Time & Change: 150 Years of The Ohio State University

Thompson Library
Thompson Gallery (Room 125)
1858 Neil Avenue Mall
Columbus, OH 43210-1286

February 1, 2020 - March 15, 2020
Exhibit Hours: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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At 150 years, the history of The Ohio State University seems inevitable. It seems guaranteed that the Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College would be built in Columbus. It seems given that generations of individuals would come to study here from around Ohio, the nation, and the world. However, throughout the university’s founding and history there have been challenges that threatened its very existence. It is only thanks to many individuals and their dedication to the university’s motto of “education for citizenship” that the university has survived. 

Ohio State’s history has been cyclical in some ways – going from semesters to quarters to semesters again – and linear in others. While many buildings and departments have survived, others have come and gone. Although Ohio State should hold onto pieces of its past, it cannot stay the same. It would be inconceivable to go back to Ohio Field, to a Dean of Women, or to a one-story library. As we celebrate the university’s Time & Change, we remember the university’s past, celebrate its present, and envision its future.

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Photo of Tamar Chute Tamar Chute
University Archivist

Photo of Tyler Osborne Tyler Osborne
Sesquicentennial Archives Asst

Photo of Kevlin Haire Kevlin Haire
Assistant University Archivist