Ketones: From Toxic to Therapeutic

Thompson Library
150 A & B
1858 Neil Avenue Mall
Columbus, OH 43210-1286

August 20, 2019 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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Join Dr. Jeff Volek, Professor in the Department of Human Sciences, for a brief history of ketogenic diets and a broad overview of the emerging scientific evidence supporting ketogenic diets and ketosis as health-promoting and performance-enhancing. He will dispel common myths and share information about creating a well-formulated ketogenic diet that is safe, pleasurable, and sustainable. A delicious ketogenic-friendly meal will be provided. 

We have reached in person capacity for this event.  A link to view the presentation will be shared soon.  Thank you for your interest!

Presentation-Lecture Thompson Library Event

Photo of Tracey Overbey Tracey Overbey
Assistant Professor

Photo of Dr. Jeff Volek Dr. Jeff Volek
Professor, Department of Human Sciences