Medieval Slavic Summer Institute

The 9th Biennial Medieval Slavic Summer Institute (MSSI) was held in the Hilandar Research Library at The Ohio State University (Columbus, Ohio) on June 19–July 14, 2017.

The Hilandar Research Library (HRL), the Resource Center for Medieval Slavic Studies (RCMSS), and the department of Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures (SEELC) at The Ohio State University hosts  a four-week intensive Summer Institute for qualified graduate students in Columbus, Ohio, every other year. The Medieval Slavic Summer Institute (MSSI) offers: Practical Slavic Palaeography and Readings in Church Slavonic as the "Medieval Slavic Workshop" (Slavic 8714). All lectures are in English. Assigned readings are in English and Russian.

Manuscript material on microform from the Hilandar Research Library’s extensive holdings forms a large part of the lectures and exercises. There is also a program of lectures on related topics, and other activities.

Applicants must be graduate students with a BA degree and with a reading knowledge of Cyrillic and of at least one Slavic language. Preference will be given to applicants with reading knowledge of Old Church Slavonic or some other pre-modern Slavic language.

The Hilandar Research Library, the largest repository of medieval Slavic Cyrillic texts on microform in the world, includes holdings from over 100 monastic, private, museum, and library collections of twenty-three countries. There are over 6,000 Cyrillic manuscripts on microform in the HRL, as well as over 1,000 Cyrillic early pre-1800 printed books on microform. The holdings range from the eleventh to twentieth centuries, with a particularly strong collection of manuscripts from the fourteenth to sixteenth centuries. About half of the manuscripts are East Slavic, with much of the remainder South Slavic in provenience.

For further information about the HRL and RCMSS, see archived issues of Cyrillic Manuscript Heritage for accounts of MSSI 1999 (issue #6), MSSI 2001 (issue #10), MSSI 2003 (issue #14), MSSI 2006 (issue #20), MSSI 2008 (issue #24), MSSI 2011 (issue #30), MSSI 2013 (issue #34), MSSI 2015 (issue #37), and MSSI 2017 (issue #40, forthcoming). 

The SEELC website address is

 For further information on eligibility, credit, housing, and financial aid, please contact the HRL and RCMSS at or write the Hilandar Research Library and the Resource Center for Medieval Slavic Studies, 119 Thompson Library, 1858 Neil Avenue Mall, Columbus, Ohio 43210-1286.