For Students

Due to limitations resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, physical course reserves have been suspended for the 2020 fall semester. University Libraries is happy to assist instructors with locating electronic alternatives or digital materials.


Student Reserve Requests

Materials on course reserves are typically put there by instructors, but you can also request that something be made available on reserve. All you have to do is fill out the form and we’ll see what we can do to get you connected with the needed resource and email you about what we find out:

Checking Out Course Reserves

In order to check out course reserves, please have a photo ID, preferably your BuckID.

The more information you have about your class, the better; department and number (eg. History 1100), the instructor’s last name, or the title of the item you are trying to check out.

Items typically check out for two hours at a time, but different library locations can have other time frames, from four hours all the way up to one week.


Materials on course reserve are meant to be shared by as many students as possible and typically check out for a shorter period of time to maximize their use. As such, they have fairly significant fines. The late fines for those items that check out by the hour are $2.00 for the first hour and $5.00 for each additional hour per item and it is essential to return them on time. The late fines for materials checked out for a day or more are $5.00 for the first day and $10.00 for each additional day per item. These items must be returned to the location and desk they were checked out from to clear your account. Failure to do so will result in fines. Never return course reserve items to a book drop, and always hand them to library staff to avoid fines. If you incur a fine, you can appeal them using the following form.

Form to Appeal Fines