A growing number of university organizations are now managing an online presence on Twitter. In a complex organization like OSU’s library system, there could be accounts for news and events, accounts for any number of special collections, and accounts for projects and initiatives.

The larger the organization the greater the likelihood that several people will be responsible for managing the content stream. Having multiple accounts being managed by multiple individuals can get quite complicated.

One tool that can help with organizational management of multiple Twitter streams is called CoTweet. I have been using it for about a week and it has already saved me a great deal of time managing my three accounts.  I just added a co-worker to one of the accounts so they can help manage the stream as they play with Twitter.

Features of CoTweet include:

  • Web-based.  CoTweet is browser-based. There’s nothing to install.
  • Support for Multiple accounts. Twitter clients like TweetDeck and Seesmic Desktop already offer support for multiple accounts. Such support is essential for larger organizations managing several profiles.
  • Support for Multiple users. Allows multiple users to Tweet from an account. Also allows individual @replies to be redirected to a team member for followup, who get an email alert that they have an assignment.
  • Delayed Publication of Updates. Specific updates can be set to be published at a predetermined time.
  • Conversation threads. Tracks conversations between your team and any individual over time. Allows one to see which Tweets have been @replied to in order to prevent repeating or contradict an earlier @reply.
  • Cotags. Short signatures (e.g. ^ES) that allow a content manager to identify themselves as being responsible for publishing a message.
  • Keyword search. Can create persistent searches for specific keywords.


Eric Schnell