Research Projects

Over the years the Hilandar Research Library (HRL) and the Resource Center for Medieval Slavic (RCMSS) have engaged in various research projects related both to the HRL materials and to the use of these materials.


One such project are the Incipitaria or listings of the titles, incipits, and explicits of the various texts contained in the miscellanies (sborniki) found in the Hilandar Monastery Slavic manuscript collection from the 13th-15th centuries. The project was one of the recommendations made by working groups that met during the First International Hilandar Conference held in Columbus, Ohio, 1981 (see Polata knigopisnaia 5 (October 1981): 84-88. A number of RCMSS graduate research associates (GRAs) have worked on this project; drafts of these works are available on this website (see right navigation pane).


Researchers who use the resources of the HRL/RCMSS, and particularly the primary source material of manuscripts and early printed books on microform, are asked to acknowledge the HRL/RCMSS in any publication that is enhanced by these resources. Any material from Hilandar Monastery also requires an acknowledgement of the Monks of Hilandar Monastery. Researchers are asked to send us copies of any publication, or, at the very least, notify us of the publication. From the third issue of Cyrillic Manuscript Heritage (June 1998): 8-10, we have been compiling a bibliography of MA and Licentiate theses, professional papers, doctoral dissertations, articles, and monographs that incorporate materials or have received subventions from the HRL/RCMSS. Former RCMSS GRAs Dongsoo Jeon, Nataša Kaurin-Karača, Dinissa Duvanova, and Lauren Ressue have contributed significantly to work on this bibligraphy. Former Assistant Curator of the HRL Lyubomira Parpulova-Gribble compiled lists of the various types of works and the lists, which are available here (see right navigation pane).

We ask reasearchers to check the various lists and verify that (1) we have correctly listed their works, (2) let us know of any other publications that should be added, and (3) notify us if they think we have erroneously listed a work as enhanced by our resources which should be deleted from the list.