Submitted by Nicole Hernandez:

In partnership with the University of Cincinnati, the Research Commons is hosting Sebastian Karcher for two events focused on qualitative data. Sebastian is the Associate Director of the Qualitative Data Repository at Syracuse University and is an active contributor to several scholarly open source projects, including Zotero and the Citation Language.

Both events are open to all, but seating is limited for the hands-on workshop in Townshend Hall.


Qualitative Research in the Age of Transparency (Lecture) Monday, July 23, 10  – 11:30 a.m., Research Commons

Transparency and reproducibility are becoming standard practices in social science research and, increasingly, requirements for funding and publication. But most requirements and guidelines are written with quantitative research in mind. What does this mean for qualitative researchers? What are some common concerns about the applicability of transparency (or reproducibility) to qualitative research? This lecture provides both a summary of ongoing debates and suggests some ways forward.



Data Management for Qualitative Research (Workshop) Monday, July 23, 2 – 4 p.m. 250 Townshend Hall, 1885 Neil Avenue

This hands-on workshop will emphasize the dos and don’ts of data management with a focus on qualitative social science data. The core of this workshop will focus on the data management plan (DMP) and participants will either develop their own DMP or learn how to develop existing DMPs throughout the workshop. The workshop will cover topics throughout the data lifecycle, from planning data management to sharing the data, with a focus on practical, hands-on advice.

Note: Seating is limited for this workshop and is located in 250 Townshend Hall.