Hartman Theatre Collection

- from the Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee Theatre Research Institute


The Hartman Theatre opened Nov. 11, 1911, in Columbus, Ohio, under the management of L.M. Boda, who was influential in the design of its extremely large stage and wide house. Successive managements include Robert F. Boda, J. Real Neth, Will D. Harris, Harry Schwartz, A.L. Cooper, Mrs. Lydia A. Boda, and Danny Deeds. The Hartman Theatre was, at one time, the busiest and most important theatre in central Ohio. From its opening until 1968, except for a period of darkness between 1963-1964, the Hartman made professional theatre available to the Ohio audience. Many of the greatest stars of the American stage and movies appeared there. The theatre was also home to several stock companies, and for many years hosted the Theatre Guild subscription series. The theatre was demolished in 1971.