Incipitaria of Hilandar Miscellanies

Incipitaria of Hilandar Miscellanies/Сборники (Sborniks)

Over the years, several Graduate Student Associates for the Resource Center for Medieval Slavic Studies (RCMSS) worked on a project to produce a "table of contents" for each of the Miscellanies/Сборники (Sborniks) in the Hilandar Monastery Slavic Manuscript Collection from the 13th, 14th and 15th centuries. This work was primarily done in the 1990s and resulted in drafts of descriptions that list the Title, Incipt, and Explicit of each separate text in the miscellanies, and frequently, the quire marks (if present) in the manuscripts as well.

The bulk of the work was done by M.A. Johnson (MAJ) and Victor Boldewskul (VB). Other contributors included John Osborne and Michael Donohoo. The Very Rev. Dr. Mateja Matejic (MM) and Dr. Predrag Matejic (PM) served as consultants.

The landmark Каталог ћирилских рукописа Манастира Хиландара (Beograd, 1978) by Dimitrije Bogdanović (DB) was frequently consulted. The work was also informed in part by research done by Klimentina Ivanova (KI) and Anissava Miltenova (AM), who have published on the topic, see, especially Klimentina Ivanova's monumental work Bibliotheca Hagiographica Balcano-Slavica (София : Акад-но изд. "Проф. Марин Дринов," 2008), and Anissava Miltenova's articles on HM.SMS.382

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14th Century

HM.SMS.384     HM.SMS.388    HM.SMS.389    HM.SMS.392     HM.SMS.394    

HM.SMS.395     HM.SMS.397     HM.SMS.404     HM.SMS.459     HM.SMS.470   

HM.SMS.472     HM.SMS.473    HM.SMS.474     HM.SMS.476      HM.SMS.644 + 759.III        

HM.SMS.645     HM.SMS.646

15th Century

HM.SMS.227     HM.SMS.427     HM.SMS.428     HM.SMS.429    

HM.SMS.460     HM.SMS.464     HM.SMS.465     HM.SMS.466    

HM.SMS.467     HM.SMS.468     HM.SMS.477     HM.SMS.496


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