Report of the Geological survey of Ohio vol. 6: Economic Geology

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Volume 6 Economic Geology

Title Page  pub. 1888
Table of Contents and Preface (Pages i-x)
Chapter 1 (Pages 1-51) The Geology of Ohio Considered in Its Relation to Petroleum and Natural Gas - Edward Orton
Chapter 2 (Pages 60-100) The Origin and Accumulation of Petroleum and Natural gas - Edward Orton
Chapter 3 (Pages 101-310) The Trenton Limestone as a Source of Oil and Gas in Ohio - Edward Orton
Chapter 4 (Pages 311-409) Berea Grit as a Source of Oil and Gas in Ohio - Edward Orton
Chapter 5 (Pages 410-442) The Ohio Shale as a Source of Oil and Gas in Ohio - Edward Orton
Chapter 6 (Pages 443-475) The History and Development of the Macksburg Oil Field - F.W. Minshall
Chapter 7 (Pages 476-515) The Drilling and Care of Oil Wells - Fred H. Newell
Chapter 8 (Pages 516-547) The Transportation, Uses and Modes of Using Natural Gas - N.W. Lord
Chapter 9 (Pages 548-594) Measurement of Gas Wells and Other Gases Streams, and the Piping of Natural Gas - S.W. Robinson
Chapter 10 (Pages 595-626) The Pittsburgh Coal Seam in Jefferson, Belmont and Guernsey Counties - C. Newton Brown
Chapter 11 (Pages 627-652) The Pomeroy and Federal Creek Coal Field - Ellis Lovejoy
Chapter 12 (Pages 653-670) The Manufacture of Salt and Bromine - W.J. Root
Chapter 13 (Pages 671-695) Natural and Artificial Cements - N.W. Lord
Chapter 14 (Pages 696-702) Gypsum or Land Plaster in Ohio - Edward Orton
Chapter 15 (Pages 703-771) The Production of Lime in Ohio - Edward Orton
Chapter 16 (Pages 772-782) The Drift Deposits of Ohio - Edward Orton
Chapter 17
(Pages 783-792) Supplemental Report on the New Gas Fields and Oil Fields of Ohio - Edward Orton
Appendix (Pages 793-820) Table Giving Elevations Above Seal Level in the Counties of Ohio
Volume 6 Index
(Pages 821-831)