As the number of science-oriented e-books and mobile apps grows, so does the ability for one to keep up-to-date on new releases. What science readers had been missing was a way to find out about new e-books about science, until now. A new site called Download The Universe unites fifteen science writers to review science-themed apps and ebooks. Download The Universe was conceived by Carl Zimmer and emerged from a Science Online discussion about e-books. Zimmer writes about science for the New York Times and authors the blog The Loom.

Download the Universe reviews books about science that only exist in the digital world- it doesn’t include reviews of spin-offs of print books. The site also defines e-books quite broadly and includes self-published pdf manuscripts, Kindle Singles about science, or even apps with embedded games. The plan is to regularly posting both short and long reviews of books that are published only in e-book form, around 2 or 3 a week.¬† They will also include occasional comments or essays on trends in science books and e-book publication.

The first review is by pulitzer-prize winner Deborah Blum evaluating the iPad app The Elements.

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Download the Universe Right Here: A New Site for Science E-Book Reviews
Introducing Download the Universe: A new science ebook review

-Eric Schnell