TechTips: Customized Google Search

Do you have a particular hobby or interest that you have compiled a collection of Webs sites and blogs for? Do you keep extensive bookmark lists for these collections? Are you frustrated that you need to visit each of those sites? Do you finding yourself sifting through pages of results that come with a generic Google search?  Are you looking for a way to search only those sites you compiled that focus on your interests?

You can do just that with the Google Custom Search Engine.


Custom Search allows one to harness Google’s indexing to create a search engine that is tuned only to search sites of interest.

For example, say you like to keep up with what is going on at the various Library Labs projects. This requires one to look at a list of experimental labs sites and then visit each one. With Custom Search, one can create a Library Labs Custom search in about five minutes. If one is interested in see what other labs are doing with the online catalog one can simply point to the URL of the search site or generate a search box that can then be embedded into web sites, blogs, whatever.

For developers, Google has released an API that lets other services connect to Custom Search. This allows one to create, update, and delete search engines without going through the Custom Search control panel. To learn more about the new API, read the programmer’s guide.

Keep track with the possibilities of Custom Search through their project team blog.

Eric Schnell 

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  1. A colleague pointing out that CSE’s may be very useful for subject specialists wishing to provide customers a head start on identifying resources in a particular discipline.

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