Digital Exhibits

150 Years of The Ohio State University

150 Years of The Ohio State University

As we celebrate the university’s “Time and Change,” we remember the university’s past, celebrate its present and envision its future. This exhibit, converted from a physical exhibit in Thompson Library, presents items from the University Archives to exemplify The Ohio State University’s first 150 years.

Annie Glenn launches the submarine USS Ohio

Celebrating Annie Glenn

Annie Castor Glenn, advocate for the disabled, accomplished musician, and wife of astronaut and senator, John Glenn, died on May 19, 2020. She was 100. This digital exhibit, which includes selected items from the John Glenn Archives, celebrates her remarkable life.

diablada mask

Dancing with Devils: Latin American Mask Traditions

Carnival and Diablada (Dance of Devils) festivals are among the most widely recognized celebrations in Latin America. This exhibit presents a collection of Latin American masks and photographs of Diablada de Píllaro (Devil Dance of Píllaro) in the Ecuadorian province of Tungurahua.


Digital Exhibits from the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum

Thousands of the cartoons, comics, drawings and other materials in Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum's collection ― the largest of its kind in the world ― can be viewed online.

Polar expedition airship Norge

Journeys: Treasures from Special Collections

This exhibition gathers objects that represent a wide range of journeys. It provides a glimpse into the thousands of unique and rare objects in the Special Collections of University Libraries.

Photograph of an outstretched hand in front of a blue cloudless sky, the hands are cupped together palms facing up to carefully hold a ball of dirt from which a green leafy plant is growing towards the sky

Protecting Plants, People, and the World

Plants are life. Healthy plants ensure sustainable agriculture and food systems and protect human health, ecosystems, and the planet. From early classroom teaching to research discoveries and technological advances of today, this exhibition examines the many connections between plant health, humans, and the environment.

Gallery of cartoon images

Tales from the Vault: 40 Years / 40 Stories

From 1977 to 2017, the collections of the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum grew to include millions of objects. This digital exhibition tells 40 stories from these collections: stories about the cartoons and comics themselves, the artists and writers who created them, the people who collected them and their impact on the audience that read them.