Report of the Geological survey of Ohio Vol. 7:Economic Geology, Archaeology, Botany and Paleontology

A joint project of OSU Libraries and the Ohio Geological Survey.

Volume 7

Title Page   pub. 1893

Table of Contents and Preface (Pages i-xviii)

Part One Economic Geology

Chapter 1 (Pages 1-44) Geological Scale and Geological Structure of Ohio - Edward Orton
Chapter 2 (Pages 45-68) The Clays of Ohio, their Origin, Composition and Varieties - Edward Orton
Chapter 3 (Pages 69-254) The Clay Working Industries of Ohio - Edward Orton, Jr.
Chapter 4 (Pages 255-290) The Coal Fields of Ohio - Edward Orton

Section Two General

Chapter 1 (Pages 1-55) The Archaeology of Ohio - Gerard Fowke
Chapter 2 (Pages 56-406) The Botany of Ohio - W.A. Kellerman and W.C. Werner
Chapter 3 (Pages 407-494) Contributions to the Paleontology of Ohio - R.T. Whitfield
Chapter 4 (Pages 495-515) Observations on the so-called Waverly Group of Ohio - C.L. Herrick
Chapter 5 (Pages 516-601) Fossils of the Clinton Group in Ohio and Indiana - Aug. F. Foreste
Chapter 6 (Pages 602-626) The Fossil Fishes of Ohio - E.W. Claypole and A.A. Wright
Chapter 7 (Pages 627-693) New and Little Known Lamellibranchiata from the Lower Silurian Rocks of Ohio and Adjacent States - E.O. Ulrich
Volume 7 Index (Pages 697-701)