On the first use of Special Collections held by the Ohio State University Libraries, researchers will complete an application form.  The information given will be reviewed by library staff from time to time and updates may be requested.

Coats, hats, briefcases, packages, umbrellas, packs, handbags, and all other personal property must be stored in the lockers provided.  Researchers may make use of notepads and laptop computers.

Cell phones should be placed on vibrate.  Patrons should leave the reference room when answering calls to avoid disturbing other researchers.

Researchers will fill out call slips for all requested materials and submit completed call slips to the staff member on duty.

All collection materials will be consulted only in the reading room and must be returned to the staff member on duty before the researcher leaves the room.

The library may limit the number of items a researcher may request at one time.


Eating, drinking, chewing gum and use of any form of tobacco is prohibited.

Only soft-leaded pencils may be used in the reading room.  The use of pens, markers, or indelible pencils is not permitted.

The researcher is responsible for the careful handling of all materials made available.  Manuscripts and books may not be leaned on, written on, folded, traced over, or otherwise handled in any way that may damage them.  No marks may be added or erased.

Manuscripts and archives are to be kept in the order in which they are received by the researcher.  Material which appears to be out of order should not be rearranged by the researcher but should be brought to the attention of the staff member on duty.

Fragile materials may require special handling: in some instances the researcher will be asked to use supports, cradles or stands, and/or gloves while using fragile materials.


Reference assistance as well as assistance in using the public catalogs and collection finding aids is available.

Photo-duplication of special materials may be restricted in some instances; ask the staff member on duty about reproduction of materials. 

Digital cameras may be used upon request by patrons but only under the following circumstances:



Other conditions or restrictions may apply to the use of certain special collections.  Please see staff member on duty for more information.

REV: 10/2010