Introducing Dr. Mervyn Heard, our 2012-2013 TRI Fellowship Recipient

Introducing Dr. Heard

Introducing Dr. Heard

Dr. Mervyn Heard is an arts professional with a broad interest in theatre practice and all aspects of the history of popular entertainment and cross-form visual media. He holds a PhD in Drama from the University of Exeter. For the last thirty years he has held a particular fascination for the magic lantern and its use within the context of live performance. Dr. Heard lectures and publishes on the history of the magic lantern and has served as a consultant on several television and motion picture productions, including Mysteries of Magic (1996) for the Discovery Channel and Time Burton’s Sleepy Hollow (1999). He is the author of numerous essays and monographs, including Phantasmagoria: The Secret Life of the Magic Lantern (Hastings: The Projection Box, 2006). Dr. Heard served as the Chairman of the Magic Lantern Society from 2006 to 2011. In addition to writing and publishing on the magic lantern, Dr. Heard also stages magic lantern entertainments and has performed in galleries, theatres, cinema venues and at festivals throughout Europe, in the USA, Canada, Australia and Japan. Dr. Heard has received the TRI Visiting Research Fellowship for 2012-2013. He will be on campus from April 3rd through April 31st working with the TRI’s Joel Rubin Collection.


Professor Mervyn Heard's Magic Lantern Show

Professor Mervyn Heard’s Magic Lantern Show

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