October 27 is World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, a day for celebrating our precious historical artifacts as well as for assessing the status of our collections.  We are fortunate to have unique audio and video recordings in some of our literary collections – such as those of James Thurber, William S. Burroughs, Nelson Algren, Tess Gallagher and Jessica Mitford.  We also have a responsibility to preserve these unique items and have been actively pursuing this goal.  Copyright prohibits posting these materials to our web site without permission, but they can be used in the Special Collections reading room.

What family heirlooms do you have tucked away on videotapes, or 8mm films?  I encourage you to take a moment to evaluate your preservation plans.  Will they be available to your great-grandchildren to view?

To read more on international efforts, check out this site:









To learn how to preserve your own memories, check out the resources of the American Library Association: