190, Set I

    Generalized Contentment Scale (1974) Hudson, Walter W. (For ages 12 & above that measures client responses of non-psychotic depression) TC008300, Set D

    Grades 7-12 Teacher Administrator Questionnaire and Parent Attitude Questionnaire (1979, 1980) Penn State University, Nutrition Information & Resource Center (Attitudes about the importance of nutrition education) TC011671, Set H and TC011672, Set H

    Human Relations Incident (Not Dated) Dedrick, Charles V. (Projective test in which adult describes a human relations event from the past; group of judges infers perceptual point of view) TC010237, Set E

    Image of Science and Scientists Scale (1978) Krajkovich, Joseph G. TC011999, Set I

    Inventory of Affective Aspects of Schooling (IAAS) (1982) Haladyna, Thomas M. & Shaughnessy, Joan M. (Self-reporting inventory of student attitudes toward school and various subjects. Three versions-One for grades 4-6, one for grades 7-12, and one for teachers) TC014938, Set M

    Inventory of Beliefs (1966) Anthony, Sally M. TC010316, Set I

    Invitational Teaching Survey (ITS) and Student Attitudinal Outcome Measures (SOAM) Amos, Lundee W. et al. (Student rating questionnaire (ITS) of classroom interaction to give feedback to help teachers grow professionally. SOAM relates to student attitudes to the course, subject matter and the teacher) TC015305, Set N and TC015306, Set N

    Juvenile Probationer's Behavior and Attitude Rating Scale (1971) Horejsi, Charles R. (For use with parents or their surrogates of adolescents on probation) TC009376, Set E

    Krantz Health Opinion Survey (1978) Krantz, David S. (Questionnaire to elicit preferences of patients to be informed and active vs. trusting and passive in the health care process) TC010892, Set G

    Lester Attitude Toward Death Scale (1974)Lester, David TC001754, Set J

    Manifest Alienation Measure (1969)Gould, Laurence TC009875, Set F

    Mathematics Achievement Questionnaire: Parent Forms & Student Forms (1980) Parsons, Jacquelynne Eccles TC012868, Set K

    Mathematics Self Concept Scale (MSCS) (1971) Holly, Keith A.TC010980, Set I

    Mathematics Student Surveys, Questionnaires, Opinionnaires and Interviews (1976) Levine, Maita (Instruments to study the reasons why qualified women do not pursue careers in math) TC013626, Set L

    Mental Health Attitude Scale (MHA)/ Mental Retardation Attitude Scale (MRA) (1972) Pasewark, Richard A. (Used to measure high school students’ attitude changes toward the mental health field after a work/study program designed to encourage their recruitment into that field. MHA measures attitudes toward mental illness and MRA toward mental retardation in particular) TC009595, Set O

    Nuclear Attitudes Questionnaires and Nuclear I.Q. Test (1985) Kierulff, Stephen (Set of three measures-2 measure opinions about nuclear weapons and one assesses knowledge about them TC015182, Set M

    Philosophies of Human Nature Scale (1964) Wrightsman, Jr., Lawrence S. TC006699, Set I

    Pregnancy Research Questionnaire and Postnatal Research Inventory (1960)Schaefer, Earl S. TC012392, Set K

    Purdue Student-Teacher Opinionaire (1969) Bentley, Ralph R. & Price, Jo-Ann (Measures morale of student teachers in 12 broad areas) TC006980, Set BB

    Q-Test of Religious Concepts (1957) Nelson, Marven O. & Jones, Edward Morris (Card-sorting test designed to measure adults' attitudes and feelings toward their parents & toward a god or deity. Used to understand an individual's personal and religious adjustment) TC016084, Set P

    Research Training Environment Scale (Rev.) (1996) Gelso, Charles J. & Mallinckrodt, Brent (measures attitudes toward research of doctoral candidates & interns in counseling psychology programs TC021393, Set AA

    Response to Childhood Incest Questionnaire (RCIQ) (1983) Donaldson, Mary Ann & Gardner, Russell (Assessment measure for adult female survivors of childhood incest; 11-factor, 52-item scale measures cognitive-affective themes and individual stress- related symptoms associated with the trauma) TC021713, Set BB

    Scale for Measuring Attitude Toward Any Defined Group (1960) Remmers, H.H. (Part of Purdue Master Attitude Scales) TC002773, Set U

    Scale for Measuring Attitude Toward Any Disciplinary Procedure Clouse, V.R. (Part of Purdue Master Attitude Scales) TC002787, Set U

    Scale for Measuring Attitude Toward Races and Nationalities Grice, H.H. (Part of Purdue Master Attitude Scales) TC002788, Set U

    Scale for Measuring Attitudes Toward Any Play Dimmitt, Mildred (Part of Purdue Master Attitude Scales) TC002786, Set U

    Scale for Measuring Attitudes Toward Any Social SituationHuffman, Elna (Part of Purdue Master Attitude Scales) TC002783,Set U

     Scale for Measuring Attitudes Toward Any Vocation (1960)Remmers, H.H. (Part of Purdue Master Attitude Scales) TC002772, Set U

    Scale for Measuring Individual and Group "Morale" (1960) Remmers, H.H. (Part of Purdue Master Attitude Scales) TC002779, Set U

    Scale to Measure Attitude Toward Any AdvertisementHenion, Ruth E. TC002785, Set U

    School Expectations Inventory (SEI)/School Description Inventory (SDI) (1970) Anderson, Barry D. (SEI is a 38-item rating scale to measure alienation among high-school students. SKI is a 34-item rating scale to measure students' perception of school bureaucracy) TC012130, Set L

    Secondary School Counselor Opinionaire Form (1975) Cheek, Jimmy G. & Christiansen, James E.) TC009166, Set E

    Secondary School Principal Opinionaire Form (1975) Cheek, Jimmy G. & Christiansen, James E.) TC009165, Set E

    Sex Role Differentiation in Physical Education Attitude Measure (1980)Chrietzberg, Agnes L. TC013539, Set J

    Social Acceptance Scale (SAS) (1997)Woods, Douglas W.TC021398, Set AA

    Standard Student Interview Form (1969) Blum, Richard H. (Developed for use in the National Institute of Mental Health Cooperative Collegiate Study) TC007631, Set E

    Survey of Attitudes Toward Statistics, Revised (SATS) (1994) Schay, Candace et al. (32-item pre- and posttest rating scale to measure college students attitudes toward statistics in 4 areas: affect, cognitive competence, value, and difficulty) TC019712, Set V

    Test of Science Related Attitudes (TOSRA) (1981) Fraser, Barry J. (Developed in Australian high schools, this 70-item test measures 7 distinct science-related attitudes of secondary school students) TC800191, Set R

    The Computer Appreciator-Critic Attitude Scales (1983)Mathews, Walter M. & Wolfe, Abraham W. TC012616, Set J

    The Semantic Study (1975) Engler, John P. (To assess attitudes of secondary school administrators toward vocational & technical education) TC007266, Set E

    Transactional Analysis of Personality & Environment (Not Dated) Previn, Lawrence A. & Rubin, Donald B. (Student perceptions of college & themselves) TC010183, Set E

    Vocational Counselor Opinionnaire Form (1975) Cheek, Jimmy G. & Christiansen, James E. TC009164, Set E

    Vocational Director Opinionaire Form (1975) Cheek, Jimmy G. & Christiansen, James E. (How does vocational director see school vocational counselors?) TC009163, Set E

    West Haven Homecoming Stress Scale-Combat-Related Trauma (1996) Johnson, David Read & Lubin, Hadar (Comparison of Vietnam Veterans' perceptions of their homecoming reception 6 months after returning from war versus how they feel currently) TC022516, Set DD


    Auditory Tests
    Pittsburgh Auditory Test (1975) Craig, Helen B.; Craig, William N.; & Sehlin, Cynthia (Sensory-motor tests for deaf and hearing impaired children grades preschool-12.)) TC008349, Set D

    Threshold by Identification of Pictures (TIP) and Discrimination by Identification of Pictures (DIP) Siegenthaler, Bruce M. & Haspiel, George S. (Both tests measure the speech discrimination of Young children 2-8. TIP is used to determine the threshold of speech reception, while DIP measures speech discrimination ability. Validated for use with hearing-impaired children) TC005367, Set O and TC005368, Set O


    Behavior Disorders

    Illinois Classroom Activity Profile, Revised Form (1981) Porges, Steven V. (A teacher rating scale used to diagnose hyperactivity in Grades 2-6) TC014516, Set L


    Behavior Modification

    Behavior Modification Achievement Test (1979) MacNeil, Richard D. TC010930, Set G


    Behavior Patterns

    HIV Infection Prevention Scale (HIPS) Forms A & B (1990) Bassman, Lynette & Patterson, Judith Giardino (this measure of self-reported safe sex practices in a heterosexual sample is based on a review of the literature on safer sex practices) TC016951, Set P


    Behavior Rating Scales

    Anecdotal Processing to Promote the Learning Experience (APPLE) (1976) Lambert, Nadine M. et al. TC009872, Set F

    Behavior Checklist for Infants and Children (1985 )MacPhee, David et al. (For use with parents of children 2 months to 4 years. Format stresses individual differences in child behavior and also in the parents' expectations of appropriate child behavior) TC016737, Set P

    Brief Behavior Rating Scale (1977) Kahn, Paul & Ribner, Sol TC012863, Set K

    Brooke Developmental Inventory (Not Dated) Snortum, John R. TC010275, Set G

    Child Behavior Characteristics Form (1970) Fanshel, David & Borgatta, Edgar F. (For ages 7-17) TC008378, Set D

    Children's School Questionaire: Short Form (1966) Phillips, Beeman N. (Provides a measure of school anxiety and self-disclosure coping styles for grades 4-5) TC008502, Set D

    Child's Behavior Traits (1970-72) Levenstein, Phyllis (A behavior rating scale designed to indicate a child's well-being and social adjustment for ages 2-12.) TC008472, Set D

    Child's Report of Parental Behavior Inventory (1964) Schaefer, Earl S. (Children's attitudes toward parents) TC009550, Set E

    Classroom Behavior Inventory, Preschool Form (1978) Schaefer, Earl S. & Edgerton, Marianna TC011351, Set J

    Morrison's Passive Aggression Scale for Pupils (1977) Morrison, Evelyn (Grades 5-12) TC008417, Set D

    Parent-Infant Feeding Observation Scale (1974) Osofsky, Joy D. & Danzger, Barbara (An observation rating scale used to evaluate parent-infant interaction during feeding for ages birth-4 months.) TC008447, Set D

    Parent's Questionnaire (1970)Connors, C. Keith TC009511, Set E

    Pupil Classroom Behavior Scale (1967) Dayton, C. Mitchell TC009574, Set E

    Pupil Rating Form (1977) Watt, Norman F.  (Teachers describe students' typical classroom behavior; for ages 5-18.) TC008316, Set D

    Schenectady Kindergarten Rating Scales (1969-70) Conrad, W. Glenn & Tobiessen, Jon E. (Rating scales developed to measure behavioral dimensions related to school achievement and emotional adjustment.) TC008372, Set D

    Staten Island Behavior Scale (1963) Mandell, Wallace; Cooper, Allen; & Silberstein, Richard H. (For ages 1-16, comprehensive scale used to describe children's behavior at a moment in time & to evaluate the child's adjustment) TC006065, Set D

    Teacher's Ratings of "Masculine" Behavior (1977) Freedheim, Donald K. (Provides a measure of masculinity or boyishness in children ages 7-11.) TC008456, Set D

    Teaching Rating Scale (1969)Conners, C. Keith TC009510, Set E


    Behavior Standards

    Laddishness Scale (2001)Campbell, Ann & Muncer, Steven (Measures acceptability of a variety of public behaviors by young women) TC022385, Set CC


    Behavior Problems

    Child Behavior Checklist (1981) Achenbach, Thomas TC011306, Set H

    Simmons Behavior Checklist (1980) Reinherz, Helen Z. TC012232, Set I


    Behavioral Objectives

    Behavior Objective Checklist (BOC) (1981) Moore, Steven R. (Developed by compiling a list of school-related problem behaviors. Designed to assist special educators to develop individual educational plans for children with behavior disorders in grades 1-12. Includes social, emotional & behavioral goals) TC016339, Set P


    Bilingual Education

    Bilingual Test Battery (1974) Bilingual Education Service Center (Preference for English or spanish in math, social studies, science & attitudes) TC010196, Set E

    Pupil Communication Skills Inventory (Not Dated) Brentwood Union Free School District TC009894, Set F


    Body Image

    Body Attitude Scale (BAS) (1966) Kurtz, Richard M. TC018630, Set T

    Body Dysmorphic Disorder Examination - Self Report (BDDE-SR) (1995) Rosen, James C. & Reiter, Jeff (measure of negative body image without an interview) TC020666, Set Y

    Body Image Identification Test (1966 & 1977) Gottesman, Eleanor Bell & Caldwell, Willard E. (Projective technique for use as a quantitative measure of body image) TC004798, Set N

    Body Satisfaction Scale-Short Form (BSS) (1991) Andersen, Barbara L. (Women's attitudes toward their bodies) TC021452, Set AA

    Body-Esteem Scale for Adolescents and Adults (1999) Body-Esteem Scale for Children (1982) (measure of body image and self- esteem) Mendelson, Beverley K. TC021533, Set AA

    Manual for Assessing Minor Physical Anomalies (Not Dated) Waldrop, Mary F. (For ages 2-12, these anomalies have been associated with problem behavior) TC006559, Set D


    Bulimia Attitude Survey (1986) Kapoor, Sandy (30-item, Likert-type rating scale to measure attitudes of significant others toward supporting recovery of a bulimic) TC014847, Set M

    Bulimia Behavior Device (1986) Kapoor, Sandy (Role-playing technique to measure how significant others behave as they try to support a bulimic's recovery) TC014845, Set M


    Capital Punishment

     Attitude Toward Capital Punishment Scale (1982) Salbod, Stephen & Mitchell, John J. TC011978, Set I

    Career Choice

     Career Key (CK) (1987, 1990) Jones, Lawrence K. TC018233, Set X

     Decisional Process InventoryHartung, Paul J. (Uses Gestalt therapy homeostatis theory for facilitating career development and decision-making) TC020166, Set X

     Occupational Questionnaire (1985) Clement, Sarah (Assesses male and female self-efficacy regarding traditionally male occupations) TC810700, Set T

     Important Components of a Career Scale (ICC) (1987) Galbraith, Michael. (Examines factors that influence males to work in predominately female occupations) TC018435, Set S

    Career Counseling

     Career Counseling. Kent, Theodore C. (50-item, self-scoring questionnaire to show students the benefits of counseling for careers or education) TC015628, Set N

    Career Development

     Profile of Occupational Interests (1978) Dunne, Faith. TC013561, Set J

    Career Planning

     Career Planning Questionnaire (1975) University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Office of Institutional Research. TC010683, Set G

    Caregiver Child Relationship

     Caregiver Styles of Interaction Scales (1986) Dunst, Carl J. (Includes forms of behavior and its timing, as well as sensitivity to situations) TC020103, Set X


     Caregiver Well-Being Scale (1993) Tebb, Susan C.; Berg-Weger, Marla; & Robio, Doris M. TC022170, Set CC

    Child Abuse

     Life Stress Scale and Scoring Manual, Second Revision, 30 and 42 Months (1977) Egeland, Byron (This instrument, of 39 life events that are potential causes of stress, is designed for use with lower socioeconomic, single mothers, having only one child, who are at risk for abusing their children. Used for comparison of mothers who abuse and those who do not abuse their children) TC016430, Set O

    Child Behavior

     Parent Report of Child Behavior to the Parent, Short Form (1977) Schaefer, Earl S. (Rating scale in which parents rate their children's behavior on five dimensions) TC012263, Set CC

    Child Rearing

     Parenting Styles Inventory (PSI) (1979-2001) Lemire, David (Measures three styles: autocratic, permissive and democratic) TC022517, Set DD

     Knowledge of Infant Development Inventory (KIDI) and Catalog of Previous Experience with Infants (COPE) (1983) McPhee, David (Used to evaluate parent education programs; COPE deals with previous experiences with infants) TC016431, Set O

     Parent Behavior Inventory, Original Form, Form A, Form C, Form C-B, Elementary Form E (1986) Worell, Leonard & Worell, Judith (Measures the presence of various positive & negative parenting behaviors. Separate forms for different populations) TC008928, Set N; TC014904, Set N; TC014905, Set N and TC014906, Set N

     Mother's Pari Q4 (Parental Attitude Research Instrument) (1979)Schludermann, Eduard & Schludermann, Shirin. TC012108, Set I

     Anders Childrearing Scale (1967) Anders, Sarah F. TC009890, Set F

     Father's Pari Q4 (Parental Attitude Research Instrument) (1979) Schludermann, Eduard & Schludermann, Shirin TC012109, Set I

    Classroom Behavior

     Bipolar Trait Ratings (1981) Schaefer, Earl S. (This measure from 1981 has no relationship to the term Bipolar Disorder. That thesaurus term was created in 2000 to replace the terms Manic Depressive Psychosis and Manic Depression. This scale measures classroom behavior on a continuum-love vs. hostility, extraversion vs. introversion, task-oriented vs. distractible) TC012262, Set CC

     Pupil Behavior Inventory, Early Education Version (1973) Sarri, Rosemary & Radin, Norma (Measures children's behavior through teacher observation. For grades Preschool-6, revision of inventory by Vinter et al. (1966) for grades 7-12) TC008918, Set E

    Classroom Environment

     Inventory of Children's Preschool Experiences (1968) Yarrow, Leon; Sklar, Sandra; Pederson, Frank; Lomonaco, Salvatore; & Fox, David (Describes experiences of individual child in a preschool classroom) TC008048, Set D

     Code for Instructional Structure and Student Academic Response (CISSAR) (1990) Stanley, Sandra O. & Greenwood, Charles R. (Direct observation, 53-code system that measures classroom processes. It was developed at the University of Kansas in 1982. Observers must use the data collection software program to record their data. This software program is available from Juniper Gardens Children's Project, Charles R. Greenwood, Project Director, 650 Minnesota Ave., Ste. 2, Kansas City, KS 66101. Web address: www.jgcp.ku.edu) TC017679, Set S


     Chicago Effective School Projects: Needs Assessment Instrument (1984) Brandon, Sylvia (Used to identify aspects of an educational experience needing attention to be more effective. Spanish version also available) TC016332, Set O


     Individualized Classroom Environment Questionnaire (1979) Fraser, Barry J. TC800257, Set K

     School Performance Checklist (Not Dated) Macy, Daniel J. (Teacher ratings of classroom situations in special education classes) TC010203, Set E

    Classroom Observation Techniques

     Nottingham Class Management Observation Schedule (Not Dated) Wragg, E.C. TC810427, Set I

     Miniaturized Total Interaction Analysis System (1969) Heger, Herbert K. TC010474, Set G

    Classroom Techniques

     Classroom Management Questionnaire (1977) Smith, Douglas K. TC012865, Set K

    Clerical Workers

     Clerical Task Inventory, Form C (1949) Clerical Task Inventory, Form C (1975) Clerical Task Inventory, Form C (1980) Lawshe, C.H. TC011152, Set U

     Purdue Clerical Adaptability Test, Form A Revised (1956) Lawshe, C.H. et al. (Measure for the selection and placement of clerical/office personnel) TC004806, Set U

    Clinical Diagnosis

     Behavior Classification Project (1970) Dreger Ralph Mason TC009622, Set F

    Cloze Procedure

     The Connectives Reading and the Written Connectives Test (1966) Robertson, Jean E. (Written at the 5th grade reading level, this test measures children's understanding of connecting words, such as, although, because, if, but, and, for, etc.) TC015223, Set M

    Comprehension Test for Literature (1976) Weiss, Lucile TC009010, Set E

    Cognitive Ability

     Test of Integrated Process Skills (1979) Dillashaw, F. Gerald & Okey, James R. (For secondary-school science students-a 36-item measure of process skill achievement) TC014423, Set L

     Primary Test of Higher Processes of Thinking (1978) Williams, Winnie V. TC013161, Set J

    Cognitive Measures

     Figural Relations Diagnostic Test (1977) Willis, Sherry Willis & Plemons, Judy TC011108, Set I

    Cognitive Processes

     The Open Middle Interview (OMI) (1981) Polifka, Julie A. et al. (Individual testing of a child's ability to think of alternative solutions to four hypothetical peer problems) TC016531, Set P

     Password Test for Measuring Referent Communication (1981) Oltmanns, Thomas F. et al. (Measures cognitive slippage, a term which refers to errors in thinking and association. It is said to be a sign of vulnerability to schizophrenia) TC013083 Set, O

     Concern Dimensions Questionnaire (1978) Klinger, Eric TC010894, Set H

    Cognitive Style

     Sigel Conceptual Style Sorting Task (1967) Sigel, Irving E. (For grades 4-6, sorts cognitive style and information processing) TC008007, Set D

     Creative SELF Instrument (CSI) (Adult) (1987)Lemire, David (Measure of personal learning styles of college students & adults) TC022534, Set DD

     Creative SELF Instrument II: For Young People (CSI-II) (1987) Lemire, David (Measure of preferred learning styles of non-college populations and young people down to middle school level)

    TC022535, Set DD

     How I Learn Inventory (HILI) (1987) Lemire, David (Measure of preferred learning styles on four dimensions) TC022529, Set DD

     The Lemire Learning Styles Instrument (S4) (1997) Lemire, David (Measures learning style elements: simultaneous vs. sequential vs. rapid vs. slow) TC022522, Set DD

     Psychological Differentiation Inventory (1967) Evans, Frederick J. TC010684, Set G

    Cognitive Tests

     Adept Induction Diagnostic Test (1979)Baltes, Paul B. & Willis, Sherry L. TC011111, Set I

     Test of Verbal Absurdities (1972)Maw, Wallace H. & Maw, Ethel W. TC010918, Set G

     Test for Analytical Cognition of Mathematical Content (1971) Cangelosi, James S. (Processes in analyzing numerical and algebraic problems) TC010251, Set E

    College Athletics

     Baseball Test of Attentional and Interpersonal Style (BTAIS) (1987) Albrecht, Richard & Feltz, Deborah (Sport-specific version of the Test of Attention and Interpersonal Style) TC018628, Set V

    College Attendance

     Factors Influencing Pursuit of Higher Education (FIPHE) Questionnaire (1998) Harris, Sandra M. & Halpin, Glennelle (Measures factors that influence individuals to pursue a college education; 92 self-report items) TC021949, Set BB

    College Choice

     Student Athlete Recruitment Decision Making Survey (1984) Mathes, Sharon & Gurney, Gerald (Attitude measure that identifies factors which influence selection of a college by female and male athletes receiving full and partial scholarships) TC014525, Set BB

    College Environment

     Anticipated Student Adaptation to College Questionnaire (1980) Baker, Robert W. TC019686, Set X

    College Faculty

     Discrepancy Facts Measure (1977) Joyner, Carlotta TC020410, Set X

    Communication Problems

     Repairs of Misunderstandings During Communication Code (1979) Lee, Lee C. & Spieker, Susan (For preschoolers during free play) TC009902, Set F


     Cognitive Self Management Test (1980) Rude, Stephanie (Used with depressed women to measure feelings of effectiveness in new situations) TC014910, Set N

    Competency Based Education

     Criterion-Referenced Test: MGS/CRTest Eastern Navajo Agency, Level B (1978) Dougherty, Don, Cramer, Maia, & Osterreich, Helgi (Measures Navajo student progress in meeting minimum graduation standards in basic skills-for Kindergarten) TC009903, Set F

     Criterion-Referenced Test: MGS/CRTest Eastern Navajo Agency, Level C (1978) Dougherty, Don; Cramer, Maia; & Osterreich, Helgi (Measures Navajo student progress in meeting minimum graduation standards in basic skills-for Grade 1) TC009904, Set F

     Criterion-Referenced Test: MGS/CRTest Eastern Navajo Agency, Level D (1978) Dougherty, Don; Cramer, Maia; & Osterreich, Helgi (Measures Navajo student progress in meeting minimum graduation standards in basic skills-for Grade 2) TC009905, Set F

     Criterion-Referenced Test: MGS/CRTest Eastern Navajo Agency, Level E (1978) Dougherty, Don; Cramer, Maia; & Osterreich, Helgi (Measures Navajo student progress in meeting minimum graduation standards in basic skills-for Grade 3) TC009906, Set F

     Criterion-Referenced Test: MGS/CRTest Eastern Navajo Agency, Level F (1978) Dougherty, Don; Cramer, Maia; & Osterreich, Helgi (Measures Navajo student progress in meeting minimum graduation standards in basic skills-for Grade 4) TC009907, Set F

     Criterion-Referenced Test: MGS/CRTest Eastern Navajo Agency, Level G (1978) Dougherty, Don; Cramer, Maia; & Osterreich, Helgi (Measures Navajo student progress in meeting minimum graduation standards in basic skills-for Grade 5) TC009908, Set F

     Criterion-Referenced Test: MGS/CRTest Eastern Navajo Agency, Level H (1978) Dougherty, Don; Cramer, Maia; & Osterreich, Helgi (Measures Navajo student progress in meeting minimum graduation standards in basic skills-for Grade 6) TC009909, Set F

     Criterion-Referenced Test: MGS/CRTest Eastern Navajo Agency, Level I (1978) Dougherty, Don; Cramer, Maia; & Osterreich, Helgi (Measures Navajo student progress in meeting minimum graduation standards in basic skills-for Grade 7) TC009910, Set F

     Criterion-Referenced Test: MGS/CRTest Eastern Navajo Agency, Level J (1978) Dougherty, Don; Cramer, Maia; & Osterreich, Helgi (Measures Navajo student progress in meeting minimum graduation standards in basic skills-for Grade 8) TC009911, Set F

    Computer Attitudes

     Perceptions of Computers and Technology (2003) Hogarty, Kristine Y.; Lang, Thomas R.; & Kromrey, Jeffrey D. (Measures teachers' attitudes toward technology used in their classrooms) TC022185, Set CC

     Gender Gap in Computing Questionnaire (1989) Durndell, Alan TC810936, Set Y

     Attitudes About Computers (1981) Raub, Annalyse Callahan TC017858, Set Y

     Computer and Information Technology Attitude Inventory (1988) Weinsier, Philip D. & Leutner, Detlev TC019710, Set Y

    Computer Literacy

     Diagnostic Tests for Computer Literacy (1988) Pyrczak, Fred (Intended to precisely identify strengths and weaknesses of students in minimal computer literacy skills. Grades 5-college) TC016085, Set O

    Concept Formation

     Instruments to Measure the Connotations of Health-Related Terms (1984) Gold, Robert S. et al. TC014046, Set K

     Matching Familiar Figures Test, 20 Item Form (1978) Cairns, Ed & Cammock, Tommy (Authors claim this measure of reflection-impulsivity is more reliable than the one developed in 1965 by Kagan TC015681, Set N

    Constructivism (Learning)

     Constructivist Learning Environment Survey (CLES) (1995) Fraser, Barry J., & Taylor, Peter C. TC800363, Set X

    Cooperative Education

     Employer Attitudes Toward Hiring Cooperative Education Students (1981) Kane, Stephen M. TC014555, Set N


     Folkman-Lazarus Ways of Coping Checklist-Revised (1983) Folkman, Susan & Lazarus, R. S. TC012456, Set K

    Correctional Rehabilitation

     Law Encounter Severity Scale (1973) Witherspoon, A.D.; deValera, E.K.; & Jenkins, W.O. (For studies of post-release behavior of ex-offenders to validate predictive ability of behavior assessment instruments measuring post-release adjustment) TC008906, Set E

     Weekly Activity Record (1974) Jenkins, W.O. et al. (Used to predict criminal behavior & recidivism; developed as a follow-up study of released offenders, emphasizing intervention & treatment) TC008908, Set E

    Counseling Effectiveness

     How I counsel (1950) Remmers, Hermann Henry & Benz, Stanley C. TC003674, Set AA

     The Counselor Self-Efficacy Scale (CSES) (1989) Baker, Stanley B. TC021451, Set AA

    Counseling Services

     Counseling Needs of Ethnic-Minority Students (1983) King, Bradford D. TC013937, Set K

    Counseling Techniques

     Counselor Response Questionnaire (1977) Stokes, Joseph & Lautenschlager, Gary TC010195, Set I

    Counselor Attitudes

     Modified Questionnaire on the Occupational Status of Women (1980) Bingham, William C. & Turner, Carol J. (For original Questionnaire, see TC007525, Set A) TC011547, Set H

    Counselor Client Relationship

     Counseling Reactions Inventory (1976) Helms, Janet E. TC012132, Set I

     Potential Interpersonal Competence Scale (1972) Remer, Rory TC010875, Set G

    Counselor Evaluation

     Hill Counselor Verbal Response Category System, Rev. (1982) Friedlander, Myrna TC012397, Set I

     Counselor Rating Form, Revised Form (1975) Barak, Azy & LaCrosse, Michael B. TC010245, Set G

    Counselor Training

     Supervisor Emphasis Rating Form (1986) Lanning, Wayne (Measures the areas emphasized by supervisors in training counseling trainees in a practicum situation) TC016803, Set R


     Social Behaviors Inventory (SBI) (1986) Jackson, Marie Annette. (Assesses degree of satisfaction with perceived emotional support from one's partner; in 3 versions, a 45-item measure applicable to any population, a 45-item measure with half the items relating to pregnancy and half to general issues, and a shortened, 11-item version) TC018061, Set S

    Course Evaluation

     Adjective Rating Scale (ARS) (1976) Kelly, E.F. et al. TC009895, Set F

     Dimensional Occurrence Scale (1976) Marshall, Hermine H. TC009396, Set E

    Course Objectives

     McCormick Affective Assessment Technique (1972) McCormick, Ronald R. TC014089, Set K

     Intercultural Values Inventory (1984) Carter, Robert T. & Helms, Janet E. (Revised version of Robert L. Kohl's 1981 instrument. Assesses cultural values that characterize various racial or cultural groups. Based on value-orientation alternatives proposed in Kluckhohn & Strodtbeck's theoretical model (1961)) TC016581, Set P

    Creative Activities

     Creative Activities Checklist (1983) Runco, Mark A. (For grades 5-7. Used to identify creative activities in which child has participated) TC014579, Set M

     Creative Constructs Inventory (C2I) (1986) Smith, August William (Self-scoring, 60-item rating scale to identify personal characteristics that affect how one performs and contributes to an organization)

    TC015136, Set M

    Creativity Tests

     Creative Thinking Test (1985) Sobhany, Maryann & Krutchkoff, Richard TC014436, Set L

     Self-Rating Scales on Creativity and Conformity (Not Dated) Noppe, Lloyd D. TC009742, Set F

     Pennsylvania Assessment of Creative Tendency (PACT) (1968) Rookey, T. Jerome (Ages 9-14) TC008309, Set D

    Criterion Referenced Tests

     Spanish Criterion Referenced Test (1974) Austin Independent School District TC009697, Set F

     The Selected Creativity Tasks (Not Dated) Abraham, Eugene C. (Based on work by Wallach & Kogen-for 6th graders) TC008833, Set E

     Adston Diagnostic Instruments-Elementary School Mathematics: Whole Numbers (1971) Adams, Sam & Ellis, Leslie TC004337, Set J

     Adston Diagnostic Instruments-Elementary School Mathematics: Readiness for Operations (1973) Adams, Sam & Sauls, Charles TC004338, Set J

     Adston Mathematics Skills Series: Diagnostic Instruments in Pre-Algebra Concepts and Skills (Junior High Level) (1980) Beeson, B.F. & Adams, Sam TC011614, Set J

     Adston Mathematics Skills Series: Diagnostic Instruments in Common Fractions (1977) Adams, Sam TC011615, Set J

     Adston Mathematics Skills Series: Diagnostic Instruments in Basics of Operations (1979) Adams, Sam & Beeson, B.F. TC011616, Set J

     Adston Mathematics Skills Series: Diagnostic Instruments in Problem Solving (1979) Beeson, B.F. & Adams, Sam TC011617, Set J

     Adston Mathematics Skills Series: Diagnostic Instruments in Decimal Numbers (1977) Beeson, B.F. & Pellegrin, Lionel O TC011618, Set J

     English as a Second Language Assessment Battery (1979) Rivera, Charlene & Lombardo, Marie TC011103, Set G

    Cultural Assimilation

     American International Relations Scale (AIRS) (1988) Sodowsky, Gargi Roysircar. (Likert scale that measures acculturation of international students, scholars, and others in the American culture, with three subscales: perceived prejudice, acculturation, and language usage) TC018437, Set S

     Minority-Majority Relations Survey (MMRS) (1989) Sodowsky, Gargi Roysircar. (Questionnaire that assesses acculturation attitudes of Hispanic Americans and Asian Americans, with three subscales: perceived prejudice, acculturation, and language usage) TC018438, Set S

    Cultural Awareness

     Measures of Global Understanding (1981) Barrows, Thomas S. et al. (101-item measure of college students knowledge, attitudes, perceptions, and interests related to other cultures and to global issues; also elicits students assessment of their foreign-language proficiency) TC011091, Set BB

     Cultural Diversity Awareness Inventory (CDAI) (1991) Henry, Gertrude B. (self-examination) TC020014, Set X

     A Speech Intelligibility Test for Deaf Children, Revised Edition (1980) Magner, Marjorie E. TC018918, Set T

     Multiethnic Awereness Survey (1977) Coffin, Gregory C. et al. TC013172, Set J

     Black History Test: A Test to Create Awareness and Arouse Interest (1974) Coffin, Gregory C. et al. TC013173, Set J

    Cultural Differences

     Differential Attitudes of Black and White Patients Toward Psychiatric Treatment in Child Guidance Clinics (1978) Warren, Robert C..; Jackson, Anna M.; Nugaris, Judith; & Farley, Gordon K. TC009365, Set E

    Culture Fair Tests

     Gilliland Learning Potential Examination (1970) Gilliland, Hap (For use primarily with American Indians, this test is used to detect individuals with learning disabilities. The test is designed to avoid cultural bias, and is for ages 6-16 and adults in remedial classes. It assesses learning potential or scholastic aptitude.) TC005378, Set R

     Daily Living Skills

     Performance Test of Activities of Daily Living (1977) Kuriansky, Judith B. & Gurland, Barry J. (Geriatric patients' ability to participate in tasks of daily living) TC008313, Set D

    Deaf Blind

     Severely Handicapped Progress Inventory (1983) Dunlap, William C. et al. TC013964, Set K

    Decision Making Skills

     Career Decision Making Questionnaire (1976) Egner, J.R. & Jackson, Dorothy J. TC010277, Set G

     Ferreira-Winter Questionnaire for Unrevealed Differences (1968) Ferreira, Antonio T. & Winter, William D. (Used in studies of decision making in normal families & in families in which one member has emotional or criminal problems) TC007742, Set E

    Delay of Gratification

     Story Completion Test of Delay of Need Gratification (SCT) (1961) Campos, Leonard P. (Tests boys aged 9-12 years) TC007077, Set S

    Delinquency Rehabilitation

     Beset/Buoyant (BESET) (1982) Gold, Martin (Measures emotional adjustment of institutionalized delinquent boys) TC022218, Set CC

    Dependency (Personality)

     Acquaintance Description Form (ADF-C5) (1998) Wright, Paul H. (Self-report measure of an individual's response to co-dependent ways of a specific partner) TC022231, Set CC

    Depression (Psychology)

     Schillace Loss Scale (1994) Schillace, Ralph TC021610, Set AA

     Children's Negative Cognitive Error Questionnaire (CNCEQ) (1985) Leitenberg, Harold; Yost, Leonard W. & Carroll-Wilson, Marilyn (Derived from Beck's cognitive theory of adult depression) TC021176, Set Z

     Inventory to Diagnose Depression (IDD) (1983) Zimmerman, Mark. (Designed to help diagnose major depressive disorder, as defined in the DSM-III) (Please note changes in definition in DSM-IV)

    TC017868, Set S

     Cognitive Bias Questionnaire (CBQ) (1975) Hammen, C.L. & Krantz, S. (Six short scenarios followed by questions to elicit subject's thoughts and feelings. Developed from a research study on outcome measures in treatment of depression) TC016765, Set P

     Social Adjustment Scale Weissman, Myrna M. et al. TC012056, Set K

     Manual for the Multiscore Depression Inventory (Long & Short Forms) (1983) Berndt, David. TC013160, Set J

     Depressive Experiences Questionnaire (1979) Blatt, Sidney J. TC011541, Set H

     Personal Reactions Inventory (1981) Doyne, Elizabeth & Beutler, Larry TC011544, Set H

    Developmental Disabilities or Mental Retardation

     Nisonger Child Behavior Rating Form (N-CBRF) (1996) Aman, Michael G.; Hammer, David; Tasse, Marc; & Rohahn, Johannes TC020081, Set X

     Test of Knowledge About Mental Retardation (KAMR) (1992) Antonak, Richard F. TC019562, Set V

     KNI Developmental Scale (1965) Woellhof, Eldene (To estimate the level of functioning of developmentally disabled children ages birth to 5 years) TC006112, Set D

     Motor-Academic-Perceptual Skill Development Checklist (1973) Smith, Donna K. (Evaluation of child's existing skills through observation of classroom activities-for ages 2-8) TC008297, Set D

    Developmental Stages

     Inventory of Psycho-Social Balance (IPB) (1988) Domino, George & Affonso, Dyanne (based on Erikson's 8 developmental stages; for ages 65+) TC020104, Set X

    Developmental Tasks

     Santa Clara Inventory of Developmental Tasks (1974) Gainer, William M. et al. (Measures 12 affective and 60 cognitive skills. Useful for screening in kindergarten, and subsequent grades) TC008679, Set N

    Diagnostic Tests

     Regional Resource Center Diagnostic Inventories in Reading and Math (1971) The Northwest Regional Resource Center, Eugene,OR TC013566, Set J


     STILAP: State Technical Institute's Leisure Assessment Process (1979) Navar, Nancy H. & Peterson, Carol Ann TC012233, Set I


     Adolescent Dissociative Experiences Scale (A-DES) (No Date) Armstrong, Judith G., Putnam, Frank W. & Carlson, Eve TC021637, Set AA


     Structured Divorce Questionnaire (1970) Reinhard, David W. (To obtain information about feelings adolescents experience during a family divorce) TC011276, Set H

    Dramatic Play

     Inventory of Dramatic Behavior (1971) Lacier, Gil et al. TC009857, Set F


     Alcohol Attitude Questionnaire (1970) Hanson, David J. (A 150-item questionnaire to study drinking attitudes and behaviors of college students) TC016954, Set Q

    Driver Education

     Traffic Safety Questionnaire (1977) Schuster, D. H. TC009881, Set G

     Early Childhood Development

     Child-focused Toddler and Infant Experiences: Revised (1981) Carew, Jean V.; Josefa Rosenberger; et al. TC011109, Set G

    Eating Disorders

     Questionnaire for Eating Disorder Diagnosis (1997) Mintz, Laura; O'Halloran, Sean & Mulholland, Amy TC020786, Set Y

    Eating Habits

     Eating Patterns Questionnaire (1967) Wollersheim, Janet P. (65-item rating scale for studying overweight females. Eating behavior was viewed as learned behavior. Purpose: develop a group therapy program based on learning principles) TC015724, Set N

     Disordered Eating Test (1983) Segal, Shirley Ann TC014087, Set K

    Educational Experience

     College Descriptive Index (1980) Reed, Jeffrey et al. TC011118, Set H

    Educational Program Evaluation

     The Massey Health Knowledge Test for Grades 4-6 (Form A) (1991) Massey, Marilyn S. (Multiple-choice test to evaluate the effectiveness of health instruction programs in 3 areas: nutrition, alcohol & other drugs, and HIV/AIDS) TC017661, Set R

     Teaching Skills Inventory, Version III (TSI) (1985) Rosenberg, Steven & Robinson, Cordelia (A 9-item scale to measure parents' performance of specific intervention strategies with their own developmentally disabled infants. Used to train parents to develop strategies and to refine procedures) TC017678, Set R

     Bilingual Center Parent Questionnaire (1974) Chicago Area Bilingual Center (Available in English, Greek, Chinese, Arabic, Italian, Korean, Japanese, & Tagalog) (Attitudes of parents toward the Center)

    TC007839, Set E

    Educational Television

     Purdue Instructional Television Attitude Scale (1958) Seibert, Warren F. TC003168, Set V

    Educational Testing

     Grades 1 and 2 Assessment: Communication Skills and Mathematics (1989) North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. (Designed for use in statewide testing subsequent to the passage of the Elementary and Secondary School Reform Act of 1984) TC017300, Set Q

    Ego Identity

     Ego Strength Scale (1983) Epstein, Seymour (41 items designed to measure ego strength in college students) TC014522, Set N

     Adaptive-Flexibility Inventory (1967) Brawer, Florence Blum (Ego functioning in normal adults) TC010194, Set E

    Electronic Publishing

     Purdue Consistency Testing Questionnaire (2000) Ozok, A. Ant (measures consistency of web page design) TC021534, Set AA

    Emotional Adjustment

     Emotion Regulation Checklist (ERC) (1997) Cicchetti, Dante & Shields, Ann TC021395, Set AA

    Emotional Development

     Levels of Emotional Awareness Scale (LEAS) (1991) Lane, Richard D. TC021532, Set AA

    Emotional Disturbances

     Adolescent Behavior Checklist (ABC) (1991) Demb, Howard B. et al. (Screening instrument to identify those aged 12-21 at risk for having a diagnosable psychiatric disturbance) TC018902, Set T

    Emotional Problems

     Non-Verbal Scale of Suffering (1981) Kent, Theodore C. (24-Item scale to be used as a quick screening method to identify those experiencing emotional distress and who are willing to communicate their feelings nonverbally) TC015616, Set N

    Emotional Response

     Emotion Scale and Expression of Emotion Scale (1974) Balswick, Jack (Scales to study factors that contribute to lack of emotional expressiveness) TC014418, Set L


     Self-Other Location Chart (1972) Kent, Theodore C. TC021449, Set AA

     Non-Verbal Scale of Suffering (1972) Kent, Theodore C. TC021397, Set AA

     Differential Emotions Scale (1971) Izard, C.E.; Dougherty, F.E.; Bloxom, B.M.; & Kotsch, W.E. TC008926, Set E


     Response Empathy Rating Scale, Rev. (1983) Elliott, Rovert et al. TC011751, Set I

     Empathy Conceptualization Test (1983) Calder, Peter & Eustace, J.G. TC012084, Set I

    Employee Attitudes & Work Attitudes

     Most Preferred Co-Worker Scale (Not Dated) Fiedler, Fred E. TC005856, Set E

     Least Preferred Co-Worker Scale (Not Dated) Fiedler, Fred E. TC005857, Set E

    Ethnic Relations

     Interethnic Attitude Scale (Not Dated) Stephan, Walter G. TC010472, Set G

     Family Environment

     Assessment of Strategies in Families-Effectiveness (ASF-E) (1992) Friedemann, Marie-Luise TC019459, Set X

     Mapping of Rules (MOR) (1969) Ford, Frederick R. (Family assessment instrument of organization and function) TC020164, Set X

    Family Involvement

     Family Activities Scales (1983) Capaldi, Deborah M., & Patterson, G. R. (Measure of parent/child activities) TC021189, Set Z

    Family Relations

     Revealed Difference Questionnaire (RDQ) (1974) Jacob, Theodore (Measure of family conflict.) TC017502, Set R

     Martial Autonomy and Relatedness Inventory (1979) Schaefer, Earl S. & Edgerton, Marianna TC012260, Set J

     Family Summaries (Not Dated) Gallimore, Ronald TC009704, Set F

    Family Work Relationship

     Attitudes Toward Multiple Role Planning Scales (1992) Weitzman, Lauren M. TC020258, Set X


     Behavior Profile Rating Scale (BPR) (1975) Melamed, Barbara G. (Records observation of child behavior associated with fears during dental treatment) TC018470, Set S

     Hospital Fears Rating Scale (HFR) (1975) Melamed, Barbara G. (Likert self-report scale of state or situational anxiety in children regarding hospital or medical treatment and hospitalization) TC018472, Set S

     Observer Rating Scale of Anxiety (ORSA) (1975) Melamed, Barbara G. (Records observations of child behavior associated with anxiety during hospitalization) TC018471, Set S

    Field Dependence Independence

     Children's Embedded Figures Test (CEFT) (1971) Karp, Stephen A. & Konstadt, Norma. (Individual, perceptual test whereby subject locates previously seen simple figure embedded in a larger, complex figure) TC006453, Set BB

    FLES & Second Language Programs

     French FLEX Test (Not Dated) Barry, Doris; Mendall, Linda; Singer, Linda; & Werfelman, Marie-Louise (French language reading or aural comprehension exam for grades 4-6) TC008990, Set E

     Examen de Espanol Para Escuelas Elementales (Spanish FLEX Test) (1976)West Hartford Public Schools TC008991, Set E

    Gender Identity

     Recalled Childhood Gender Identity Scale (1991) Zucker, Kenneth Jay TC021587, Set AA

    Geriatric Assessment

     Iowa Self Assessment Inventory (1985) Morris, Woodrow W. et al. (56-item self-report inventory to help in measuring the resources, needs, status and abilities of people 60+) TC017568, Set R

    Graduate Psychology Education

     Research Training Environment Scale (1986) Gelso, Charles J. et al. (45-item scale to measure factors in psychology research training environment that may influence attitudes toward research and future research productivity; for use with graduate students in applied psychology) TC017004, Set Q


     Preschool Handedness Inventory (PHI) and Preschool Fine Motor Scale (PFMS) (1985) Tan, Lesley E. (Both tests are included on fiche. They were developed to supplement data from the McCarthy Scales of Children's Abilities, Motor Scale) TC016121, Set P


     Florida Health Study Interview Schedule (Not Dated)Schwab, John J. TC010243, Set G

    Health Behavior

     Preschool Health Knowledge Instrument (1987) Andrews, Richard & Hendricks, Charlotte M. (Teacher-administered set of 27 pictures showing various healthy and unhealthy objects and situations. Child points to the healthy item) TC016953, Set P

    Health Problems

     Health Problems Inventory (Not Dated) O'Daniels, Phyllis S. TC009884, Set F

    Home Environment

     Purdue Home Stimulation Inventory, Sections I-III (Not Dated) Wachs, Theodore D. (Physical parameters of child's (0-2) home environment) TC009227, Set E

     Home Environment Interview Scale (1964) Wolf, Richard (Measures the intellectual environment in the home-rating scale for 9th grade girls) TC010199, Set E


     The Homework Survey (1994) Cooper, Harris; Nye, Barbara; Lindsay, James J. & Greathouse, Scott TC021177, Set Z


     Brooke Developmental Inventory (Not Dated) Snortum, John R. TC010275, Set G


     Buss-Durkee Hostility Inventory (1956) Buss, Arnold H. & Kurkee, Ann TC009426, Set E

    Illegal Drug Use

     Hypothetical Drug Use Scale, Revised (HDUS) (1984)Williams, John W. (This is a rescoring of DCS & measures the level of drug use) TC012806, Set J

    Inclusive Schools

     Inclusion Inventory: Assessment of Inclusive Educational Practices (1997 )Becker, Heather; Bloom, Sandra; Dumas, Shelley; Laquey, Ann; Roberts, Greg; & Soffer, Randy (Measures educators' perceptions of practices in their schools) TC022080, Set CC

    Independent Living

     Personal Independence Profile (PIP) (1985-1992) Nosek, Margaret A. (Measures independence in people with diverse diabilities) TC020165, Set X

    Individual Needs

     Need Satisfaction Schedule II (1971) Lollar, Donald J. & Smits, Stanley J. (Original measure "NSS" designed for use with delinquent youth. This second version expands use to nondelinquent adolescents. It is based on the Maslow needs hierarchy) TC014558, Set N

    Infant Behavior

     Child-Child Communication Code (1976) Lee, Lee C. TC009900, Set F

     Infant Contact Code (1979) Lee, Lee C. & Durfee, Joan T. TC009901, Set F

    Information Seeking

     Clinton Assessment of Problem identification Skills of Instructional Supervisors (CAPIS) Forms A & B (1981) Clinton, Barbara Jean TC013543, Set J

    Instructional Material Evaluation

     Instructional Strategy Diagnostic Profile (1977) Merrill, M. David et al. TC014166, Set K

    Intelligence Tests

     Creative-Response Matrices Test (1969) Vernon, Philip E. (Reasoning, logical thinking, problem solving, culture fair tests, and nonverbal aptitude tests for ages 6-12.) TC008331, Set D

     I.E.R. Intelligence (CAVD) (1925-1946) Thorndike, Edward L., Columbia University, Institute of Psychological Research (Used as a selection test for candidates for doctorate degrees) TC000333, Set Y

     Lester Point-Score Method for the Shaw Blocks Test (1965) (1975) Lester, David (For ages 8 and above-nonverbal measure of intelligence through arrangement of blocks) TC001722, Set D

    Interest Inventories

     Uni-Sex Interest Inventory (1974) Raymond, Jack (For grades 12 & above, interest inventory patterned after ACT interest inventory) TC008115, Set D

     Career Behavior and Attitude Checklist Questionnaire (1979) O'Neil, James M. & Price, Gary E. TC010297, Set G

     Career Interest Inventory Reaction Questionnaire (1979) O'Neil, James M. & Price, Gary E. TC010298, Set G

     Fascination Inventory C-M (1962) Dutton, Eugene (To determine activities or preferred behavior that most satisfy & motivate college students) TC004949, Set E

    Interpersonal Attraction

     Interpersonal Attraction Scales/Homophily Scales (1974) (1975) McCroskey, James & McCain, Thomas A. TC010594, Set G

    Interpersonal Communication

     Intimacy Checklist (1967) Tognoli, Jerome (Rating instrument to collect data about disclosure of information between two males who are strangers (a subject and an experimental confederate) on degree of comfort experienced and depth of disclosures.) TC010309, Set R

    Interpersonal Competence

     Relational Competence Measures (1982-1991) Spitzberg, Brian H. et al. (Includes 11 separate, self-administered measures, with brief manuals and a bibliography) TC018631-018641, Set T

    Conversational Appropriateness Scale (CAS) (TC018631)

    Conversational Effectiveness Scale (CES) (TC018632)

    Context Expectancy Scale (CES) (TC018633)

    Conversational Knowledge Scale (CKS) (TC018634)

    Conversational Motivation Scale (CMS) (TC018635)

    Conversational Typicality Scale (CTS) (TC018636)

    Molar Expectancy Fulfillment Scale (MEF) (TC018637)

    Self-Rated Competence (SRC) (TC018638)

    Rating of Alter Competence (RAC) (TC018639)

    Appendix 2: Trait Version of the Conversational Knowledge Scale (TC018640)

    Appendix 1: Semantic Differential Version of Conversational Appropriateness and Effectiveness Scales (TC018641)

    Interpersonal Relationship

     Dependency Scale (1977) Berscheid, Ellen. & Fei, J. TC020384, Set X

     Insecurity Scale (1977) Berscheid, Ellen. & Fei, J. TC020385, Set X

     General Causality Orientations Scale (1985) Deci, Edward L. & Ryan, Richard M. (Measure an individual's self-determination behavior) TC019851, Set V

     Autonomy and Relatedness Inventory (1982) Schaefer, Earl S. & Edgerton, Marianna TC012261, Set J

     Interpersonal Checklist (1973) LaForge, Rolfe (Communication tool to describe oneself or significant others) TC007771, Set E

    Interprofessional Relationship

     Kilmann Insight Test (KIT) (1972) Kilmann, Ralph H. (Measures the Interpersonal Value Constructs (IVC) of professional individuals in managerial/professional situations) TC006169, Set T


     Self Report Jealousy Scale, Rev. (1982) Bringle. Robert G. TC012000, Set I

    Job Performance

     Resident Evaluation Form (1979) Arnold, Louise M. (Rating scale measures performance-both professional and personal-of medical students in graduate clinical residency programs) TC015837, Set N

    Job Satisfaction

     Dentist and Dental Auxiliary Job Satisfaction. Chapko, Michael K. (Measure of job satisfaction of all members of a dentist's office) TC019732, Set V

     Faculty Satisfaction Questionnaire (1991) Serafin, Ana Gil. (37-item scale to measure faculty satisfaction with the functions of teaching, research, and service; English and Spanish versions available)

    TC017451, Set Q

    Job Skills

     Job Components Inventory (JCI) Mark II (1979) Banks, Michael H. (Used to determine the skill content of jobs considered low skill youth jobs) TC810744, Set T

    Juvenile Delinquency

     Parent Interview. Berleman, William C. & Steinbum, Thomas W. (Evaluates juvenile delinquency prevention program in junior high school) TC009620, Set E

    Knowledge Level

     Sex Role Stereotyping and Educational Equity in Physical Education Knowledge Tests, Forms A & B (1981) Chrietzberg, Agnes TC013540, Set J

     Survey Instrument: Geometry Test & Teaching Geometry Test (1969) Backman, Carl A. (assesses teacher's knowledge & attitudes toward teaching geometry in elementary school) TC008878, Set E

    Language Development

     A Speech Intelligibility Test for Deaf Children, Revised Edition (1980) Magner, Marjorie E. TC018918, Set T

     System FORE: English. Los Angeles Unified School District, Division of Special Education TC010654, Set F

     System FORE: Spanish Adaptation. Los Angeles Unified School District, Division of Special Education TC010407, Set F

    Language Disabilities

     Language Assessment Tasks (1977) Kellman, Marianne et al. (Designed for use with children who have language and learning disabilities, to determine which tasks need to be remediated or taught prior to speech therapy) TC017298, Set Q

    Language Proficiency

     Language Proficiency Measure (1985) Tucson Unified School District, Tucson, AZ (Measures listening comprehension & speaking ability in K-6, with both English & Spanish forms) TC014611, Set L

     Symbol Substitution Test (1963) Ben-Zeev, Sandra. TC009427, Set E

    Language Dominance

     Language Dominance Survey (1974-75)San Bernardino City Unified School District. TC009854, Set F

    Language Skills

     Test of Grammatical Structure (1977) Degler, Lois S. (Used for grade 4 in nonsense language sentences for pupil to translate into English.) TC008330, Set D

    Language Tests

     Standard English Repetition Test (SERT) (1974) The Kamehameha Early Education Project (Used by K-1 Hawaiian students who speak Hawaii Creole English) TC010269, Set G

    Learning Activities

     Oddi Continuing Learning Inventory-Adolescent Version (2000) Flemish III, Frank (How adolescents approach learning) TC021577, Set AA

    Learning Disabilities

     Language Development Inventory for Kindergarten or Preschool (1976) Boucher, Lyda K.; Hall, Pat; & Morris, Glenn L. (To determine if child can use & understand common English words) TC006355, Set E

    Learning Modalities

     Student Learning & Interpreting Modality Instrument and Learning & Interpreting Modality Instrument (1987-1995) Lemire, David (Measures preferred learning styles of middle school students & adults on visual, auditory & tactile learning)TC022530, Set DD

    Learning Motivation

     Children's Academic Instrinsic Motivation Inventory (2000) Gottfried, Adele Eskeles. TC012172, Set I

    Learning Strategies

     Learning Strategies Questionnaire (1985) Nolen, Susan B. & Meece, Judith (Group-administered measure of students' expressed learning strategies. Has two subscales-effective and ineffective strategies) TC015604, Set N


     Attitudes Toward Lesbian Mothers and Their Children (1996) Victor, Sherri B. (School psychologists' attitudes) TC021250, Set Z

    Life Satisfaction

     Quality of Life Index (QLI) 1998 Quality of Life Index (QLI) 1984. Estwing Ferrans, Carol, & Powers, Marjorie J. TC021190, Set Z


    The following Cooperative Literature Tests (a series of 19) provide standardized tests to supplement regular reading comprehension tests; and to help teachers overcome the difficulties that adult books create for students doing independent reading in grades 9-12.

     Cooperative Literature Tests: Macbeth (1972) Educational Testing Service. TC007025, Set W

     Cooperative Literature Tests: Our Town (1972) Educational Testing Service. TC007026, Set W

     Cooperative Literature Tests: The Old Man and the Sea (1972). Educational Testing Service. TC007027, Set W

     Cooperative Literature Tests: Hamlet (1972) Educational Testing Service. TC007028, Set W

     Cooperative Literature Tests: Oedipus the King (1972) Educational Testing Service. TC007029, Set W

     Cooperative Literature Tests: Silas Marner (1972) Educational Testing Service. TC007030, Set W

     Cooperative Literature Tests: Pygmalion (1972) Educational Testing Service. TC007031, Set W

     Cooperative Literature Tests: Julius Caesar (1972). Educational Testing Service. TC007032, Set W

     Cooperative Literature Tests: Huckleberry Finn (1972). Educational Testing Service. TC007033, Set W

     Cooperative Literature Tests: The Bridge of San Luis Rey (1972) Educational Testing Service. TC007034, Set W

     Cooperative Literature Tests: The Scarlet Letter (1972) Educational Testing Service. TC007035, Set W

     Cooperative Literature Tests: The Red Badge of Courage (1972). Educational Testing Service. TC007036, Set W

     Cooperative Literature Tests: The Odyssey (1972). Educational Testing Service. TC007037, Set W

     Cooperative Literature Tests: Pride and Prejudice (1972). Educational Testing Service. TC007038, Set W

     Cooperative Literature Tests: A Tale of Two Cities (1972). Educational Testing Service. TC007039, Set W

     Cooperative Literature Tests: Great Expectations (1972). Educational Testing Service. TC007040, Set W

     Cooperative Literature Tests: The Merchant of Venice (1972). Educational Testing Service. TC007041, Set W

     Cooperative Literature Tests: The Return of the Native (1972). Educational Testing Service. TC007042, Set W

     Cooperative Literature Tests: Moby Dick (1972). Educational Testing Service. TC007043, Set W

    Locus of Control

     Dave's Internal/External Scale (1989). Lemire, David (Measures internal vs. external locus of control). TC022523, Set DD

     Organicism-Mechanism Paradign Inventory (1982) Germer, Christopher et al. TC012391, Set K

     Stephens-Delys Reinforcement Contingency Interview (Not Dated) Stephens, Mark W. & Delys, Pamela. TC010216, Set G

     Locus of Control Inventory in Three Achievement Domains (LOCITAD) (1976) Bradley, Robert H. TC009898, Set F

     Nowicki-Strickland Locus of Control Scale for Children, Preschool & Primary Form (1973) Nowicki, Jr., Stephen & Duke, Marshall P. TC010192, Set E

    Logical Thinking

     Analysis of Scientific Passages Test (1988) Jungwirth, Ehud & Dreyfus, Amos (Used to measure the skill of science teachers in citing the similarities of two passages with invalid conclusions) TC922019, Set R

     TAMI (1986) Jungwirth, Ehud (28-item multiple choice test designed to measure the ability of science teachers and 16- to 17-year-olds to recognize logical fallacies) TC922020, Set R

     Formal Operations Measure (Not Dated) Tomlinson-Keasy, Carol Ann. TC010271, Set G


     The Roberts Revision of the UCLA Loneliness Scale (RULS-8) (1986) Roberts, Robert E. (Measure of adolescent loneliness) TC020938, Set Z

    Long Range Planning

     Marriage & Vocational Plans Questionnaire (MVPQ)/Life Plans Inventory (LPI) (2000) Bursik, Krisanne. TC022384, Set CC

     Marital Satisfaction

     Index of Marital Satisfaction (1974) Hudson, Walter W. TC008302, Set D

     Sex Role Semantic Differential (SRSD) (1988) Hafner, R. Julian (Self-report measure of several aspects of marital adjustment relevant to disorders in which psychosocial factors play a role). TC800316, Set T


     General Attitudes Toward Mathematics (1974) Merkel-Keller, Claudia. TC013890, Set K

    Mathematics Achievement

     The Assessment of Individual Mathematical Metacognition (AIMM) (1994) Fitzpatrick, Corine. TC021175, Set Z

     Student Geometry Achievement Test (1969) Backman, Carl A. TC008877, Set E

    Mathematics Tests

     Purdue Mathematics Training Test (1951) Keller, M.W. et al. TC002123, Set V


     Test of Memory for Public Events (1976) Johnson, James H. & Klingler, Daniel E. (Long-term memory for adults over 30 years). TC008262, Set D

    Mental Disorders

     Brief Patient Health Questionnaire (No Date) Spitzer, Robert L.; Williams, Janet, B.W. & Kroenke, Kurt. TC021066, Set Z

     Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ) (1999) Spitzer, Robert L.; Williams, Janet, B.W. & Kroenke, Kurt. TC021065, Set Z

    Mental Health

     Self Report Inventory (1958) Bown, Oliver H. (Assesses the mental health of college students preparing to teach. Lay persons can administer this brief, simple instrument which is then scored by health professionals. Determines the need for counseling) TC017932, Set R


     Student Thinking About Problem Solving Scale (1988) Armour-Thomas, Eleanor. (Self-rating scale to assess student awareness of own higher- order cognitive process used during problem solving; for use with educationally disadvantaged minority students in grades 7-12) TC017002, Set Q

    Minimum Competency Testing

     Home Quality Rating Scale (1977) Nihira, Kazuo et al. (Used to record characteristics of parents and the home environment of children who are mentally retarded) TC014915, Set M

     Minimum Mathematics Competency Test (1976) Kern Union High School District (for use as a high school graduation requirement) TC009870, Set F

     Minimum Reading Competency Test (1976) Kern Union High School District. TC009871, Set F

    Moral Development

     Moral Orientation Device (MOD) (1987-1988) Lemire, David (Designed to measure stages of moral development identified by Kohlberg). TC022527, Set DD

     Moral Development Test (MDT) (1982) Ma, Hing Keung (Assesses the affective and cognitive aspects of a person's moral orientation and judgment. Available in both English and Chinese) TC018924, Set T


     The Philadelphia Geriatric Center Morale Scale, Rev. (1975) Lawton, M. Powell et al. TC012106, Set I

    Moral Values

     Sociomoral Reflection Objective Measure (1984) Gibbs, John C. TC013873, Set K

     The Motec Test (1976) Ziv, Abner (For children in primary grades-measures five aspects of morality) TC922008, Set E

    Mother Attitudes

     Maternal Identity Integration Scale (1981) Benn, Rita K. (In-depth interview measure of maternal functioning of working mothers of 18-month-old boys. Based on Plunkett's (1980) conceptualization of work-mothering integration) TC015731, Set P


     Life Activities Achievement Scale (LAAS) (1989) Piedmont, Ralph L. TC021174, Set Z

     Self-Control Questionnaire (SCQ) (1980) Rehm, Lynn P. (40-item 5-point self-rating scale for use in investigating influences on motivation and goal-directed behavior) TC018044, Set S

     My Education in Science (1981) Uguroglu, Margaret E. & Walberg, Herbert J. (Multidimensional measure of motivation for grades 5-8) TC013585, Set L

     Coding Task (1972) Brown, Marvin TC830333, Set I

     Measurement of Achievement Motivation (1975) Ory, John C. & Poggio, John P. TC009367, Set E

    Motor Processes

     Stunt Movement Confidence Inventory (SMCI) (1989) Griffin, Norma S. & Crawford, Michael E. (Measure for grades 4 & 5 (ages 9-11) which focuses on movement perceptions and decisions) TC018767, Set T


     Neuropsychological Impairment Scale (1983) O'Donnell, William E. & Reynolds, Don McQ. (50-item screening test to identify neuropsychological symptoms and deficiencies for further testing) TC013586, Set L

    News Reporting

     Hayakawa-Lowry News Bias Categories (1985) Lowry, Dennis T. (To be used in research concerning bias of news broadcasts. Scale was created based on 60 sentences from network TV coverage of the 1984 presidential campaign)TC016092, Set O

     News Morbidity Scale (1982)Haskins, Jack B. (Coding & rating procedure to classify headlines or stories on a good news/bad news continuum) TC014582, Set M

    Nonstandard Dialects

     Speech and Language Growth for the Mexican-American Student (1971) Proul, Peter TC011191, Set H


     Nutrition Achievement Tests 1,2,3, and 4 (1985) The National Dairy Council of Rosemont, Illinois and the University of Illinois at Chicago TC010279 and TC014299, Set V

     Nutrition Knowledge Instrument (1984) Sullivan, Ann D. (60-item questionnaire assesses nutrition knowledge needed by junior high school students) TC830490, Set Q

     Knowledge Test in Nutrition for Early Childhood (1979) Penn State University, Nutrition Information & Resource Center. TC011651, Set H

     Nutrition Attitude Instrument for Preschool (1980) Penn State University, Nutrition Information & Resource Center. TC011652, Set H

     Nutrition Knowledge Test for the Primary Grades (1978) Penn State University, Nutrition Information & Resource Center. TC011653, Set H

     Knowledge Test in Nutrition for Grade 1 (1979) Penn State University, Nutrition Information & Resource Center. TC011654, Set H

     Knowledge Test in Nutrition for Grade 2 (1979) Penn State University, Nutrition Information & Resource Center. TC011655, Set H

     Knowledge Test in Nutrition for Grade 3 (1979). Penn State University, Nutrition Information & Resource Center. TC011656, Set H

     Nutrition Attitude Instrument for the Primary Grades (1979) Penn State University, Nutrition Information & Resource Center. TC011657, Set H

     Nutrition Test Item Bank for the Intermediate Grades (1979) Penn State University, Nutrition Information & Resource Center. TC011658, Set H

     Knowledge Tests in Nutrition for Grades 4, 5, and 6 (1979) Penn State University, Nutrition Information & Resource Center. TC011659, Set H; TC011660, Set H and TC011661, Set H

     Nutrition Attitude Instrument for the Intermediate Grades (1979) Penn State University, Nutrition Information & Resource Center. TC011662, Set H

     Knowledge Test in Nutrition for Home Economics, Grades 7-9 (1979) Penn State University, Nutrition Information & Resource Center. TC011663, Set H

     Knowledge Test in Nutrition for Junior High Health (1980) Penn State University, Nutrition Information & Resource Center. TC011664, Set H

     Knowledge Test in Nutrition for Senior High Health (1980) Penn State University, Nutrition Information & Resource Center. TC011665, Set H

     Nutrition Attitude Instrument for Grades 7-12 (1980) Penn State University, Nutrition Information & Resource Center. TC011666, Set H

     Nutrition Knowledge Test for Elementary Teachers (1978) Penn State University, Nutrition Information & Resource Center. TC011667, Set H

     Nutrition Attitude Scale (1980) Byrd-Bredhenner, Carol. TC010742, Set G

     Nutrition Knowledge Test (1980) Byrd-Bredhenner, Carol. TC010743, Set G

    Nutrition Instruction

     A Curriculum Survey: A Commitment Instrument for Teachers and We want Your Opinion: An Attitude Instrument for Teachers (1978) Penn State University, Nutrition Information & Resource Center. TC011668, Set H and TC011669, Set H

    Occupational Aspirations

     Purdue Opinion Panel (1971) Purdue University Measurement and Research Center-Lafayette, Indiana. TC009663, Set V

    Occupational Tests

     Psychiatric Aide Test (PAT) (1975) Distefano, Michael K. et al. (Measure of knowledge level after training of psychiatric aides). TC008170, Set V

     Can You Read A Micrometer? (1943) Lawshe, Jr., C.H. (Part of the Purdue Vocational Series). TC004553, Set U

     Can You Read A Scale? (1943) Lawshe, Jr., C.H. (Part of the Purdue Vocational Series). TC004552, Set U

     Can You Read A Working Drawing? (1943) Lawshe, Jr., C.H. (Part of the Purdue Vocational Series). TC004554, Set U

     Purdue Blueprint Reading Test (1942) Owen, H.F. & Arnold, J.N. (Part of the Purdue Vocational Series). TC005002, Set U

     The Purdue Industrial Mathematics Test (1946) Lawshe, Jr., C.H. & Price, Dennis H. (Measure for assessing an employee's basic arithmetic & computational skills) TC001698, Set U

     Purdue Industrial Supervisors Word-Meaning Test (1952) Tiffin, Joseph & Long, Donald A. (Measure of supervisor's understanding of the meaning of words encountered in industry material) TC000187, Set U

     Purdue Mechanical Adaptability Test (1945) Purdue Mechanical Adaptability Test (1950) Lawshe, Jr., C.H. & Tiffin, Joseph (Part of the Purdue Personnel Tests) TC002896, Set U

     Purdue Rating Scale for Administrators and Executives (1950) Remmers, H.H. & Hobson, R.L. (Measure of the strengths and weaknesses of business, industrial and educational administrators) TC002437, Set U

     Purdue Reading Test for Industrial Supervisors (1955) Tiffin, Joseph & Dunlap, Roy (Measure of paragraph comprehension used in conjunction with TC000187) TC001689, Set U

     Purdue Trade Information Test for Sheetmetal Workers (1958) Tiffin, Joseph & Griffin, W.B. (Part of Purdue Personnel Tests) TC004557, Set U

     Purdue Trade Information Test in Carpentry (1952) Tiffin, Joseph & Mengelkoch, R.F. (Part of the Purdue Personnel Tests) TC004558, Set U

     Purdue Trade Information Test in Engine Lathe Operation (1955) Cochran, Robert & Tiffin, Joseph (Part of the Purdue Personnel Tests) TC004559, Set U

     Purdue Trade Information Test in Welding (1952) Tiffin, Joseph & Griffin, Warren B. (Part of the Purdue Personnel Tests) TC004560, Set U

    Organizational Behavior

     How Much Do You Know About Workers? (Not Dated) Gordon, Michael E.; Kleiman, Lawrence S.; & Hanie, Charles A. TC009246, Set E

    Organizational Objectives

     Goal Orientation and Planfulness Scale (1987) Frese, Michael (Planning and setting goals) TC845074, Set Z

     Community College Goals Inventory (1979-1992) Educational Testing Service. TC010454, Set Y

     Institutional Goals Inventory (1972-1992) Educational Testing Service. TC005141, Set Y

     Small College Goals Inventory (1979-1991) Educational Testing Service. TC011045, Set Y

    Outdoor Education

     Science Outdoor Learning Environment Inventory (SOLEI) (1995) Tamir, Pinchas; Hofstein, Avi; Orion, Nir; & Giddings, Geoffrey J. TC022026, Set CC


     Observation Scale of Behavioral Distress, Revised (OSBD) (1986) Jay, Susan M. (Measure of behavioral distress in children undergoing bone marrow aspiration and lumbar puncture procedures) TC019346, Set W

     Pain Experience Scale (PES) (1984) Turk, Dennis C. (Measure used to assess to main components of pain: worry and emotionality) TC019290, Set V

    Parent Attitudes

     Parental Modernity Inventory (1981) Schaefer, Earl S. & Edgerton, Marianna (Assesses parental attitudes toward child rearing and education) TC012255, Set CC

     Parent Attribution Test (1983) Bugental, Daphne. (Instrument to measure parents perceptions of the importance of factors leading to success and failure in the caregiving experience) TC017306, Set Q

     Rank Order of Parental Values (1977) Edgerton, Marianna & Schaefer, Earl S. (Does parent prefer child to be self-directed or conforming?) TC013623, Set L

     Parental Attitudes Toward Mentally Retarded Children Scale (1967) Love, Harold. TC009428, Set F

     Index of Parental Attitudes (1976) Hudson, Walter W. (Adults) TC008306, Set D

    Parent Child Relationship

     Parental Attachment Questionnaire (PAQ) (1985) Kenny, Maureen (55-item Likert scale designed to assess parent/child relationships as perceived by college students) TC018948, Set T

     Parent Perception Inventory (1983) Hazzard, Ann et al. (Likert-type scale designed to measure child perception of positive and negative parental behaviors, for use with children aged 5 to 13) TC017301, Set Q

     Parental Response Inventory - Revised (1986) Miller, Thomas W. (Instrument is a series of 12 situations, which might create discomfort in parents when responding to child) TC014520, Set N

     Parent Report of Child Behavior Toward Parent Inventory (1975) Schaefer, Earl S. (155-item behavior rating scale of parent-child interactions from perspective of parent) TC015179, Set M

     Questionnaire for Teen-agers and Young Adults (1970) Schludermann, Eduard & Schludermann, Shirin TC012107, Set I

     Child's Attitude Toward Mother (1976) Hudson, Walter W. (Ages 12 & above) TC008304, Set D

     Child's Attitude Toward Father (1976) Hudson, Walter W. (Ages 12 & above) TC008305, Set D

    Parent Education

     Parent Education-Involvement Behavior Scale (1977) Pasley, Kay (An assessment of parent education programs in which preschool teachers participate) TC010233, Set F

    Parent Influence

     Parent as Educatior Interview, Short Form (1979) Schaefer, Earl S. & Edgerton, Marianna. TC012259, Set J

    Parent Training

     Parent Effectiveness Training Test (1980) Swan, Raymond W. TC012124, Set I

    Parenting Skills

     Parent Problem Checklist (PPC)(No Date) Dadds, Mark (measure of interparental conflict) TC021450, Set AA

     Inter-Parental Conflict Scale (IPC) (1979-1999) Schwarz, Conrad J. (Measures conflicts between parents) TC020753, Set Y

     Q-Sort Inventory of Parenting Behaviors (1983) Lawton, Joseph T. (Inventory which describes parenting behaviors related to four domains in children's development: physical, intellectual, social and emotional. For use with parents of 2-month-olds to 6-year-olds) TC017580, Set R

     Parent Behavior Progression, Revised (1983) Brownwich, Rose M. (For use with parents of handicapped or at-risk infants as a guide for intervention by developmental specialists to adjust parent behavior patterns) (Form 1 for parents of an infant from birth through 9 months of age; Form 2 for parents of infants from birth through 36 months) TC016955, Set Q

     Single Parenting Questionnaire (1985) Stolberg, Arnold L. & Ullman, Ann J. TC014515, Set L

    Parent Student Relationship

     Teacher Report of Parent Involvement, Short Form (1979) Schaefer, Earl S. & Edgerton, Marianna. TC012257, Set J

    Participant Satisfaction

     Sharp Consumer Satisfaction Scale (1981) Tanner, Barry A. (Satisfaction with mental health services) TC014518, Set L

    Participative Decision Making

     Survey of California State University (CSU) Librarians: Professional Staff Participation in Decision-Making (1984) Gerry, Ellen & Klingberg, Susan. TC016323, Set O

     Inventory of Roles and Values of Students, Faculty, and Administration in College and University Policy and Decision-Making (1967)Troyer, Maurice E. TC005745, Set E

    Peer Influence

     Drug Conformity Scale Revised (DCS) (1984) Williams, John W. TC012805, Set J

    Peer Relations

     College Interaction Self-Statement Test (CISST) (1987) Fichten, Catherine S. (40-item rating scale to measure a student's expressed thoughts about interacting with able-bodied or physically disabled college students) TC016736, Set P

    Performance Tests

     Kansas Adapted/Special Physical Education Test (1988)Johnson, Robert E. & Lavay, Barry (Assesses the flexibility and physical fitness of special needs children) TC017355, Set R

    Personal Autonomy

     Life Priorities Q-Sort (1982)Hyman, Ruth Bernstein & Woog, Pierre C. (84-item measure of interdependence-independence. Used in a study of females to test hypothesis about relationship of age and marital status on interdependence-independence) TC015657, Set N

     Autonomy Multiple-Choice Measure-3 (1975)Shouval, Ron (28-item questionnaire to study autonomy in children) TC014858, Set M

    Personality Assessment

     Iceberg Inventory: An Assessment of Freudian Constructs (1987) Lemire, David (Measures id, ego, and superego) TC022525, Set DD

     Intuition Test (IT) (1988) Lemire, David (A measure based on the Jungian model) TC022526, Set DD

     Parent Temperament Questionnaire for Children (1977) Chess, Stella et al. TC009738, Set F

     Teacher Temperament Questionnaire (1977) Chess, Stella et al. TC009739, Set F

     Fehrenbach Sentence Completion Form (1957-1974) Fehrenbach, Alice R. (Point of departure for counseling or therapy) TC005789, Set E

     Hahnemann Pre-School Behavior Rating Scale (HPBS) (1971) Shure, Myrna & Spivack, George TC009363, Set E

    Personality Development

     Family Constellation Scale (FCS) (1979-2001) Lemire, David (Introduction to Adlerian idea of personal style as influenced by birth order. Also available as Eric Document ED450319) TC022518, Set DD

    Personality Measures

     Inventory of Habits and Attitudes (1969) Monroe, Jack J. & Hill, Harris E. (Evaluation and description of stable characteristics of alcoholics) TC007956, Set D

     One Word Sentence Completion: Veldman-Menaker-Peck Form 62 (1971) Veldman, Donald J.; Menaker, S.L.; & Peck, R.D. (Computer scoring of personality measures for grades 13-16 and adults) TC008279, Set D

     NachNaff Scale (1976) Lindgren, Henry Clay (Motivation and need achievement for adults) TC008332, Set D

     Ego Inventory (1977) Lemire, David (Based on Jungian typology of sensing, intuition, thinking and feeling) TC022531, Set DD

     Flexibility and Persistence Scale (1989) Lemire, David. TC022521, Set DD

     Judgmental Ability Narrative (1985) Lemire, David (Judgment or decision-making styles) TC022533, Set DD

     Lemire Androgyny Scale (1988) Lemire, David (Tested on college students) TC022520, Set DD

     Versatility Inventory (VIP) (1987) Lemire, David (Measures versatility and rigidity) TC022532, Set DD

     Vedic Personality Inventory (VPI) (1998) Wolf, David B. TC021399, Set AA

     SONSO Personality Inventory (1994) Kentle, Robert L. (Introversion, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism, Agreeableness, Openness) TC020382, Set X

     The Cassel Group Level of Aspiration Test (CGAT) (1957) Cassel, Russell N. (Assesses configurational or gestalt type aspects of personality, including physiological and psychological responses to failure) TC003401, Set S

     Boston University Personality Inventory (1971) Jacobs, Martin A. (This self-rating scale is used to measure personality traits of habitual smokers. It is also used to predict which smokers would enter a smoking cessation program and who would succeed in breaking the habit.) TC005660, Set R

     Psychosis Proneness Scales (1982) Hypomanic Personality Scale (48 items; measures tendency toward hyperactive or acting-out behaviors in public) Impulsive Nonconformity Scale (51 items; measures tendency to behave impulsively or in a nonconforming manner); Infrequency Scale (13 items; designed to detect atypical ways of responding to items); Magical Ideation Scale (30 items; measures tendency to believe in magical events created by the thoughts of self or others)Perceptual Aberration Scale (35 items; measures perceptions of the body or sensory perceptions that are considered abnormal); Revised Physical Anhedonia Scale (61 items); Revised Social Anhedonia Scale (40 items); Chapman, Loren J. (True-false scales to measure personality traits that may be associated with predisposing factors to schizophrenia) TC017474, Set Q

     Way of Life Scale (1985) Wright, Logan et al. (Forced-choice scale used to measure exaggerated social control-which may be related to Type A, coronary-prone behavior) TC016639, Set P

     Personality Profile Inventory (P2) (1986) Smith, August William (40-item measure of the way individuals relate to different managerial styles based on Jungian personality concepts) TC015097, Set M

     The Frost Self Description Questionnaire, Extended Scales (1979) Frost, Barry P. TC011609, Set H

     Forced-Choice Anxiety Scale (1953) Heineman, Charles E. TC010220, Set G

     Spiegel Personality Inventory (1959) (1978) Speigel, Donald E. TC009877, Set F

     Desert Willow Trait Profile (1973) Meketon, Jerry TC009471, Set E

     Personal Inventory (1964) Monroe, Jack J. & Hill, Harris E. (For adult opiate addicts to predict their suitability for therapy) TC007955, Set D

    Personality Problems

     Antisocial Personality Questionnaire (APQ) (1996) Blackburn, Ronald & Fawcett, Diane J. (Measure of antisocial behavior of criminal offenders) TC800396, Set Z

     Psychopathic Personality Inventory (1990) Lilienfeld, Scott O. (Measure of noncriminal patients) TC020701, Set Y

     Bell Object Relations Reality Testing Inventory (BORRTI) (1985) Bell, Morris D. (Brief, easily completed measure to determine ego functioning. See review of this scale in Test Critiques, volume VIII, Daniel J. Keyser & Richard C. Sweetland (Eds.), Austin, TX: Pro-Ed, 1991, p. 44. Software is available from the author) TC016490, Set O

     Multivariate Personality Inventory (1980) Magaro, Peter A. (96 item measure meant to be time & cost effective. Designed for diagnostic use in normal & clinical populations. Not for use with patients exhibiting active symptomatology TC014557, Set M

    Personality Traits

     Optimism and Pessimism Questionnaire (1989) Dember, William N. et al. TC020197, Set X

     Optimism and Pessimism Instrument (O/P) (1983) Dember, William N. TC019842, Set V

     Observer Ratings of Children, Revised (1977) Emmerich, Walter et al. (Rating scale to measure personal-social behaviors of preschool students. Made up of both a unipolar scale of 149 items and a "bipolar" scale to assess broad personality dimensions described in the literature) TC016694, Set P

     Open Processing Scale (1974) Leavitt, Clark & Walton, John R. (Measures openness or receptivity to new information, useful in situations, such as advertising products in the media) TC014864, Set M

    Personnel Selection

     Tiffany Control Scales (TCS) (1998) Tiffany, Donald W., & Tiffany, Phyllis, Psychological Growth Associates (computer assisted testing; in Spanish and English) TC020316, Set X

     Purdue Non-Language Personnel Test (1969) Tiffin, Joseph (A culturally-fair measure used as part of employee selection procedure) TC005003, Set V

     Purdue Creativity Test, Forms G and H (1960) Lawshe, C.H. & Harris, D.H. (Measure of the problem-solving skills of engineering personnel) TC002523, Set U

    Perspective Taking

     Social Interaction and Social Situations Questionnaire (1984) Fichten, Catherine S. (Questionnaire to assess the social skills of able-bodied students through presentations of a series of situations between one wheelchair-bound and one able-bodied) TC017856, Set T

    Physical Activities

     Child/Adolescent Activity Log (CAAL)(No Date) Garcia, Anne W. TC021396, Set AA

     Penn Inventory for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (1990) Hammarberg, Melvyn (Measure of the severity of posttraumatic stress disorder) TC020709, Set Y

     Attitude Toward Physical Activity Inventory (ATPA) (1968) Kenyon, Gerald S. (Men's & women's attitudes toward physical activity) TC830511, Set X

    Physical Agility

     Playground Movement Confidence Inventory (PMCI) (1983) Griffin, Norma S. & Crawford, Michael E. (Self-rating measure to assess three factors of children in grades 4 and 5, (ages 9-11): competence, enjoyment, and potential for injury)

    TC017472, Set T

    Physical Attractiveness

     Body Image and Body Change Inventory (2000) Ricciardelli, Lina A. & McCabe Marita P. (Assesses adolescent perception of body image importance, including importance of individual body parts, and strategies to change body weight and size in girls and boys aged 11-17 years) TC021715, Set BB

     Perceived Sociocultural Influences Questionnaire (2000) Ricciardelli, Lina A. & McCabe, Marita P. (Assesses adolescent perception of responses from the mother, father, best male friend, and best female friend with regard to gaining or losing weight or increasing muscle tone) TC021712, Set BB

    Physical Disabilities

     Acceptance of Disability Scale (1969) Linkowski, Donald C. TC019381, Set V

     Handicap Problems Inventory (HPI) (1960) Wright, George N. & Remmers, H.H. TC001688, Set V

     Cognitive Role-Taking Tasks, Versions A and D (1986) Fichten, Catherine S. (Brief descriptions of 11 frequently occurring social situations between wheelchair-bound and able-bodied college students. Subjects rate how comfortable they would feel in each situation. Form D is for wheelchair users and Form A for able-bodied users) TC016806, Set P

     Children's Social Attitudes Inventory (1982) Beardsley, Donna A. (Measures attitudes of children toward their disabled peers) TC011605, Set H

     Rating Scales of Children's Attitudes Toward the Physically Handicapped (1969) Rapier, Jacqueline; Adelson, Ruth; Carey, Richard; & Croke, Katherine. TC010302, Set G

     Attitudes Toward Handicapped Individuals Scale (ATHI) (1971) Lazar, Alfred L. TC008920, Set E

    Physical Fitness

     Physical Fitness Test Battery for Mentally Retarded Children (Not Dated) Fait, Hollis (Ages 9-20) TC008105, Set D

     Special Fitness Test Manual for Mildly Mentally Retarded Persons (AAHPER-Kennedy Foundation Special Fitness Test) (1968) American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance. (A modification of the AAHPER Youth Fitness Test for use with children with mild to moderate mental retardation) TC011883, Set S

     Test of Physical Fitness Knowledge (1970) Mood, Dale. TC015307, Set N

    Physical Health

     Know Your Body Health Survey, Grades 1-2. Resnicow, Ken (Evaluates the impact of the Know Your Body (KYB) school-health promotion program). TC019095, Set T

     Know Your Body Health Survey, Grade 3. Resnicow, Ken (Evaluates the impact of the Know Your Body (KYB) school-health promotion program) TC019096, Set T

     Know Your Body Health Survey, Grades 4-6. Resnicow, Ken (Evaluates the impact of the Know Your Body (KYB) school-health promotion program) TC019097, Set T

     The Physical Symptom Survey (1982) Cuevas, Jacqueline & Vaux, Alan. TC014079, Set K

    Piagetian Theory

     Four Music Conservation Tasks (1968) Zimmerman, Marilyn P. & Sechrest, Lee (The tasks are designed to assess the development of simple conservation skills in music listening for ages 5-13.) TC008328, Set D

     Six Music Conservation Tasks (1964) Zimmerman, Marilyn P. & Sechrest, Lee (The tasks are designed to assess children's acquisition of the Piagetian concept of conservation in musical development for ages 5-13.) TC008329, Set D

     Developmental Test of Operations Exam (DTOX) (1991) Lemire, David (Measures a continuum identified by Piaget from concrete to abstract reasoning as identified by Piaget. Tested on college students. TC022519, Set DD

     Inventory of Piaget's Developmental Tasks (1970). Furth, Hans. TC009364, Set E


     Behavioral Coding System for Play Stages (1978) Fagot, Beverly TC009115, Set E

    Practicum Supervision

     Supervisor Emphasis Rating Form, Revised (SERF-R) (1992) Lanning, Wayne. (Assesses degree of importance supervisor places on competencies of counseling trainees) TC018296, Set S

    Problem Solving

     Mathematical Problem Solving Tests (1980) Schoenfeld, Alan H. TC012132, Set I


     Procrastination Assessment Scale - Students (PASS) (1984) Rothblum, Esther & Solomon, Laura J. (Determines the frequency of procrastination by college students when faced with academic tasks) TC017262, Set R

    Program Evaluation

     A Kit of Career Education Assessment and Evaluation Instruments, Second Edition (1977) Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction TC009777, Set G

     Child Day Care Center Job Inventory (1976) Zaccaria, Michael A. & Hollomon, John W. TC009397, Set E

     Self-Care Skill Level Evaluation Checklist (Not Dated) Waukegan Development Center (To measure the effectiveness of self-care programs for the developmentally disabled) TC010197, Set E

    Projective Measures

     Karp Inkblot Response Questionnaire (KIRQ) (1993) Karp, Stephen A. (Assesses subjects rating/evaluation of object identified in inkblot) TC021923, Set BB

     Test of Engagement Style (TES) Form C McKinney, John Paul.  TC013798, Set K

     Student Planning Survey (1961) Ellis, Robert A. & Marquis, Lucian (Evaluation of University of Oregon Honors College). TC009500, Set E

     Hospital Experience Inventory (1968) Meketon, Jerry (Measures expectations and experience of addicts living in an institution). TC009797, Set E

    Profiles Measurement

     The Cassel Developmental Record (CDR) (1971) Cassel, Russell N. (Chart for plotting the profile of an individual�s physiological, emotional, psychosexual, intellectual, social, and educational development; intended for school and clinical use) TC006036, Set S

    Psychiatric Patients

     Observational Record of Inpatient Behavior (ORIB) (1977) Rosen, Alexander J. (Designed to record behavior of psychiatric patients in an institutional ward) TC018211, Set S

    Psychiatric Services

     Clinical Assessment Inventory (1981) Moss, Gene R. TC012125, Set I

    Psychological Evaluation

     Mississippi Scale for Combat-Related Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (1986) Keane, Terence M. et al. (A 35-item self-report scale used with Vietnam veterans which is sensitive to changes in symptoms as a result of therapy. When used as part of a comprehensive multiaaxial approach to assessment, the scale can provide quantitative information useful in verifying a PTSD diagnosis) TC016807, Set P

    Psychological Patterns

     Mental Illness Behavior Prediction Scale (1977) Mancuso, James C. TC010954, Set G

    Psychomotor Skills

     Childhood Psychosis Scale (1981) Haworth, Mary R. TC012893, Set K

    Psychotherapeutic Processes

     California Psychotherapy Alliance Scales (CALPAS) (1989) Marmar, Charles R. & Gaston, Louise TC022184, Set CC

     Racial Attitudes

     Facial Recognition Ability Task (Not Dated) Feinman, Saul & Entwisle, Doris R. (Grades 1-6, used to see how a child's race and contact with people of other races affects his ability to recognize people of different races) TC008111, Set D

    Rating Scales

     Moral Dilemma Experiment (1967) Bronfenbrenner, Urie; Devereux, Jr., E.C.; Suci, C.J.; & Rodgers, R.R. TC010262, Set G

     Inventory of College Activities (ICA) (1961)Astin, Alexander W. TC010270, Set G

    Rational Emotive Therapy

     Rational Behavior Inventory (1973) Shorkey, Clayton T. & Whiteman, Victor L. (For assessment, treatment planning & evaluation of clients by counselors using Rational Emotive Therapy (RET) TC009245, Set E

    Reading Comprehension

     Purdue Reading Test (1928) Remmers, H.H. & Stalnaker, John M. TC000978, Set V

     Oral Reading and Recall Evaluation Scale (1979) Taylor, Janet C. TC013458, Set J

    Reading Tests

     Test of Directional Skills (1972) Sterritt, Graham M. (Designed for ages 3-7 to measure their fundamental spatial orientation abilities prerequisite to learning to read) TC006560, Set D

     Test of Individual Needs in Reading, Form B, Bidwell Form (1982) Gilliland, Hap (Designed for use with grades 1-7 and high school, as well as adults reading below high school level. Tests recreational, instructional, and frustration reading levels for placement purposes, and as a diagnostic tool. The Bidwell form tests comprehension of a story about western pioneers.) TC012010, Set R

     Test of Individual Needs in Reading, Red Fox Supplement (1982) Gilliland, Hap (Test for American Indians; suitable for students in grades 1-7, and high school, as well as adults reading below high school level. Tests recreational, instructional, and frustration reading levels for placement purposes, and as a diagnostic tool for remedial teachers. Subtests are auditory sequential memory, visual memory for words, use of context to identify words, listening comprehension, structural analysis, and listening vocabulary.) TC012011, Set R

     Test of Individual Needs in Reading, Form K, Kangaroo Form (1982) Gilliland, Hap (Test for Australian students in grades 1-7 as well as high school and adults reading below high school level. Subtests: oral reading, reading comprehension, silent reading speed, word analysis and reading vocabulary) TC012013, Set R

     Reading Assessment for Language Learning Youngsters (1975) Mineola Union Free School District, NY (For use with bilingual students) TC012954, Set K

     Minimum Reading Competency Test (1976)Kern Union High School District. TC009871, Set G

     Prueba de Lectura (1978) Ozete, Oscar TC009851, Set F

     Reading Test for Vocational Education (1976) Weiss, Lucile (Alternative screening device to academically oriented tests). TC009011, Set E

    Recreational Activities

     The Leisure Interest Inventory (1969) Hubert, Edwina E. TC012073, Set I


     RAM Scale, Revised (1983) Wright, Claudia R. & Brown, Gordon F. (Measures students' philosophical orientation on an agree/disagree, Likert-type scale. There are three subscales: knowledge, methods and values) TC013943, Set P


     Religious Association Scale (Not Dated) Embree, Robert A. (Projective test to measure motivation & ability to write a sentence expressing religious content in response to a nonsense syllable) TC010274, Set F

     Religious Behavior Questionnaire (1969) Apfeldorf, Max. TC004744, Set E

     Religious Behavior Check List (1969) Apfeldorf, Max. TC004745, Set E

     Religious Belief Questionnaire (1969) Apfeldorf, Max & Smith, Walter J. TC004795, Set E

    Resource Teachers

     Working Relationship Inventory (1978) White, Garry W. TC012138, Set I

    Role Perception

     Self-Perception of the Parental Role (1985) MacPhee, David et al. (Mother's self-perceptions of her parenting role. For mothers of children 2 months to 4 years) TC016738, Set P

     Role Perception Battery (1972) Sterling, James W. (To assess 6 factors of a police officer's role) TC007700, Set E

    School Attitudes

     Marjoribanks Perceived Family Environment Scale, Revised (1992) Marjoribanks, Kevin. TC800334, Set X

     High School Attitude Scale (1960) Remmers, H.H. (Part of the Purdue Master Attitude Scales) TC002775, Set U

     Scale for Measuring Attitude Toward Any Institution (1960) Remmers, H.H. (Part of the Purdue Master Attitude Scales) TC002774, Set U

     Scale to Measure Attitude Toward Any School Subject (1960) Remmers, H.H. (Part of the Purdue Master Attitude Scales) TC002780, Set U

     The Marjoribanks Attitudes-to-School Inventory, Revised (1992) Marjoribanks, Kevin. (Likert scale that assesses students affective and cognitive attitudes toward school) TC800335, Set S

     Questionnaire to Measure the Values of Pupils, Parents and School Personnel (1975) Ryan, T. Antoinette TC010242, Set F

     Curriculum-People Semantic Differential (1969) Yamamoto, K. TC009899, Set F

     Personal Value Systems Questionnaire (1980) Manley, T. Roger & Manley, Eleyse T. (For school psychologists & educational administrators to get at their value concepts, goals, background & job satisfaction) TC010588, Set F

     Group Instrument to Measure Young Children's Attitudes Toward School (1970) Beere, Carole A. TC008886, Set E

     Student Perception of Learning and Teaching (Not Dated) McKeachie, W.J. TC009013, Set E

     Survey of Student Interests in and Opinions of Mathematics, Form L (1976) Michaels, Linda A. TC009073, Set E

     Edgington Attitude Scale for High School Freshman Boys (1968) Edgington, Charles W. TC009368, Set E

    School Effectiveness

     School Improvement Program Needs Assessment Questionnaire, Elementary Schools (1984) Dodson, Anna C. et al. (Designed to measure school effectiveness from the perspective of parents, teachers & students in grades K-5)

    TC015982, Set O

     School Improvement Program Needs Assessment Questionnaire, Middle Schools (1987) Dodson, Anna C. et al. (Designed to measure school effectiveness from the perspective of parents, teachers & students in grades 6-8) TC015983, Set O

     School Improvement Program Needs Assessment Questionnaire, Secondary Schools (1987) Dodson, Anna C. et al. (Designed to measure school effectiveness from the perspective of parents, teachers & students in grades 9-12) TC015984, Set O

     School Effectivensss Analysis: Instruments (1984) Kentucky Department of Education (Separate questionnaires for teachers, administrators, principals, parents and students) TC016020, Set O

     The Effective Education Series. A School for the 80's and 90's: A priority Search (1986) Howard, Eugene R. (Measure of the school improvement process for quality schools in the 21st century) TC016001, Set O

     The Effective Education Series. Indicators of Quality Schools: Instrument to Address Your School's Quality (IQS) (1986) Howard, Eugene R. et al. (A series of checklists of practices or conditions found in schools with effective instructional programs) TC016002, Set O

     Parent Attitudes Toward School Effectiveness Questionnaire (PATSE) (1985) Gable, Robert K. (English and Spanish versions) TC016429, Set O

    School Guidance

     The Guidance Inventory (1960) Gallagher, Dr. Ralph P. (Designed to determine which students will need guidance throughout their school years) TC002446, Set O

    School Psychologists

     National School Psychology Questionnaire (1981) Smith, Douglas K. (For use in the study of the practice of school psychology as viewed by peers) TC014566, Set M

    School Readiness

     Inventory of Readiness Skills and Inventario de Habilidades Para Aprender a Leer (1975) Shelquist, Jack; Breeze, Barbara; & Jacquost, Bette (Designed as an aid for teachers of preschool to first-grade children to judge a child�s readiness for a formal instructional program. Both English and Spanish versions included) TC011360, Set O

     Holbrook Screening Battery and Parent Questionnaire, Revised (1986) Holbrook Public Schools (Screen battery for children about to enter kindergarten-consists of language, readiness, fine motor skills, and gross motor skills) TC015181, Set M

    School Teachers

     Principals' Managerial Behavior (1990) Evans, Virden. TC020667, Set Y

     Teacher Stress Levels on the Job Survey (1990) Evans, Virden. TC020668, Set Y

    Science Interests

     Attitude Towards Science (ATS) (1976) Klausmeier, Herbert J.; DiLuzio, Geneva J.; & Brument, Michael E. (4th & 5th grade students) TC020102, Set X

     How I Feel (1970) Klopfer, Leopold E., Nous, Albert P. & McCall, Kathy (Attitudes toward science) TC004325, Set E

    Science Processing Skills

     Comparison of Experiments Assessment (1993) Educational Testing Service (Evaluates critical thinking and effective communication of students' understanding of scientific concepts) TC020392, Set CC

     Science Observation Assessment (1993) Educational Testing Service (Evaluates students' observation skills through their scientific drawings and descriptions of what they observed) TC020390, Set CC

     Toys in Space Assessment (1993) Educational Testing Service (Demonstrates physical science conepts to elementary school students, grades 3-6, and documents their science process skills) TC020383, Set CC

     Problem Solving Assessment (1993) Educational Testing Service (Evaluates elementary school students' performance in problem solving in science) TC020387, Set BB


     Cuestionario de Opiniones Sobre Ciencia Tecnologia y Sociedad (COCTS) (2001) Manassero-Mas, Maria-Antonia; Vazquez-Alonso, Angel; & Acevedo-Diaz, Jose-Antonio. (Measures high school students' preconceptions concerning the epistemology and sociology of science) (Spanish adaptation of Views on Science-Technology-Society (VOSTS) (TC830512) TC021796, Set BB

     Views on Science-Technology-Society (VOSTS) (1989) Aikenhead, Glen S.; Ryan, Alan G., & Fleming, Meg W. TC830512, Set X

    Screening Tests

     Printing Performance School Readiness Test, Rev. Ed. (1983) Simner, Marvin L. TC011608, Set I

    Self Actualization

     Test for Self Actualizing Tendencies (TSAT) (1988) Lemire, David  (Designed to measure self-actualizing tendencies as self-knowledge, as an extension of Maslow's hierarchy) TC022528, Set DD

    Self Care Skills

     The Age Independence Scale (1969) Keith, Robert Allen (To determine if parents have unrealistic expectations of their disabled child. TC009882, Set F

    Self Concept Measures

     Adjective Self-Description (1971) Veldman, Donald J. & Parker, G.V.C. (Self-concept measures for grades 13-adults) TC008278, Set D

     Index of Self-Esteem (1974) Hudson, Walter W. (For ages 12 & above, for therapists to evaluate their clients' responses to treatment) TC008301, Set D

     How I Perceive Myself (1977) Rim, Eui-Do (For grades K-3, designed to measure the child's self-concept with respect to himself and his classmates) TC008353, Set D

     Reading and Imagining Self Concept Scale (RISCI) (1988-1995) Lemire, David (Measures reading self concept as part of academic self-concept. Both the adult version and the one for children less than 16 are included on fiche) TC022524, Set DD

     The Ego Development Scale (EDS) (1974) Cassel, Russell N. (60-item scale to assess self-perception of personality and the degree to which individuals function in terms of personal, social, and educational development; intended for children aged 4 years through adults) TC007510, Set S

     Multidimensional Test of Self-Concept, Revised (1987) Lathrop, Richard G. (Designed to measure self-concept, defined as the difference between an individual's ideal self and  real self) TC015220, Set O

     Art Self-Concept Inventory (1979) King, Alison (3 subscales: art making, art judgment, & art enjoyment) TC014152, Set L

     Self Concept Clarity Rating Scales (1979) Turner, Carol J. & Record, Albert L. TC011144, Set H

     Erwin Identity Scale (1977) Erwin, T. Dary. TC011546, Set H

     Children's Self-Social Constructs Tests: Preschool Form (1973). Long, Barbara H.; Henderson, Edmund H.; & Ziller, Robert C. TC008559, Set G

     Self-Social Symbols Tasks: Adolescent Form (1973) Long, Barbara H., Henderson, Edmund H., & Ziller, Robert C. TC008561, Set G

     Children's Self-Social Constructs Tests: Preschool Form (1973) Long, Barbara H., Henderson, Edmund H., & Ziller, Robert C. TC008559, Set G

     Primary Self-Concepts Test (1970) Andrews, R.J. et al. TC800171, Set G

     Self-Esteem Inventory (1974) Grobe, Robert P. TC009878, Set F

     Morgan Punishment-Situations Index (1956) Morgan, Patricia K. & Gaier, Eugene L. (Projective device for mothers & children 3-11 of scenarios usually followed by punishment. Gives information on child's self concept & mother's concept of child) TC005800, Set E

     Feeling Understood Questionnaire (1977) Millen, Leverett & Roll, Samuel. TC009395, Set E

    Self Control

     Children's Perceived Self-Control Scale and Teacher's Self-Control Rating Scale (1982) Humphrey, Laura Lynn. TC011914, Set I

     Tiffany EC [Experienced Control] Scale (1977) Tiffany, Donald W. & Tiffany, Phyllis G.TC010447, Set F

    Self Evaluation (Individuals)

     Videotape Self-Report Form (1977) Martin-Reynolds, JoAnne. TC011126, Set H

     Sickness Impact Profile (1977) Conn, Joanne; Bobbitt, Ruth A.; & Bergner, Marilyn. TC010792, Set G

    Sensory Experience

     The Betts QMI Vividness of Imagery Scale (1967). Sheehan, Peter W. TC800168, Set F

    Separation Anxiety

     Psychological Separation Inventory (PSI) (1985) Hoffman, Jeffrey A. (138-item Likert scale to assess the impact that the psychological separation of college students from their parents has on their well being) TC018625, Set T

    Sex Bias

     Vocational Education Administration Questionnaire (1978) Neely, Margery A. & Wilson, Alfred P. (Developed as part of a study to investigate ways to overcome barriers to advancement for females in vocational education) TC013240, Set L

    Sex Education

     Sex Attitude Scale (1978) Rotter, George S. TC010446, Set G

    Sex Role Attitudes

     Individual Sex Role Preference Checklist (ISRP) and Sex Role Standards Checklist (SRS) (1974) Dwyer, Carol Ann (Measures to examine the relationship between sex role standards and academic achievement in reading and math) TC013774, Set L

     Toy Preference Test (1977) Newman II, Robert C. (Sex-role preference and/or stereotypic sex-role concepts for children in grades 1-3) TC009221, Set E

     Sex-Role Concept Interview (Not Dated) Kuhn, Deanna (For nursery school children) TC009226, Set E

    Sex Roles

     Attitudes Toward Sex-Role Differentiation in Education (1976) Davis, William et al. (Scale to measure secondary school teachers' attitudes toward sex role differentiation) TC017083, Set Q

     Sex Role Behavior Scale-2 (SRBS2) and Sex Role Behavior Scale, Short Form (1982) Orlofsky, Jacob L. (Similar to the 1974 Bem Sex-Role Inventory. Sees masculinity/femininity as separate qualities rather than on a continuum) TC015930, Set N TC015994, Set N

    Sex Stereotypes

     Content Analysis of Sexism in Texts in Teacher Education (1977) Sadker, Myra & Sadker, David TC013678, Set L

     Sex Role Learning Index (1978) Edelbrock, Craig & Sugawara, Alan I. TC013562, Set J

     Children's Sex-Stereotyping of Adult Occupations (1978) Garrett Schau, Candace; Kahn, Lynne; & Tremaine, Leslie. TC008879, Set E

     Sex-Stereotype Measure II (SSM II) (1976) Williams, John E. & Best, Deborah L. (Ages 5-12) TC008310, Set D

     Sex Attitude Measure (1976) Williams, John E. & Best, Deborah L. (For ages 5-12; designed to assess evaluative bias toward males and females) TC008311, Set D


     The Body Contact Questionnaire (1975) Hollender, Marc H.; Luborsky, L.B.; & Scaramella, T.J. TC009993, Set F

    Sexual Satisfaction

     Index of Sexual Satisfaction (1974) Hudson, Walter W. (Measure for therapists to monitor and evaluate their clients' response to treatment) TC008303, Set D


     The Social Reticence Scale: A Measure of Shyness (1977) Jones, Warren H. TC011344, Set H


     Sibling Inventory of Differential Experience (SIDE) (1984) Daniels, Denise & Plomin, Robert (73-item self-report form to assess family environment in relation to a specific sibling)  TC014603, Set M

    Sleep Disorders

     Self-Statement Test: 60+ (1994) Fichten, Catherine S.; Libman, Eva; & Creti, Laura. (Measures thoughts experienced by adults aged 55-88 years during times of falling asleep or getting back to sleep) TC021951, Set BB

     Sleep Behaviors Scale: 60+ (1995) Fichten, Catherine S.; Libman, Eva; & Creti, Laura. (Measures frequency of 30 activities of adults aged 55-88 years during times of falling asleep or getting back to sleep) TC021950, Set BB

     Sleep Questionnaire (1995) Fichten, Catherine S.; Libman, Eva; Creti, Laura; Bailes, Sally; & Alapin, Iris. (12-item survey inquiring about sleep experiences of adults aged 55-88 years) TC021947, Set BB


     Reasons for Quitting Scale (RFQ) (1989) Curry, Susan J. (20-item measure of motivation of smokers to cease smoking) TC021717, Set BB

     Shiffman-Jarvik Smoking Withdrawal QuestionnaireShiffman, Saul M. & Jarvik, Murray E. TC019310, Set W

     Tandy's Semantic Scale for Attitudes Toward Smoking (1966) Tandy, Ruth Elizabeth (To assess attitudes toward smoking of 7th graders & above) TC006410, Set E

    Social Adjustment

     Social Judgment Scale (SJS) (1983) Spragg, Paul A. (Test to determine if mentally retarded can express appropriate social behaviors) TC019193, Set W

     Prueba de la Terminacion dela Franse de Fehrenbach (1974) Fehrenbach, Alice. TC006119, Set G

    Social Attitudes

     Scale for Measuring Attitude Toward Any Home-Making Activity (1960) Remmers, H.H. (Part of the Purdue Master Attitude Scales) TC002778, Set U

     Scale for Measuring Attitudes Toward Any Practice (1960) Remmers, H.H. (Part of the Purdue Master Attitude Scales) TC002777, Set U

     Scale for Measuring Attitudes Toward Any Proposed Social Action (1960) Remmers, H.H. (Part of the Purdue Master Attitude Scales) TC002776, Set U

     Attitudes Toward Feminist Issue Scale (1975) Brodsky, Annette M. & Elmore, Patricia B. TC009162, Set E

     Social Interest Scale (1975) Crandall, James E. (For adults to assess a person's interest in the welfare of others.) TC008333, Set D

    Social Behavior

     Psychological Skills Inventory (1990) Strayhorn, Joseph M. (Observer rating scales measure social skills. There are two versions: a parent rating of child's skills and a self-rating version for adults.) TC017402, Set R

     Interpersonal Relations Scale (1977) Shadish, William R. (Measure of intimacy in a clinical group study) TC015696, Set N

     Tasks of Life Survey (1978) Zarski, John J. et al. (Measure of attitudes toward self in 4 areas of one's social life) TC014519, Set L

    Social Characteristics

     Social Assets Inventory (1981) Shaefer, Earl S. & Edgerton, Marianna. TC012258, Set I

    Social Cognition

     Self Efficacy Questionnaire for Social Skills (1982) Zeiss, Antonette M. & Moe, Karl O. (Measures undergraduate psychology students’ perceptions of their social skills in social situations) TC017172, Set Q

    Social Perception

     Ways of Looking at People Scale (WLP) (1967) Moursund, Janet P. (53-item scale that measures interpersonal perceptions in adolescents) TC009399, Set S

    Social Status

     Reputation Enhancement Scale (1977) Carroll, Annemaree; Hattie, John; Houghton, Stephen; & Durkin, Kevin. TC022025, Set CC

    Social Support Networks

     Duke Social Support Index (DSSI) (1990) Blazer, Dan; Hybels, Celia; & Hughes, Dana C. TC020937, Set Z

     Social Support Inventory for People with Acquired Disabilities, Research Edition (SSIPAD) (1991) McColl, Mary Ann & Friedland, Judith (Questionnaire to assess support received since illness or injury; based on the Social Support Inventory for Stroke Survivors, TC830492) TC830515, Set S

     Social Support Inventory for Stroke Survivors (SSISS) (1984) McColl, Mary Ann. TC830492, Set S

     Interpersonal Network Questionnaire (1986) Pearson, Judith E. (Multidimensional measure of social network support for adult individuals) TC015703, Set N

     De Boe Inventory of Social Support (1984) De Boe, James B. et al. (Investigation of social support as a stress mediator) TC013563, Set L

    Spatial Ability

     Mental Rotations Test: A Test of Three-Dimensional Spatial Visualization. Vandenberg, S.G. (Revised instructions by H. Crawford) TC011975, Set CC

     Purdue Spatial Visualization Test (1976) Guay, Roland (Measure to determine person's perception of three-dimensional objects, for ages 13+) TC009199, Set V

     Middle Grades Mathematics Project, Spatial Visualization Test (1981) Lappan, Glenda et al. (This measure of spatial visualization ability for grades 5-8 is thought to be important in technical scientific occupations) TC016003, Set O

     Spatial Experience Questionnaire (1977) McDaniel, Ernest et al. TC014151, Set L

     Harshman Figures (1982) Harshman, Richard A. & Harshman, Louise TC011765, Set I


     Sports Attitude Questionnaire (1989) Wright, Wendy & Rubin, Stephen (12-item questionnaire designed to measure morality in athletic participation. Each item represents a dilemma one night encounter while playing a sport that requires a decision which could influence winning or losing. Shows differences in sportsmanship between males/females and athletes/non-athletes) TC016581, Set P

    Stress Management

     Coping Strategy Indicator (CSI) (1993) Amirkhan, James H. TC019996, Set V

    Stress Variables

     College Student Life Events Scale (1979) Levine, Murray & Perkins, David V. (Contains items reflecting stressful life events common to college students, such as finances, relationships, academic classes, and family matters) TC016671, Set P

     Oaster Stressor Scales (1982) Oaster, Thomas R.F. TC011992, Set I

     Life Stress Questionnaire (1977) Van Atta, Ralph E. (for college students) TC009223, Set E

    Student Adjustment

     Fehrenbach Language Perception Test (1983) Fehrenbach, Alice (screening device for students needing help) TC06345, Set I

    Student Attitudes

     Minnesota School Attitude Survey (MSAS) (1983) Ahlgren, Andrew (Measure for assessing students' attitudes and experiences in Grades 1-12) TC012400 and TC012401, Set V

     Student Opinion Survey (1995) McMillan, James H. (For grades 4, 8, and 11) TC019529, Set V

     Student Goals Exploration: Classroom Research Set (1991) Student Goals Exploration Version CR-1 (for use early in academic term); Student Goals Exploration Version CR-2 (for use late in academic term)Student Goals Exploration Version CRM (for use with program majors); Student Goals Exploration Faculty Perspective (to assess faculty goals) Stark, Joan S. et al, National Center for Research to Improve Postsecondary Teaching and Learning (NCRIPTAL) (Three instruments assess college student goals, the fourth assesses faculty goals for students) TC017383, Set S

     Student Goals Exploration: Institutional Research Set (1991) Student Goals Exploration Version CR-1 (for use early in academic term); Student Goals Exploration Version CR-2; Student Goals Exploration Version CRM (for use with program majors); Student Goals Exploration Faculty Perspective (to assess faculty goals); Stark, Joan S. et al, National Center for Research to Improve Postsecondary Teaching and Learning (NCRIPTAL) (Three instruments assess college student goals, the fourth assesses faculty goals for students) (A longer version of the Student Goals Exploration: Classroom Research Set (TC017383, Set) for institutional research) TC018504, Set S

     Tests of Perception of Scientists and Self (TOPOSS) (1976) Mackay, L. D. & White, R. T. (For grades 9-12 to measure their perception of scientists) TC800126, Set O

     Students' Attitudes Toward the Mentally Handicapped (1982) Campbell, N. Jo et al. (For upper elementary and middle school children) TC014580, Set M

     Kulm Mathematics Self-Concept Test (1973) Kulm, Gerald (For use in math course for prospective elementary school teachers) TC013826, Set K

     Attitude Toward Mathematics Scale (1978) Peterson, Penelope L. TC012001, Set I

     We want Your Opinion: An Attitude Instrument for College Students (1978) Penn State University, Nutrition Information & Resource Center TC011670, Set H

     Student Survey (1977) Downey, Ronald G. & Lynch, Michael L. TC011105, Set G

    Student Educational Objectives

     The Questionnaire on Influences (1979) Lynch, P. P. & Walters, Malcolm. (For use with first year college science students, this questionnaire measures the expectations of students, the influences on students, and the aims of the teachers. Originally designed to determine how a chemistry class at the University of Tasmania influenced university students. The instructors' goals are identified in the included companion measure, Staff Aims for First Year Courses) TC800309, Set Q

     Academic Interest Inventory, Revised Edition (1951) Bild, Bernice & Dutton, Eugene TC004933, Set E

    Student Evaluation of Teacher Performance

     Student Evaluation of Teaching (1970) Veldman, Donald J. & Peck, R.F. (Student evaluation of teaching for grades 3-12) TC008280, Set D

     Purdue Instructor Performance Indicator (1960) Snedeker, J.H. & Remmers, H.H. (Measure of students' opinions of their college instructors) TC004228, Set V

     Purdue Teacher Evaluation Scale (PTES) (1970) Bentley, Ralph R. & Starry, Alan R. (For use by junior high school students and beyond) TC006979, Set V

     Purdue Rating Scale for Instruction (1950) Remmers, H.H. & Elliott, D.N. (Measure by students of teaching instructors) TC002438, Set U

     Instructor and Course Evaluation System (1977) Office of Instructional Resources, University of Illinois, Urbana. TC011129, Set H

     Inventory of Student Perceptions of Instruction: Elementary, High School & College Forms (Not Dated) Scott, Owen. TC010030, Set G

     UWGB Course Comments (1972). Hogan, Thomas P. & Hartley, Eugene L. TC010349, Set G

     Instructional Assessment System (1974) Gillmore, Gerald M. TC010862, Set G

     Course Faculty Evaluation Instrument (1976) Freedman, Richard D. & Stumpf, Stephen A.TC010799, Set G

     Competency Based Teacher Evaluation Guide (1970) Johnson, Charles E. & Bauch, Jerold P. TC010244, Set E

    Student Motivation

     Student Motivation Questionnaire (1985) Brophy, Jere & Merrick, Mari. (Scale designed to measure motivation to learn, for use with junior high school students in social studies classes) TC017207, Set Q

     Animal Crackers: A Test of Motivation to Achieve, Research Edition (1975) Adkins, Dorothy C. & Ballif, Bonnie L. (Used with children in preschool to first grade) TC009724, Set N

     Clinical Teaching Survey for Nursing (1985) Ripley, Delia McKeithan. TC015525, Set N

    Student Participation

     Student Participation Questionnaire (1990) Finn, Jeremy D. (Measures teacher perceptions of individual, at-risk students' participation behaviors over a period of months. Covers behaviors, such as student effort, initiative and nonparticipatory behavior) TC017575, Set R

    Student Placement

     Oral Language Proficiency Scale (1978) Dade County Public Schools (Scale for student placement inprogram for students of other languages) TC010162, Set E

     Examen de Lectura en Espanol (1975) Dade County Public Schools (Spanish reading placement test for grades 5-7) TC010163, Set E

     Examen de Lenguaje en Espanol (1975) Dade County Public Schools (Spanish language placement test for grades 5-7) TC010164, Set E

    Student School Relationship

     Teacher Satisfaction Survey (1990)Evans, Virden. TC020669, Set Y

     Coping Scales (1990) Schoenfeld, Irvin Sam. TC020616, Set Y

     Diagnostic Teacher Rating Scale. Tschechtelin, Sister M. Amatora (Part of the Purdue Master Attitude Scales) TC002781, Set U

     Scale to Measure Attitude Toward Teaching Miller, Floyd D. (Part of the Purdue Master Attitude Scales) TC002782, Set U

     Scale for Measuring Attitude Toward Any Teacher Hoshaw, L.D. (Part of the Purdue Master Attitude Scales) TC002784, Set U

     Survey of School Climate for Pregnant and Parenting Teens (1987) Nash, Margaret A. & Dunkle, Margaret. (110-item questionnaire designed to determine the school policies, practices, attitudes and conditions that exist regarding pregnant or parenting students who may be potential dropouts) TC017299, Set Q

    Study Habits

     Coursework Learning-Behavior Scale (CLBS) (1983-1995) Pomales, Manuel, Jr. (This scale measures a student's overall learning behavior for any type of information one wants to acquire. The Scale has a 2005 copyright.) TC022219, Set CC

    Substance Abuse

     Informed Consent with Substance Abusers Survey (1999) McCrady, Barbara S. (Studies alcohol and drug abusers) TC020826, Set Y

    Substitute Teachers

     Elementary School Substitute Teacher Questionnaire (1984) Pascale, Pietro J. (Assesses needs and concerns of substitute teachers) TC013869, Set K

    Suicide Prevention

     Counselor Checklist for School-Based Suicide (1994) Malley, Patrick B. & Kush, Francis (Tool to enable school counselors to compare their programs against effective school-based suicide prevention programs) TC019397, Set W

    Supervisory Methods

     Supervisor Behavior Observation Scale (1983) Cherniss, Cary (Random observation of behaviors of supervisors and administrators in an educational setting for mentally-retarded children. Categories are based on path-goal theory of leadership) TC015687, Set P

     Supervisory Behavior Description Questionnaire (1981) Sistrunk, Walter E. (For supervisors of instruction in schools-2 forms, one for teachers and one for supervisors) TC015180, Set M

     Multiple Management Styles Inventory (M2) (1987) Smith, August William (Helps to discover traits one possesses in particular positions, situations & environments. Makes one aware of attitudes & practices which affect work behaviors & performance) TC015096, Set M

     Responsible Risk-Taking Inventory (R2I) (1986) Smith, August William (40-item rating scale to discover traits one possesses in particular positions, situations & environments) TC015098, Set M

     Teacher Attitudes

     Rumstein Agreement/Disagreement Test (Not Dated) Rumstein, Regina. TC009745, Set F

     Minnesota Marking Attitude Scale (1971)Terwilliger, James S.; Cooper, Douglas; & Straton, Ralph G. TC010026, Set F

     Parent Education-Involvement Attitude Scale (1977) Pasley, Kay (Measures attitudes of preschool teachers toward the parent education programs in which they participate) TC010703, Set F

    Teacher Effectiveness

     STEP Observation Scale (1969) Wallen, Norman E. (Sausalito Teacher Education Project (STEP)) TC010165, Set E

     Transaction Sample: Classroom (1962) Spaulding, Robert L. TC010193, Set E

    Teacher Made Tests

     Minimum Measurement Competencies for Classroom Teachers (1980) Allam, Salah M. TC010686, Set G

    Teacher Morale

     Purdue Teacher Opinionaire (1967-1972) Bentley, Ralph R. & Rempel, Averno M. (Measures teachers' opinions about their working environment and morale. A Supplement is included which measures attitudes about the school board, the superintendent of schools and a teacher's department head.) TC006911, Set CC

    Teacher Student Relationship

     Teachers' Support Scale (1983) Marjoribanks, Kevin. (Measures adolescent perception of teacher support for learning) TC800308, Set Q

     Teacher Report of Child Behavior (1979) Schaefer, Earl S. & Edgerton, Marianna. TC012256, Set J

    Teaching Styles

     Orientation to Learning (1985) Shapiro, Stewart B. (Measure of orientation to learning based on 15 major humanistic instructional values) TC015412, Set N

     Perception of Social Closeness Scale (1977) Horne, Marcia D. (5-item interval scale to measure classroom social distance) TC011548, Set L

     Teacher Child Dyadic Interaction: A Manual for Coding Classroom Behavior (1969) Brophy, Jere E. & Good, Thomas L. TC008722, Set L

     Munby System (1977) Munby, Hugh (Coding system to study intellectual effects of various science teaching methods) TC830338, Set F

     The Mark-Factor Inventory (1978) Lewis, William A. TC009390, Set E

     The Marking-Factor Inventory (Revised) (1978) Lewis, William A. & Dexter, Gene. TC009391, Set E

    Technological Literacy

     What Do Others Know About CD-ROMS, LANS, Modems and More (1993) Dalton, Donna W. (Measure of staff development) TC019767, Set V

    Test Anxiety

     Test Comfort Index (1980) Harnisch, Delwyn (7-item measure of test anxiety) TC014896, Set M

    Test Wiseness

     Test Wiseness Scale (1972) Diamond, James J. & Evans, W. TC009716, Set F

    Textbook Evaluation

     Science Textbook Evaluation Instrument (1980) Kentucky Department of Education. TC012170, Set K


     Therapist Questionnaire (1985) Zwick, Rebecca & Attkisson, C. Clifford (Measures a therapist's impression of a client in terms of the client's initial anxiety level, perceived expectations about therapy, and attractiveness as a therapy prospect.)TC014612, Set R

     Therapist Style Inventory (1986) Howard, George S. (Also called Counselor Behavior Analysis Scale, is a description of counseling situations with four possible choices of action) TC016036, Set R

    Thinking Skills

     Continuum of Progress Towards Goals Assessment (1993) Educational Testing Service (Evaluates elementary school students' ability to formulate questions related to an area of study, develop strategies for gathering information, and summarize and apply findings) TC020393, Set BB

    Time Perspective

     Time Reference Inventory (n.d.) Roos, Philip. TC010198, Set I

    Type A Behavior

     Hunter-Wolf A-B Rating Scale (1980) Hunter, Saundra MacD. & Wolf, Thomas M. TC022056, Set CC

     Structure Interview for Assessing TABP Phenomena (1986) Wright, Logan. (Measure to assess type A behavior pattern (TABP) in terms of concern over lost time, tendency to stay active all day long every day, and anger expression)

    TC016641, Set Q

     Time Urgency and Perceptual Activation Scale (1986) Wright, Logan & McCurdy, S. (Looks at subfactors of Type A Behavior Patterns in two scales. One is a 106-item measure of concern over losing a few seconds, and the second is a 27-item scale for assessing a chronic tendency to do more than one thing at a time) TC016640, Set P

    Users Information

     Internet Usage Questionnaire (1999) O'Sullivan, Michael & Scott, Thomas J. (Identifies high school students' reasons for using the Internet, frequency of use, likes and dislikes of the technology, and evaluations of their own skills in using the Internet) TC021948, Set BB


     Conceptions of Personal Issues, Revised (1982) Nucci, Larry P. (Card sort to determine distinctions children make among moral, social & personal issues). TC011499, Set H

     Adolescent Value-Orientations Profile (Not Dated) Ulin, Richard O. TC008845, Set E

    Verbal Learning

     Interpretation Test (1977) Watt, Norman F. & Benjamin, Thomas B. (For grades 5 and above to know the meanings of ambiguous words.) TC008314, Set D

     Repertory Test (1977) Watt, Norman F. & Benjamin, Thomas B. (For grades 5 and above, knowledge of various meanings of homographs) TC008315, Set D

    Visual Impairments

     Preschool Orientation and Mobility (O&M) Screening (1989) Association for Education & Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired (AER) (Screening tool for visually impaired children up to 5 years of age, who may possess additional disabilities) TC018766, Set T

    Visual Perception

     Perceptual Acuity Test (1967) Gough, Harrison G. & Perry, Ethel McGurk (Group test of visual perception of geometric forms & optical illusions) TC011171, Set H

    Vocabulary Skills

     Discrimination and Generalization Vocabulary Test (1947) Dutton, Eugene (Ability to discriminate between meanings of synonyms) TC005177, Set E

    Vocational Education

     Purdue Industrial Training Classification Test (1942) Lawshe, C.H. & Moutoux, A.C. (Measure of individuals who would gain the most experience from an industrial training program) TC004561, Set U

    Vocational Interests

     Pictorial Interest Inventory (1959) Scarborough, Barron B. (For male population only) TC006180, Set V

     Four Self-Assessment Questionnaires for Liberal Arts Majors: English, Political Sciences, Psychology, and Sociology (1982) Turner, Carol J. TC013373, Set J

    Vocational Maturity
    • Cognitive Vocational Maturity Test (CVMT) (1973) Westbrook, Bert W. & Parry-Hill, Jr., Joseph W. (Constructed to measure knowledge, abilities, characteristics, and requirements of various occupations) TC001758, Set O
    • Career Planning Questionnaire, Research Edition & Career Planning Questionnaire, Revised Research Edition (1983) Westbrook, Bert W. (For students in the 11th grade-to measure different aspects of career maturity) TC015757, Set N and TC015758, Set N
    • Job Knowledge Survey (1973) Loesch, Larry C. TC010280, Set G
    Womens Athletics
    • Attitudes of College Women Toward Sports and Athletic Scholarships (1979) Mathes, Sharon. TC020328, Set X
    • Sports Equity Survey (1978) Bureau of Equal Educational Opportunity of the PA Dept. of Education. TC011648, Set H
    Word Associations
    • Karp Objective Word Association Test (KOWAT) (1993) Karp, Stephen A. (Measures word association of 40 stimulus words and subjects' responses) TC021924, Set BB
    Work Attitudes
    • Work Importance Study Values Scale (VS) Croatian Version (1998) Sverko, Branimir (Assesses 19 work and social values) (In Croatian) TC021714, Set BB
    • Employment Readiness Scale (1973) Alfano, Anthony M. TC008290, Set J
    • Work Relevant Attitudes Inventory (1975) Walther, Regis H. TC011125, Set H
    Work Environment
    • Work Stress Inventory (1982) Barone, David E. (40-item scale measures organizational stress and job risk) TC016638, Set P
    • Job Diagnostic Survey (1974) Hackman, J. Richard & Oldham, Greg R. (This instrument is also available as an ERIC document ED099580, and is Appendix B in Retaining Valued Employees by Rodger W. Griffeth & Peter W. Hom. Thousand Oaks, Calif.: Sage Publications, c2001. TC005161, Set E