Report of the Geological survey of Ohio Vol. 4: Zoology and Botany (part 1)

A joint project of OSU Libraries and the Ohio Geological Survey.

Volume 4 was also published in German

Volume 4, Part 1 Zoology (only part published)

Title Page  pub. 1882
Table of Contents and Preface (Pages i-viii)

Section One

 Report on the Mammalia of Ohio (Pages 1-185) - A.W Brayton 

Section Two

Report on the Birds of Ohio - J.M Wheaton (pages 178-628)

 Section Three

Report on the Reptiles and Amphibians of Ohio - W.H. Smith (pages 629-734)

Section Four

Report on the Fishes of Ohio - David L. Jordan (pages 735-1002)

Volume 4 Index (Pages 1003-1020)