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Kudos: Rinehart, Nugent

From Randall McKenzie: When the red bin with all of my desk supplies did not make it back to me after the new carpet was installed in our suite, JR Rinehart went to the storage area and searched through all of the bins until he found it and then returned it to me. I appreciate the extra effort!

From Kevlin Haire: I alone can’t pull out the significant number of shelves that needed to be removed in the stacks to make way for some mapcases coming over from the Architect’s Office. Since Kyle Nugent has removed shelving before, I asked for his help, and he cheerfully agreed to work with me, even though the shelves are located in the Archives’ area of the stacks. In fact, he did most of the work…He was an amazing team player about doing something that had nothing to do with his work, so I wanted to give a shout out to him for it. Thanks, Kyle!



Kudos: Haire, Carmean, Kelley, Buckey

From Sean Ferguson:  I want to thank Kevlin Haire and Matt Carmean for providing such welcoming and thorough tours of the Archives and Book Depository for myself, Harry Campbell, Marcela Estevez and Keiko Hill. We really appreciate their time and enthusiasm in sharing the sights and special aspects of their units with our staff mentorship group!

From Orie BolinMatt Kelley was very accommodating in helping out a patron who made a difficult journey to the library on a weekend for a specific item, only to discover the item is held in the depository.  We really appreciate his willingness to go above and beyond to make sure the patron’s request was fulfilled.  Thanks, Matt!

From Lisa Chiong:  When we got new computers in Rapid Reformatting, the scanner software needed to be tweaked on some of our workstations. Warren Buckey came to our office, took the time to investigate exactly what we needed and made sure it was installed and working correctly on each of the affected scanners. He also gave us a welcome tutorial on Windows 10. I really appreciate what Warren did for us; he really went the extra mile.

Kudos: Wilson, Elbeyli, Cox, Foster

From Kristin Gall:  The Human Resources team would like to thank Jayonna Wilson for her assistance with our file move and supply organization projects. We really appreciate the extra time she took to help us organize and prepare for carpet replacement and in making the supplies easier to access.

From Josh Sadvari:  I would like to recognize Inal Elbeyli for his recent work in helping me to prepare a data set for delivery to a graduate student. While we work to make the recently purchased InfoGroup data set directly accessible to researchers in the Research Commons lab, we are accepting requests for subsets of the data, extracting it on behalf of the researcher, and then delivering it to them for use. Our first request was a large one from a graduate student who needed the data for her dissertation as well as for a conference presentation coming up in August. Extracting these data manually would have taken me hours (probably over several days), but Inal was able to write a script that automated the process and cut it down to about 15 minutes. Not only did this save me a ton of time, it ensured the researcher was able to get access to these data much quicker than she would have been able to otherwise. Thanks, Inal!

From Beth Black:  Gary Cox provided excellent customer service the past few weeks. He provided critical information and options when we had to vacate our offices to be recarpeted, including moving special equipment to 149, keeping us informed of the progress of the carpeting, identifying when two desks were placed incorrectly and asking the carpet crew to fix them.  Independent of the carpeting project, in the midst of troubleshooting a license problem with a piece of specialized software, he stayed late one day to fix an incorrect loading of other software onto my work laptop. I appreciated Gary’s regular communication and that he took ownership of the entire problem, including the related issue that was not originally his responsibility.

From Maria Scheid:  I would like to thank Anita Foster for her help in thinking through a number of new and challenging licensing issues around distribution plans for an OSU institute’s film. Anita’s quick willingness to share her expertise and helpful resources has been invaluable in working through this new process. Thank you, Anita!


Kudos: Neno, Henman, Elbeyli, Garabis, Sadvari, Nelson

From Harry Campbell:   I would like to give Kudos to Mary Neno for taking time from her regular duties in the Bindery Preparation Unit to provide weekly assistance in the Conservation Unit, fabricating phase boxes and performing other tasks. Also, Kudos to Jen Henman, Mary’s supervisor, for initiating this arrangement and for sharing Mary with our Unit. The whole Preservation and Reformatting Department profits from this type of cooperation and cross-training.

From Sue Beck:  In the absence of a colleague, Inal Elbeyli stepped in and took care of the Patron Load process. This process keeps our Integrated Library Management System’s patron database up-to-date with the latest user information.  This was essential to the workflows of all circulation desks throughout the OSU library system and the experience of our customers utilizing the services that rely on their library accounts.

From Nicole Hernandez:  A huge thank you to both Inal Elbeyli and Rico Garabis for their help with the pilot of our new digital sign-in system for workshops in the Research Commons. Inal has worked on creating the new digital sign-in system that will allow for expedited participant check-in and data collection. Rico tested the program an hour before the start of the workshop and made some user-friendly suggestions. Inal took these suggestions and applied them to the sign-in program within fifteen minutes. Thanks to Inal’s hard work and dedication, the pilot of the digital sign-in system went extremely well and is something that we will continue to use for all of our future workshops. I am consistently impressed with everything that Inal can create/accomplish in short periods of time. Thank you!

From Amanda Rinehart:  I would like to recognize Sharon Sadvari for her presentation of the DMPTool workshop on June 14, 2017. In addition to this being her first solo workshop, and a remarkably full workshop (42 attendees!), the College of Pharmacy recently mandated written data management Standard Operating Procedures and recommended this workshop as a beginning point. This made it particularly challenging to keep the tone of the workshop positive, productive and constructive. She not only delivered the workshop in an exceptional manner, but handled difficult questions with knowledge, composure and authority.

From Rico Garabis:  Marley Nelson received an unprompted request from a librarian in China that included an email and word document. Instead of opening the document, she requested IT take a look to verify it as safe. This approach is incredibly helpful as it allowed IT to determine if it posed any threat. It turned out to be legitimate but if it were malicious it could have caused any number of issues if it had been opened and exposed on our network. Marley’s approach of being cautious and pre-emptive in asking IT to examine the item is invaluable and a great example for the entire organization.

Kudos: Niemeyer, Bolin, Parrish, Rinehart, Cox, Lewis, Moziejko, Dewees

From John Dewees:  Many thanks to Shannon Niemeyer for being a wonderful help in getting everything ready for the staff mentorship recognition event. She was invaluable in navigating catering, room set up, and all the myriad details involved with event planning. Thanks so much!

From John Dewees: Thanks to Orie Bolin and Eric Parrish for getting all the reserves materials on carts and off the shelves in advance of our department’s carpet replacement (not to mention all the holdshelf materials too!). Thanks for taking care of what I’m sure was a big job.

From Sandra Howe-Forney:  James Rinehart worked on a renumber process for OhioLINK Sorting in the mailroom. He found the right materials that will allow us to adjust for adding new libraries and relabeled each current library in a better, more easy to follow method.

From Kathryn Beach:  The business office staff would like to recognize the Facilities & IT groups for all their hard work in moving us out and back into our space last week after carpet replacement. We wanted to single out Gary Cox for his assistance from day 1 relating to all of our computer needs in the swing space and again when we moved back into our permanent space.  We want to thank JR Rinehart for finding us comfortable chairs on short notice to use in the swing space. We want to thank Brent Lewis for meeting all of the security needs required by the business office. We would also like to thank Mark Moziejko for the phone set ups during the moves.

From Randall McKenzie:  John Dewees has done a fantastic job coordinating the SAC Staff Mentorship Program this year. To mark the end of the pilot year, John organized a recognition event for everyone who participated in the program and members of the exec team. The event included food, discussion, and recognition letters. This was an excellent way to celebrate the program which has been a success thanks in large part to John’s efforts.

Kudos: Gall, Jewett

From Kathryn Beach: I would like to thank Kristin Gall for organizing the Campus Campaign winning team & volunteers lunch this week. She planned, set up, and ordered catering for the luncheon. I appreciate her stepping in to make this event a success! Thank you Kristin!

From Wendy Pflug: I would like to thank Rebecca Jewett for her help in receiving BICLM materials and storing them until they were needed for exhibit installation in the Thompson Library Gallery. I greatly appreciate the extra work she did unpacking, checking-in, and providing space for the materials. Knowing that the artwork and books were safe was a tremendous relief to me! Her work has enabled our materials to be accessed by a wider audience in the upcoming detective fiction exhibit. Thank you, Rebecca!

Kudos: Liberator, Cox, Henman, Marino, Deavers

From Kristin Gall and Tonya Johnson:   We would like to recognize Susan Liberator for the outstanding tour of Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum that she gave us as part of the staff mentorship program.  She shared a lot of knowledge and enthusiastically showed us behind the scenes areas of BICLM. Some of our favorite parts included seeing original Calvin & Hobbes cartoons and learning about the first female cartoonist. Susan’s tour was engaging and interesting!

From Rebecca Jewett:  I had a last minute patron request for which I determined I needed a CD drive immediately in order to be able to provide access to copyrighted material.  Gary Cox addressed the situation immediately and within a half hour I had CD drives installed on our public computers in our reading room. I even called Gary to let him know I had a work-around for the patron so he wouldn’t need to rush but he took care of it anyhow. Gary always goes above and beyond to help us!

From Corazon Britton:  Thank you to Jen Henman for helping me learn about binding serials.  Jen has been an incredible resource for helping me navigate the intricacies of the bindery process. She provides advice for binding strange pieces, verifies where items should go when complete, and looks for teaching moments. When I emailed Jen after realizing I made a mistake, she was kind and understanding and she was able to pull the item quickly to correct the mistake before sending the item off.

From Corazon Britton:  I would like to thank Joe Marino for sharing his knowledge about serials. He is patient and helpful as he answers my emails about check in records, missing issues, orders, etc. Joe quickly follows up about problem items while also taking the time to explain where we are in the process and how to proceed.

From Sara Chan:  Rachel Deavers provided much appreciated guidance and advice in my transition from working at Thompson Library to a smaller department library.  She was gracious in sharing her experience of her own transition from THO to ARC. Thank you Rachel!

Kudos: Vanecko, Chalmers, Thomas, Martin, Medvetz, Lewis, Clipner, Bolin, Smock

From Beth Kattelman:   Mike Vanecko helped me pick up a collection from an important TRI donor at a time when none of his work-pool students were available. As soon as he heard what we needed he immediately volunteered to help. He drove the van and helped me load and unload boxes. It made my life a lot easier and also helped support good donor relations. Thanks so much, Mike!

From Caitlin McGurk:  Amy Chalmers did an incredible job organizing and promoting our 40th Anniversary Celebration on May 1st, 2017. We are so lucky to have someone as creatively inclined as Amy, and she put her talents to work by hand-making masks and a frame for our “photo booth”, ordering and making decorations, and choosing, assembling, and teaching us all how to use the new BICLM button maker. Amy’s promotion of the event (on social media and beyond) directly resulted in us having over 200 attendees. The event would have had much less flair without her efforts!

From Karen Glenn:  Jeff Thomas assisted in SCDA’s metadata migration project at University Archives by helping relabel University Archives containers in the STX with new locations, a process that took several months.  Jeff identified location and collection metadata discrepancies in the shelf list and inconsistent metadata on the physical containers during the labeling process, taking responsibility for each incorrect container removed from the STX and insuring it ended up back in an accurate location once corrected. Jeff also led in creating new shelving configurations for rolled items, which required both physical labor and technical analysis of different storage options in the depository. Thanks to all of this additional help from Jeff, Archives has more quickly transitioned to a new location coordinate system, solved otherwise unknown metadata discrepancies on the shelf list, and created more efficient, safe storage for rolled items that were previously difficult to store. Thanks for the help, Jeff!

From Mason Kamolpechara:  Michael Martin and Wendy Medvetz are the people I bother the most with my constant questions and mistakes while creating my orders, but they have been nothing but kind, gracious, and patient while I adjust to my new job.  I just wanted to say thank you for helping me along the way.

From Jenny Robb:   Special thanks to Brent Lewis for all his help with the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum’s 40th Anniversary event on Monday, May 1.  Brent stepped in to provide gallery security for us when no security students were available to work during exams. He also managed an urgent situation with one of our attendees quickly and professionally.  We were very glad he was on site and stepped in immediately to help.

From John Dewees:  I would like to thank Autumn Clipner, Orie Bolin, and Emily Smock for being such a tremendous help during the end of semester crunch in helping me process materials coming off reserve and paging materials from the stacks to go on reserve. Thanks so much!

Kudos: Jonak, Shaw, Langhurst, Chiong, Strader

From Josh Sadvari:  I would like to recognize Erica Jonak for acting quickly to rearrange an interview for one of our Data Visualization Specialist candidates last week after his flight to Columbus was canceled late Thursday evening. Erica found out about this cancellation around 9pm on Thursday evening and quickly connected with both the candidate and me so that his interview start time could be pushed back to later in the day. Her attentiveness to this candidate’s concerns, well outside of normal working hours, kept what I’m sure was a stressful situation for him from becoming even more so.

From Karla Strieb:  I would like to recognize Emily Shaw, Ryan Langhurst, Lisa Chiong, and Rocki Strader for their work to reformat more than 26,000 Masters Theses through an out-of-state vendor. This collection covered the Libraries holdings of OSU Masters Theses submitted between 1960 and 2008. The project involved managing the RFP to negotiate the vendor contract, identifying candidate materials in Sierra, pulling, packing and palletizing volumes for pickup, working with the vendor on a variety of workflow, logistical and technical issues, coordinating transfer to AssureVault after scanning, checking the quality of the vendor’s work, and tracking the collections all the way through the project.


Kudos: Johnson, Sdao, James, Fernandez

From Brian Miller:  An OSU faculty member wrote to Interlibrary Services, “Although I have never met her, I have found Tonya Johnson particularly helpful (e.g. over requests for items with more than one part, when only one part is sent.) I have noticed in the course of my career that people seldom hesitate to complain, but rarely take the time to praise those who help ‘above and beyond’ — so I just wanted you to know . . . that Tonya is a treasure!”

From Nicole Hernandez: I would like to thank and recognize Michelle Sdao, Roy James, and Estefania Fernandez for their exceptional assistance in preparation for the Friends of the Libraries meeting held in the Research Commons. They helped set up the space, made sure everything ran smoothly during the meeting, and were prompt in resetting the space for the next event. I am very thankful to have an excellent and reliable team!

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