Report of the Geological survey of Ohio Vol. 10: Bulletins 9-11 of the 4th Series

A joint project of OSU Libraries and the Ohio Geological Survey.

Volume 10

Title Page  pub. 1913
Summary of Publications available from the Survey (Pages i-xi)
Table of Contents (Pages xiii-xxv)

Bulletin Nine
Coal, by J.A. Bownocker, N.W. Loard and E. E. Somermeier, 342 p., illus (maps at the end of Volume 10), 1908 

Bulletin Ten
The Middle Devonian of Ohio by Clinton R. Stauffer, 204 p., illus., 1910

Bulletin Eleven
The Manufacture of Roofing Tiles by Wolsey Garnet Worcester with Edward Orton, Jr., 476 p., illus., 1910

Maps (Bulletin 9, Map of Pittsburg Coal and Map of the Pomeroy and Meigs Creek Coal) 
Geological Map of Ohio