• Spot Bonus: Lauren Ziminski

    September 11, 2017

    Submitted by Kristin Gall:  Congratulations to Lauren Ziminski, student assistant, who is receiving a $50 spot bonus.

    Lauren is being recognized for her extraordinary efforts in reaching out to other students, including the inaugural Expanding Visions Foundation interns and the students from the Young Scholars program. Lauren spoke about her experiences working at and attending Ohio State with the EVF interns and the Young Scholars Program students. She also made her unit’s EVF intern welcome and participated in training and answering questions when the supervisor was occupied with other tasks.

  • Spot Bonus awards go to Expanded Visions Program (EVP) participants

    September 11, 2017

    Submitted by Kristin Gall:  The following individuals have received $300 spot bonuses for their work with the EVP program over the summer:

    • Liaisons:  Nena Couch, Deidra Herring
    • Mentors:  Pamela Espinosa de los Monteros, Belle Teesdale, Jennifer Vinopal, Beth Black, Marcela Estevez
    • Supervisors:  Larry Allen, Tina Franks, Lisa Chiong, Cate Putirskis, Zoe MacLeod

    In early 2017, the Executive Committee agreed to a one-year pilot program with the Expanded Visions Foundation (EVF), in which University Libraries would host five high school interns for nine weeks during the summer.

    The EVF liaisons, Deidra and Nena, were instrumental with the interviews, intern selection, program budget, weekly programming for the students, and all logistics regarding this pilot program. The supervisors and mentors all volunteered to participate in the program and spent countless of hours training, advising, mentoring and networking with the students.

    During the program celebration lunch on August 11, each intern shared a personal account about their positive experience with this program overall, mentioning how much they appreciated their supervisors and mentors. 

    The participants demonstrated flexibility and recalibration as we tried out this effort for the first time.  They also provided feedback throughout the process, intended to make it easier, and a better experience for the EVF students.  This allowed the pilot to iteratively develop through everyone’s shared commitment. 

    This pilot program was a huge success, thanks to the hard work and dedication of the liaisons, mentors and supervisors. Each colleague went above and beyond their normal work responsibilities to ensure that the interns had a meaningful experience at the Libraries this summer.

  • Spot Bonuses: Chen, El-Sherbini, Moore, Ness, Reese, Seo

    April 10, 2017

    Congratulations to several colleagues recently awarded spot bonuses for exceptional work.

    Sherab Chen, Magda El-Sherbini, Christina Moore, Terry Reese and Sanghee Seo received bonuses for their work in assisting with the ingesting of more than 25,000 historical Ph.D. theses into the OhioLINK ETD Center, OCLC Worldcat and Sierra.  

    Robyn Ness was awarded a bonus for her work with the development and creation of an iTunes U course on how librarians can partner with teaching faculty around information literacy.

  • Spot Bonus: Thomas

    January 25, 2017

    Jeff Thomas has received a $300 spot bonus for his work in creating an exhibition in the Thompson Library on the life of John Glenn.   After the passing of the former senator and astronaut, Jeff also cleaned and enhanced the Glenn exhibit at Page Hall, giving multiple tours for members of the news media.  Jeff also responded to media inquiries from around the world, and coordinated work with the production company that created the video displays for Glenn’s memorial service.


  • Spot Bonuses: Bonzella, Goble, Roberts

    January 11, 2017

    (1/11/17) Congratulations to student assistants Nathan Bonzella, Robert Goble and Ben Roberts, who each received a $50 spot bonus for their work on November 28, when unfortunate tragic events unfolded on the OSU campus.  These student workers kept patrons of our spaces calm, informed and safe during the lock-down that coincided with this active violent event.

  • Spot Bonuses: Walsh, Bishop, Roland, Coles

    January 4, 2017


    Maureen Walsh was awarded a $300 spot bonus award for her work in making Senator John Glenn’s oral histories online in the Knowledge Bank.  When the senator died on December 8, his oral histories became open to the public. Providing them online became a high priority for the Ohio Congressional Archives. Maureen worked well into the night to get the transcripts and abstracts into the Knowledge Bank and publicly accessible the day of Senator Glenn’s passing, making his own reflections on his life available worldwide.

    Student assistants Emily Bishop, Allegra Roland and Braden Coles each received a $50 spot bonus for their extraordinary work on November 28, when unfortunate tragic events unfolded on the OSU campus.  These student workers kept patrons of our spaces calm, informed and safe during the lock-down that coincided with this active violent event.