Cyrillic Manuscript Heritage (CMH)

CMH is the newsletter of the Hilandar Research Library (HRL) and the Resource Center for Medieval Slavic Studies (RCMSS), which has been issued biannually - with a few exceptions - since April 1997.

Sarah "Jessi" Jones, the former RCMSS Program Coordinator, was the managing editor of CMH vols. 35 (July 2014) - 41 (December 2017). 

Helene Senecal, the former Center Coordinator of the RCMSS, was the editor of CMH vols. 1 (April 1997) - 34 (December 2013).

International Hilandar Conference Proceedings

Sixth International Hilandar Conference: Medieval Slavic Text and Image in the Cultures of Orthodoxy, July 19-21, 2013, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio.

Selected papers from the 6th International Hilandar Conference are available on the Knowledge Bank of The Ohio State University and University Libraries.

Fifth International Hilandar Conference: Love of Learning and Devotion to God in Orthodox Monasteries, September 8-14, 2002, Raška, Serbia.

The first of two volumes of selected papers of the 5th International Hilandar Conference was published by Raška škola in 2006.  

Love of Learning and Devotion to God in Orthodox Monasteries: Selected Proceedings / Љубав према образовању и вера у Бога у православним манастирима: Зборник изабраних радова I. Beograd ; Columbus, Ohio: Raška škola ; The Ohio State University, Resource Center for Medieval Slavic Studies, 2006.

Fourth International Hilandar Conference, August 14-15, 1998, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio.

Monastic Traditions: Selected Proceedings of the Fourth International Hilandar Conference, The Ohio State University, 14-15 August 1998. Bloomington, Ind.: Slavica, 2003.

Third International Hilandar Conference, March 28-30, 1989, Department of Language and Literature, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Beograd, Yugoslavia. 

Проучавање средњовековних јужнословенских рукописа. Зборник радова са III међународне хиландарске конференције одржане од 28. до 30 марта 1989. Уредник Павле Ивић. Београд: Српска Академија Наука и Уметности, Одељење језика и књижевности, 1995. 

Second International Hilandar Conference, the Description of the Slavonic Manuscript Heritage and the Role of Monasteries in the Cultural History of the Balkan People, September 18-22, 1984, Rila Monastery, Rila, Bulgaria.

Selected proceedings of the 2nd Interational Hilandar Conference were published in Kirilo-Metodievskii studii 3 (1986): 129-294.

First International Hilandar Conference: Hilandar Monastery and Other Repositories of Medieval Slavic Manuscripts: Research Needs and Opportunities: A Working Conference, 11-13 April 1981, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio.

Offprint from the journal Polata knigopisnaia 5 (1981): 43-90.