Report of the Geological survey of Ohio Vol. 11: Bulletins 12-15 of the 4th Series

A joint project of OSU Libraries and the Ohio Geological Survey.

Volume 11

Title page and Table of Contents (Pages i-viii)  pub. 1913

Bulletin Twelve

The Bremen Oil Field, by J.A. Bownocker, 68 p., illus., 1910

Bulletin Thirteen

The Maxville Limestone, by William Clifford Morse, 128 p., illus., 1910.

Bulletin Fourteen

Geology of the Columbus Quadrangle, by Clinton R. Stauffer, Goerge D. Hubbard and J.A. Bownocker, 133 p., illus., 1911. Maps   Topography; Historical or Areal Geology; and Physiography or Surficial Geology (at end of Volume 11)

Bulletin Fifteen

The Devonian and Mississippian Formations of Northeastern Ohio, by Charles S. Prosser, 574 p., illus., 1912